Like Having a Magical Wand at your Disposal…
Energy Empowerment Healing Software

Aquaware 4.0 software leverages the awesome human “Power of Intention” using Quantum Physics, the Quantum Realm, and Source Energy, to enable you with unimaginable capabilities and power!

ARROOW!!Software that actually magnifies and manifests your most wanted intentions quickly and easily by imprinting your desires into any water

ARROOW!!The “Unlocking” of natural senses and abilities that have been dormant for thousands of years

ARROOW!!Manifest Personal Power and Confidence, Quality Relationships, Abundance, and Success from an infinite list of possibilities

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Introducing Aquaware 4.0

aquaware 4.

Does unlimited energy, self selecting empowerment and self-healing capabilities sound incredible?

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 Race car driver Tommy Warren's Powerful Story.. 

Tommy Warren, a champion race car driver, suddenly lost his vision and thought he would be blind for the rest of his life. Then he was introduced to Aquaware and his life was transformed.

"At first we were skeptical, anybody would be. That's just normal. But it really works. 

After drinking Aquaware Tommy's vision came back. Tommy is a champion with his driving and that should not have been possible."


aquaware 4.0


NEW features in Aquaware 4.0

After 8 years of the original version of Aquaware, this program has been redesigned to be more effective more quickly than ever before including


Aquaware 4.0

Aquaware 4.0

Want to know how it works?

I sat down with the creator myself for this exclusive, behind-the-scenes- interview: 

aquaware 4

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Aquaware Automatic Mode




Aquaware 4.0 Manual Mode



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BONUS: Your Special Access to Advanced Features Here!


Advanced Feature: How to Create Custom Intents in Aquaware 4.0


 Aquaware 4.0 video tutoriall

Advanced Feature: How to Create Portable user Intent Cards

Aquaware 4.0 video tutoriall

Advanced Feature: Quantum Layer Session - How to Layer 7 intentions


  Aquaware 4.0 video tutorial

Advanced Feature: Brilliant Minds





Simple, Easy and The Most Powerful Manifestation Program I've Seen Yet!

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