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Ascension 3 Products are the brainchild of Dr. Karen Kan, Doctor of Light Medicine. Ascension 3 was designed to give you quick and easy access to powerful healing energies.

Each Ascension 3 piece is infused with a series of 5 powerful energy sets that clear negative energy and download positive energies.

By setting your intentions, you can use Ascension 3 Energy Infused Tools to powerfully manifest your self-healing goals. Ascension 3 is infused with energies that delete negative energies and download and activate positive ones. All you need is the desire and the tool!

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method was created by Dr. Karen Kan to help people

  • ALIGN with the Source of their Inner Wisdom
  • ASK Quality Healing Questions via Divine Muscle Testing™
  • ACTIVATE Powerful Energies to do the work

Not everyone wishes to learn a healing modality nor does everyone have the need to. Ascension 3 Energy Infused Tools were born out of a desire to connect people to the Healing Energies easily without having to learn to do the healing themselves.

Even if you know how to do TOLPAKAN Healing or other healing methods, the Ascension 3 Energy Infused Tools offer additional protection and speed of Self-Healing by emanating morphic fields of positive energy that you can command in an instant.

Scroll down to the ‘HOW DO I USE IT?’ tab below for instructions on getting the best results with your Ascension 3 Energy Infused Tools!

Each Ascension 3 piece is individually & permanently infused with the 5 beneficial frequencies listed below. Just having the Ascension 3 piece near you helps envelop you in a positive protective energy field. The Ascension 1 & 2 frequencies originated as part of a program called the Light Warrior Bootcamp on how to heal and clear negative energies from yourself, your loved ones, your home, your electronics, and your sleep realms. In the past, we could only deliver either set of frequencies via MP3 or MP4. But with physical items, like crystal, glass, or silicone, we can infuse both frequency sets of Ascension 1 & 2 in one item! Click each link to find out more! 

  1. Touch or focus your attention on the Ascension product
  2. Tell it what you want it to heal or balance
  3. Imagine the healing already completed
  4. Give thanks for the support

You can direct powerful healing energies to whomever or whatever you wish. If it is for the highest good, the healing will “happen”. 

Ascension 3 is like having a magic wand at your disposal. You aim your wand with your attention and you direct the healing with your intention. Directing healing has never been so easy!

Light Medicine Strength. The strength of the product refers to how much Light Medicine power the product holds. You can think of strength like the size of a dose of medicine.

On the website, you can sort pieces by their strength if there’s a particular strength you’re looking for!

Light Medicine Strength

Strength refers to how much Light Medicine Power the product holds. You can think of strength like the size of a dose of medicine!

Larger pieces hold more strength and similarly, the more crystals, the stronger the power.

    • Necklaces | Strength Varies
      • Due to the size of the crystal and the material of the chain/cord
      • Silicone cord necklaces are energy-infused in addition to the pendant
      • A larger-sized crystal may have the same medium strength as a smaller crystal if the former has a sterling silver chain and the latter has a silicone cord
    • Infant Teethers | Medium Strength
      • Due to the size of the large silicone bead that has been infused
      • Accompanying beads are not energy-infused.
      • Since babies are held close to their parents bodies (and parents often have smartphones) a teether at Medium Strength is appropriate to protect parent and child from the negative effects of EMF
    • Toddler Bracelets | Medium Strength
      • The entire bracelet has been energy-infused
    • Child Bracelets | Mild Strength
      • Due to the size and number of glass beads
    • Teen Bracelets | Mild Strength
      • Due to the size and number of glass beads 

For a few reasons, Crystals and Gemstones hold Ascension 3 Energies better than Glass or Silicone.

  • Swarovski Crystals are the preferred crystal for infusion
      • Swarovski Crystals do not have a memory of their own
      • Swarovski Crystals can easily accept and hold new frequencies
  • Strength can vary dependent upon the makeup of the Ascension 3 piece. For example, necklaces frequently have varying levels of strength due to the type of chain or cord with which the pendant has been paired.  For necklaces especially, the size of the crystal AND the material of the chain or cord will affect the total strength.
    • Silicone Cord necklaces are energy-infused in addition to the pendant
    • A larger-sized crystal can have the same “medium strength” as a smaller crystal IF the larger-sized crystal has a sterling-silver chain and the smaller-sized crystal has a silicone cord.
    • During the infusion process, the pendant and necklace are infused together, and because the Silicone Cord holds that infusion better, the overall strength of the piece is increased.


