Aquaware 3.1

Your Modern Wishing Well for over 500 Intentions

Aquaware might be for you if:

  • You’ve seen the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and found it fascinating
  • You’d like to get your subconscious mind “on board” to help you manifest your desires
  • You’d like fast results when you set your intentions

What is Aquaware 3.1?

It is an intelligent computer program created by energy healer and modern day mystic, Peter Schenk, that imbues specific frequencies into water. The specific frequencies come in a variety of approximately 500 different intentions in this program…everything from money and career, to health challenges, to athletic abilities, and even growing back thinning hair! Each intention’s programming is accompanied by beautiful fractal artwork and carries the frequencies of Higher Universal Intelligence and Love. If the intention isn’t for your highest and greatest good – then it won’t work for you. But out of 500 possible programmed intentions, I’m pretty sure you’ll find many that do.

View List of 500 + Intentions 

Listen to the radio interview with the inventor Peter Schenk:


How does it work?

In order for the frequencies to charge your water, it first has to “blank-slate” your water. You see, wherever you water has been (treatment plants, through pipes, etc.), it has absorbed the energy of those people and places. The Aquaware purifies these energies so that the water is completely “blank” and ready for new frequencies and energies.

Once you’ve chosen an intensity level – anywhere from 1 – 100% (please start under 20%), you blank slate the water. Then you use the User Prep setting which is highly recommended to help your subconscious mind accept the intention frequencies. Last, you program your specific intention. Results can be instantaneous in some circumstances or may take several days or weeks to manifest.

Why you have to start “slowly”

If you try an intensity level that is too high, you may detoxify and feel flu-like symptoms such as body aches or headache or fatigue. Peter recommends starting under 20% and working your way up slowly if you do not feel a beneficial effect of an intention.

What kind of water should I use?

You can charge water that you drink, bath in or anything with liquid that you put on your skin. The purer the source, the easier it will be to charge, but don’t get discouraged if all you have available is “city water”. The program works just fine. Most folks taste the water before and after and notice a change in texture. I know I do. Some intentions taste “softer” than others and it is fascinating how each intentions tastes differently. For example, before my Kung Fu class, I charge my water with “Self-defense and Fighting Skills” and the water tastes “cooler” to me. And if you’re wondering whether it helps my skills, the answer would be a resounding YES!

How many intentions daily?

There is no limit how often you can use the program. You only need to charge 3-4 ounces of water if you’re ingesting it. You can work on one intention per day or twenty. The decision is yours. Feel free to “play” and have fun. Use your intuition.


Aquaware 3.1 is for recreational purposes only. There are no claims made regarding the cure, treatment or prevention of any disease. Absolutely no medical advice is implied or intended. Any statement here and in the videos have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Long Tutorial on How to Use Aquaware 3.1


Enjoy your new reality!


Dr. Karen Kan