Introducing the Light Warrior Revolution Program


  • Learn how to do focused TOLPAKAN™ assessments and healing for specific challenges
  • Delve deeper into the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Guides and how to use them to self-heal
  • Become proficient at working through complex health symptoms
  • Gain confidence with your self-healing practice with continued mentoring with Dr. Karen
  • Receive the best and latest updates on healing from Dr. Karen’s communication with Source
  • Receiving ongoing support for your healing journey

What it is

  • You get access to one TOLPAKAN™ Healing Master Class Video per month in the membership portal
  • You get a Q&A call with Dr. Karen each month (60min) – replays posted in the membership portal
  • You get to download Dr. Karen’s assessment forms for each topic (cheat sheets)
  • You get the Divine Muscle Testing MP3 and all future energetic upgrades
  • You get the latest downloadable TOLPAKAN™ Healing Guides – updated in membership portal
  • You get access to TOLPAKAN™ Guides Videos (these will be produced and posted in the membership portal approximately once a week)
  • You get to vote on future Master Class topics

Master Class Topics for 2018 may include*:


  • How to deep clean your home of entities and negative energies

  • Sleep Problems

  • Fatigue/Adrenal Fatigue

  • Depressed mood

  • Fight or Flight/Anxiety

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Microbiome Balance

  • Constipation and Diarrhea

  • Hot Flashes

  • Skin Problems

  • Relationship Issues

  • Figuring out your Soul’s Mission

*topics may change based on popular vote and needs of the members

Suggested Prerequisites

The Light Warrior Revolution is most valuable if:


  • You already do muscle testing or dowsing or
  • You are willing to learn and practice Divine Muscle Testing or dowsing
  • You are committed to your spiritual growth and evolution
  • You have an open mind and are curious to learn new things

Choose your enrollment option

Because this is a pilot program, the membership fee is half price for a limited time:

Best Value

Annual Membership*

Regular Price: $1044

Introductory Price: $488


Save $100!

BONUS: Access to Level 1 TOLPAKAN™ Healing Training Videos/Audios 

Most Flexible

Monthly Membership**

Regular Price: $99

Introductory Price: $49


Please note

*With the annual enrollment there are no refunds once billing is complete.  Please note that because this is a brand new program, the videos and downloadable PDF’s will not be available in the membership portal until the classes are recorded.  The Level 1 TKH Training will be gifted to you with a separate login for that program.

**With the monthly enrollment you will be automatically billed $49 per month. You may cancel your plan at any time prior to the monthly billing cycle by contacting  If you cancel your monthly plan and the re-enroll later and the monthly plan increases in price, you will have to pay the new price.


Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?
A: If you have a monthly membership you may cancel at any time prior to the date of the next billing cycle (depends which day you joined).  If you have an annual membership, you can only cancel for the following year, so you will not be able to get a prorated refund of any type because of the discount and bonus offered.

Q: What pre-requisites do I need to join?
A: There are no pre-requisites but it is highly recommended that you have purchased at least ONE of my other packages and are familiar with how I do TOLPAKAN™ Healing.  It is ideal if you already own Ascension 1 and 2 All-in-One MP3s. It is suggested that you become proficient in muscle testing or dowsing because the assessments require this skillset.  The TKH Level 1 training (Light Warrior Advanced Healing Package B and C) would be extremely useful to have as well and is included as an Introductory Bonus for annual memberships.

Q: Will I be able to access the trainings from previous months once I join?
A: Yes, all Master Classes and PDF forms will be accessible in your membership portal as soon as you join.  Because this is a new program, there may not be much uploaded in the membership portal just yet, until we get going.

Q:  What is the reason that the video trainings and audio replays are not downloadable but the cheat sheets are?
A:  Great question.  This was a bit of a challenging decision.  I looked at what other master teachers were offering, how they were offering it and asked my mentors for advice.  Because I’m offering a monthly subscription, it is possible that someone could pay for one month, download months or years of classes and replays, quit their subscription after one month, thus paying $49 for thousands of dollars of material.  Even if I allowed that, it actually doesn’t benefit them as much as one would think because of the imbalance in energy integrity and exchange.  What others experienced in the field have found, is that if someone doesn’t have enough commitment in the program, which is reflected in how much money (a.k.a energy) they are investing, they don’t use it or do anything with it.  It is sad, but true.

In the annual program I’m currently part of, which I paid upwards of $14,000, I do get to download everything, but I also don’t get to quit (no refunds!) and it feels just fine to me because I realize that I need to be committed to get results.  Thus I’ve decided to do it this way to encourage people to stick with the program and to grow with it.

Q: I’m a graduate of the Light Warrior VIP program – do I get any special incentives to join? (just asking!)
A:  Actually you do, as a special “thank you” for your commitment to yourself and to helping bring more Light and Love to the world.  So if you’ve completed the Light Warrior VIP program, and you purchase the annual subscription, not only will you get all the benefits outlined previously, you’ll also be given the ability to download the videos and audios.  In addition, you will be invited to continue working with the current VIP students in our monthly live VIP Q&A’s.  You will be given a different login to be able to download the videos and audios for the entire year.  If you only want to join via the monthly subscription, you won’t be able to download the audio/videos, but you are welcome to attend the VIP Q&A for that month no extra charge.  Aren’t you glad you asked?

Q: What if I’m a current Light Warrior VIP student? Do I get any special incentives?
A: Actually, you get the Light Warrior Revolution ™ program FREE for the rest of the duration of your program. Cool or cool?  At the end of the program, you can choose to get an annual subscription just like the other former VIP students, or opt for the monthly membership (if you don’t feel you want the special download perks).

Q: Will being part of this program give me some sort of certificate or certification to do TOLPAKAN™ Healing professionally?
A: Another great question.  This is not a certification program of any type nor do I have one that certifies someone as a proficient TOLPAKAN™ Healer per se.  Professional healers and practitioners are more than welcome to include TOLPAKAN™ healing techniques and guides in their healing practice.  They already have committed to a high ethical standard, so I trust they will use all they learn with integrity.  Distribution of my TOLPAKAH™ Guides, assessments forms etc. are not permitted however, the assessment strategies can be included as part of professional healing assessments.  It is permissible to give healing clients a completed assessment form as long as the TOLPAKAN™ Healing or Dr. Karen Kan  name or logo is included on the form.