In order to allow for an adequate acclimation period, Highly-Sensitive adults (women in particular) may wish to wear their Ascension 3 pieces during the daytime only, slowly extending the time in which the piece is worn until they have fully acclimated.

    • If you feel like you are detoxifying too quickly and are experiencing headaches, fatigue, etc., you can ask your Ascension 3 piece to support and heal your detoxification system, making it more efficient before you take it off to try again the next day.


To protect and prevent scratching of the foil-backing on Swarovski crystal stones, please take the precautions listed below immediately after receiving your Ascension 3 piece. 

Ascension 3 does NOT Return/Refund/Repair/Exchange jewelry pieces made with foil-back crystals due to scratches in the stone, scratches in the foil backing, or loss of foil-backing,   

The following precautionary measures are suggested when purchasing a foil-backed crystal…

  • Apply several coats of non-toxic clear nail polish – be sure to allow for accurate curing times in between coats.
  • Additional coats will be needed periodically to keep the foil looking like new and to ensure lasting protection.
  • There is already a protective finish on the foil-back, but some people’s body chemistry has a negative reaction to the foil coating, causing it to wear off extremely quickly.
  • Ascension 3 is not responsible for replacing or exchanging items due to wear and tear of foil-backed crystals. This includes minor imperfections like scratches on the backside, faded coloring, or loss of mirror-finish.


It is advised to keep macramé dry in order to preserve the integrity of the cord. If it gets wet, however, just allow it to fully dry before trying to adjust the cord (to prevent breakage). 

Learn how to adjust your bracelet by watching this video 

We encourage you to check out the links below to familiarize yourself with Ascension 3 and to learn how to maximize the Self-Healing Tools with greater power!

  • Light Medicine™ Community on Circle – Feel free to ask any and all Ascension 3 related questions, share photos of your new Ascension 3 pieces, or share your experiences with using these Self-Healing Tools!
  • LWN group on MeWe – Similar to Facebook, you may ask questions or search for answers to your questions within this group.

Check out this quick video tutorial on how to adjust and care for your macramé bracelet! 

In this video, Dr. Karen shows you how to adjust your Ascension 3 handmade energy-infused macrame bracelets. Remember to adjust the bracelet ONLY when it is completely dry. If you get it wet, let it dry thoroughly before attempting to adjust the cords, otherwise, you risk breakage. Using a bit of candle wax on the cord can make the slider run smoother as initially, the weave is tight when you first get your bracelet. It will naturally loosen up with wear.

Return Policy


We have a 60-day money-back guarantee that using Ascension 3 will shift your life in many positive ways.

We encourage you to watch the 21-Day Ascension 3 Light Medicine Challenge to learn how to use the Ascension 3 self-healing tools with greater power.

You can find the playlist by visiting

However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we accept most returns within 60 days of purchase; excluding items that have been damaged due to misuse or items that were listed as FINAL SALE when purchased. 


If the piece breaks under normal use, please read the policy on breakage and repairs.

To begin the return process, you are required to receive a Return Authorization from the Ascension 3 Support Team. Get started by sending an e-mail to the Support Team, within 60 days of the day your package was delivered. If your item was purchased during the 40% OFF Sale, it is not eligible for Return/Refund/Exchange. 40% OFF Sale pieces are considered FINAL SALE.

Please include the following information in your message to the Support Team:

  • First & Last Name
  • Order #
  • Date of Purchase
  • Item to be returned
  • Reason for return
  • Photo of item to be returned

If you are unsure of your package delivery date, check your original “Order Confirmation E-mail” to locate a link to “View Order Status Page” – this page will include the relevant information needed OR click the USPS Tracking # link that was e-mail when your package was shipped. 

Our Return Policy is valid 60-days from the date USPS has on record as delivering your package. 

Ascension 3 does not cover the cost of shipping for your return or refund shipping charges. We recommend using Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Tracking to return items for exchange or refund. It is also advised to insure the contents of the package for the full retail value. Ascension 3 is not responsible for items that have been shipped back for return/exchange if the package is lost by the postal service.

