Do you get holes in your Aura?

It always bothered me to periodically check my protective “shield” and find that it was “down” or at least not 100% intact.  My healer colleague Tamara Joy Patterson told me that sometimes we get holes in our Aura in relationship with another person.  So I did an exercise with my husband to see if this…

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why can’t healing be easier?

image of Dr. Karen Kan Spiritual Medicine Digest 090117 Light healer, new energy medicine, Earth Angel Starseed,

Dr. Karen’s Spiritual Medicine Digest: We are in the Expansion Phase! This week marks a new expansion phase of Ascension. During this phase your clair abilities become more heightened, which means you may have noticed that you’ve been able to “sense” things more easily this week.    More about that in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest where…

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The possible connection between Ascension and beta-endorphins

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Join Dr. Dennis Lobstein and I for the LifeWave Ask the Doctors monthly show for what will likely be a spirited (and possibly controversial) interview about the possible role of beta-endorphins, Nirvana phototherapy patch and supplement, and Ascension. Questions I’ll be asking Dr. Dennis: 1. Is there any evidence that beta endorphin levels have anything…

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Are you being watched?

Sensitive individuals, particularly children, Indigo adults and Earth Angels, can sometimes feel like they are eerily being watched.  Those that know how to muscle test for entities will often turn up a big fat “zero” and wonder why they still feel uncomfortable in their own homes.  Personally, I have not had this feeling, but my…

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This Week: Word Cleansing + Cosmic Frequency Downloads

image of Dr. Karen Kan Spiritual Medicine Digest 082517 Light healer, new energy medicine, Earth Angel Starseed,

What an amazing week! Solar Eclipse Energies, Word Cleansing and more… What an energetically amazing week! Did you get a chance to check out the Solar Eclipse? Many people were able to download some powerful cosmic frequencies during this time.   The Solar Eclipse also marked the Ascension cycle of “Resistance” (which make show up…

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Freakin’ Monkey Demons!

I recently learned about the existence of what can amicably called “monkey demons”.  These critters are from the spirit world and their sole intent is to create chaos.  They are cleared as easily as other entities such as ghosts or evil spirits, but you have to ask for them by name.  If you just ask,…

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We are in the “Rising Phase” of Ascension

image of Dr. Karen Kan Spiritual Medicine Digest 081817 Light healer, new energy medicine, Earth Angel Starseed,

In last week’s video HERE I talked about how we were in the “Expansion Phase” of Ascension (and how important it was to check your boundaries and turn down your sensitives). Now we are in the “Rising Phase” of Ascension which  means we have access to higher dimensional realms and some of us are transmuting energies from mass consciousness, multiverse etc.…

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Attention all Light Workers – Messages from your Angels

Being a Light Worker does not give you spiritual immunity from the negative forces and in fact, may make you a target. We are all aspects of God, of the One, yet in this mortal world we play this game of Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, so that we may evolve and experience our…

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Energetic Detox for Weight Loss

image of Dr Karen Kan Radio Show: why energetic detoxification is necessary for healthy wright loss Light healer, new energy medicine, Earth Angel Starseed,

Looking to Lose Weight? Have you “Energetically Detoxed?” Detoxification is popular among people interested in health, wellness and weight loss and there is no question that it is an important strategy in today’s world of environmental pollution and toxicity.  But did you know that detoxification can also be dangerous to your health?  Yes!  Even celebrity…

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I had to “piece” the soul fragments of this dead doctor together before he crossed over…

I received an unusual phone call the other day.  A therapist with whom I had a mutual patient, confided that she had a suspicion that the home her patient was living in may be haunted.  Unbeknownst to me, I actually knew the deceased person who died there.  He was a doctor colleague of mine.  The…

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