ET Interference over Holidays

Wow, a LOT of things happened over the holiday season! I know many people already have a tough time with family and sugary foods (lucky for us we can raise the vibration of our food), but there was much more going on this year.

Starting with the good news first, Mother Earth no longer needs us Earth Angels and Starseeds to ground the ascension for her! While this is joyous news, if you are deeply connected to the Earth, you  may actually be feeling some sadness and even physical symptoms from the separation of Mother Earth, I know I certainly am.

ET activity also jumped up quite a bit, which is common when people are already experiencing things such as conflict, colds, flus, family issues, eating sugar and alcohol etc. I explain in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest  below about how many people’s sudden fatigue, electronic malfunctions, as well as neck pain and back pain were related to these ET interferences.


Last but not least tomorrow I am interviewing Dr. Dennis Lobstein about one of my favorite products: acupuncture patches. If you are one of those people who find themselves getting those cold/flu symptoms every winter or are a seasonal allergy sufferer dreading the upcoming pollen influx, then you’ll want to check out my radio show tomorrow at 3 pm Eastern. If you are new to acupuncture patches this is a great chance to call in live to have your questions answered. You can learn more HERE


Enjoy this week’s video! If it resonates with you, please “share the love and light” by sharing it with those you love.


Oh, one more thing… If you are wanting your very own copy of my most recent self-hosted interview I did From Heartache to Joy last week, you can grab a copy HERE. Just scroll halfway down the page and click on “Download Your Universal Shield.” 


Dr. Karen



Dr. Karen


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