A refund for authorized returns will be issued upon receipt of the returned items. Please keep in mind that returns and exchanges are sent to PO Box, which is not checked on a daily basis. Please notify the Support Team once a package is on the way so we can be sure to keep an eye on the arrival of your package! You will receive an email confirmation once the return has been processed. 

Please inspect your items upon receiving and e-mail the Support Team immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive an incorrect item.

If the item breaks within a 60-day period, and is not due to misuse, e-mail the Support Team with a photo of the item. After reviewing the specific details of your situation, a decision will be made t0 replace, repair, or refund the order (minus your shipping cost) on a case by case basis.

The item may be able to be replaced or repaired for a nominal cost. Since some Ascension 3 items are extremely delicate, please use common sense when wearing certain pieces of jewelry.

There are no refunds for lost products shipping to reshipping companies.

We are unable to track the package after it has been delivered to the address provided during checkout.

Please note that customers have had difficulty tracking their packages when delivered to these companies and we are not responsible for any “lost” packages should you choose to have your item shipped by this service. We recommend shipping to a private residence for guaranteed delivery. Please see the Refund Policy for more details.

Ascension 3 is not responsible for lost or stolen packages once delivery has been confirmed by the USPS.

Ascension 3 is not responsible for packages that are lost/not delivered due to an insufficient/incorrect address or full mailbox.

If the package is returned to us, you are responsible for the cost to reship the merchandise.

3R Balance Formula



The 3R Balance Formula is an energetic formula created by Dr. Karen to support the immune system and detox organs with beneficial frequencies. The energetic frequencies that makeup the 3R Balance Formula were carefully chosen to support your self-healing.

Symptoms of fatigue, stress, breathlessness, worry, congestion, tension, brain fog, and inflammation (heat, swelling, pain) may be improved by the frequencies of this formula.

The 3R Balance Formula includes the following beneficial frequencies:

TOLPAKAN Healing frequencies help to RELEASE, dissolve, and uncreate negative frequencies, energies, and patterns that are disharmonious

TOLPAKAN Healing frequencies help to download and activate positive frequencies, positive morphic fields, and positive blueprints to support health, harmony, and RENEWAL. Ascension 2 carries frequencies to help you RECALIBRATE to a higher level of body-mind-spirit wellness

Shikimate is the natural form of a pharmaceutical called “S u r a m in” and can be derived from pine needles, clove, or fennel. In this formula, we use the energy of clove

May support the immune system and the body’s natural ability to release certain toxic elements from injectables, infectious agents, or pharmaceuticals

May support the immune system and the body’s natural ability to release certain toxic elements from injectables, infectious agents, or pharmaceuticals

May support the immune system and the body’s natural ability to release certain toxic elements from injectables, infectious agents, or pharmaceuticals

C 6 0
May support the immune system and the body’s natural ability to release certain toxic elements from injectables, infectious agents, or pharmaceuticals

Well known for its protective and detoxifying effects

Formulated by Energy Tools International (ETI) to support the emotional balance in times of stress. It helps clear the mind and inspire an overall sense of wellbeing, optimism, and physical lightness. It radiates warmth that flows through the meridians, releasing energy blockages and bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind. It can be instrumental in bringing emotional issues to the surface and making it easier to deal with them once they are raised

Frequencies may help maintain the body’s oxygen homeostasis and assist the body in oxygenation during infections while supporting and sustaining the human microbiome

These frequencies support and sustain the human microbiome

These frequencies support and sustain the human microbiome

3R DROPS | Put 12 drops in 64 oz/2 Liters of water or fluid and sip throughout the day. You can put them in hot or cold liquids. For children under 60 pounds, use half the dose. You can also muscle test the exact daily dosage for you. You may require more or less. The Ascension 2 can intelligently help to deliver the exact proportions of these frequencies that you need that day.


The 3R Balance Formula contains 1 ounce of formula, which equates to approximately 591 drops. The recommended dosage is 12 drops per day, which ends up being 49 days worth of drops.

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3R Balance Formula
3R Balance Formula
3R Balance Formula