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Dr. Karen's Self-Healing Programs

This program brings "Holistic" to the next level.

If you are serious about becoming empowered in all aspects of your healing then this program is for you.  This 12 class series is the result of years of research where I finally share my favorite techniques to help you heal stubborn healing blocks, rarely talked about tips to manifest your desires, how to master muscle testing, the essentials to healing your spirit body and over 8 more foundational healing topics.  


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I am ever so glad I did signed up for this Program. The segment on Clearing Blocks to Healing was worth the whole price alone. The culturing segment was really useful and has now become an important part of my life!

Nancy Jefts

This program exceeded my expectations.

The comprehensive approach goes beyond other workshops I've taken. It includes the latest things she is incorporating into her practice as an intuitive medical doctor. Highly recommended.

Bob Kort

In this 4 Module Course, you will learn the exact steps to clear yourself, your loved ones, your home/work, sleep realms, and yes, even your electronics from negative entities, ETs and more. Group energy healings will support you in a variety of areas including: stronger connection to Source, filling up your "love particles", grounding and canceling out negative morphic fields.

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I was conducting a session yesterday and I was able to help to remove entities, ETs and other dark energies.  I also upgraded her higher self that she had outgrown and is now replaced with an Ascended Master. (All tools taught in the Light Warrior Bootcamp!) I highly recommend this program to other healers I know!


Thank you Dr. Karen and the Light Warrior Group. I have used a lot of energy products in the past year and this one  has done the most for me. It broke through THE block. And I’m so glad everyone in the group still continues to support and share with one another.


This small, highly personalized program is designed specifically for committed Light Warriors, Empaths, Earth Angels or Indigos who are ready for dramatic healing transformations for themselves and others.


The VIP Group  is a six month program which includes live group calls and healings with Dr. Karen every 2 weeks including..


1) Learning and Healing Modules (downloadable MP4 and MP3)

2) Q&A live group calls with group healings and activations (downloadable MP3 replays)

3) 30% off individual sessions or 15% off session packages includes written summaries and downloadable MP3 recordings of each session

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