It is like having a Magic Genie in a Bottle!

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I love manifesting through the Law of Attraction.  By keeping our thoughts positive we can manifest more of what we want and less of what we don't want.  But isn't it true that it is human to doubt ourselves?  That is where TheSourxe III comes in.  It is a computer program created by modern mystic and energy healer Peter Schenk.  View the video tutorial and I'll show you how it works.

TheSourxe III has been redesigned from the ground up to utilizing new ground breaking technology that includes the 9 symbols of creation…. This translates into easier manifestation in your life on many levels not obtainable before.


  • Ground breaking new technology
  • Redesigned software
  • 9 symbols of creation
  • Easier manifestation

Here are my personal results so far:

  • Tuesday February 24th 2014 asked for $200 in cash.  Later that day received $229 in cash
  • Wednesday February 26th - February 29 drank Sourxe III water imprinted with "I get a crisp $100 bill in my hand by the end of the week" and on Sunday March 1 I saw the crisp band new $100 on the kitchen table.
  • Friday February 28 -  Wednesday March 5th I drank Sourxe III water charged with "I sponsor a new Gold LifeWave distributor in my organization by March 5th".  By Friday afternoon, an upline leader called to say that he sponsored a Gold distributor and put her under me!  I kept drinking the water nevertheless and by Saturday March 8th, I discovered a brand new Gold distributor had magically appeared in  my organization (I didn't even know who it was).   OK, it was a few days late, but I am NOT complaining!
  • Tuesday March 11th I drank Sourxe III charged water with the intention of receiving $200 or more in cash.  Later that day I received $222.
  • Tuesday March 17th I drank Sourxe III charged water the the intention of manifesting over $200 in cash.  I received over $200 that day and a crisp $100 bill later that week.
  • Wednesday March 19th a new Gold distributor signed up on my LifeWave team.  She had seen my book in a video, purchased it and loved it so much she wanted to try the patches.  I didn't know her (she "appeared" in my back office) and I had stopped drinking water charged with that intention after March 5th.
  • Friday March 14th a healer friend charged one cup of tea with "I have a new client by the end of March".  One week later,  someone contacted her and is interested in her services.
  • Mid June 2014 I began asking for "$6000/day in income and within two weeks my practice exploded and my phone has been ringing off the hook.  In fact, I've had to put people on the waiting list.  Wow!
  • August 2014 I was totally annoyed with mice in our house and running around in our walls at all hours of the night.  They were literally waking me up every  night.  I was told by The SourxeII creator, Peter, to charge my well with "pest deterrent" and then "water" all around the base of my home for seven days in a row.  We did this and within 48 hours, the walls were silent.  We still caught some mice that came through into the house, but only 1-2 per week rather than 1-3 per day.  Amazing!! I can sleep!
  • September 2014 a friend asked to manifest more money so we just did ONE session with The SourxeIII.  Within 24 hours she manifested an unexpected $10,000.

Behold the nine symbols of created at the heart of TheSourxe III engine:

If you'd like to listen to the radio show with Peter Schenk, click below.  He goes into detail how the program works and how you should use it.

If you're already convinced and would like to try it, you can get it through the link below.  It is $197. If you bought an older version, you can email Peter ( and let him know that I sent you and he'll check his records and upgrade you for $97

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Here's a fun tutorial for Perfect Health.  Even though this is a screenshot video, the SourxeIII is about 60% effective EVEN ON VIDEO, so use this as much as you want and tell me what your results are:

Enter a World Not Limited by Science...a World as Infinite as Your Imagination!
The Sourxe III bundle includes multiple components including software, support, a one-on-one session with Peter Schenk, and three pre-recorded workshops. TheSourxe III software is Genie in a Bottle, destined to carry you beyond your current limitations to a level of consciousness and abilities never before imagined. Peter has spent six months laboring over this software to deliver something very powerful to you. TheSourxe is unlike anything you have seen before or experienced. Try it today and unleash your ultimate reality and potential. This bundle will give you a premium set of software and services at a value price!



TheSourxe III is for recreational purposes only.  There are no claims made regarding the cure, treatment or prevention of any disease.  Absolutely no medical advice is implied or intended.  Any statement here and in the videos have not been evaluated by the FDA.