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Dr. Karen Kan is an Earth Angel Starseed physician and bestselling author specializing in spiritual medicine. Through the process of healing her own debilitating illness, Dr. Karen is able to have intimate conversations with Source to help herself and her patients. Dr. Karen is often like a spiritual detective, uncovering the spiritual imbalances underlying all illnesses. And because of her medical background, she is able to ask detailed questions of Source that most others wouldn’t think of asking.

Her passion is empowering “sensitives” like Indigos, Earth Angels and Starseeds to discover their innate gifts and healing abilities and to open the doorway for them to connect to Source and their Soul’s Mission. She particularly enjoys working with young Millennials who need guidance and healing.

Her empathic specialty is sensing and clearing Dark Spirit influences from her patients and clients from all timelines and dimensions and helping people navigate the Ascension with greater ease. Many of her clients and patients are themselves powerful healers assigned to bring Light and Love to the world. Dr. Karen helps clear sabotaging influences and increases their Light back to its full potential.

Using her TOLPAKAN™ healing method, Dr. Karen works with patients with challenging health issues whom other doctors and healing professionals have been unable to help. Dr. Karen’s TOLPAKAN™ healing method combines Source-directed muscle testing and Light Being derived healing frequencies (including Archangels) which get upgraded as we “ascend”. Dr. Karen is launched her Academy of Spiritual Medicine in order to teach self-healing and master classes in spiritual healing.


Dr. Karen is an award-winning physician acupuncturist and has been featured in several newspapers including the Artist Profile section in the Lake Placid News HERE, Adirondack Daily Enterprise HERE and in the Healing Arts section in the Lake Placid News HERE.

She has been voted Best Acupuncturist in the Best of the Mountains Contest multiple years.

Karen Kan, MD launched Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture, P.C. in 2002, specializing in the management of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

Dr. Kan graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Ottawa School of Medicine, Canada, and became board certified in Family Medicine in both Canada and USA.  At the University of Ottawa, she experienced month-long intensives in acupuncture and clinical hypnosis during her residency training.

She has worked for several medically under-served communities in New York and California and has also been an Associate Professor at the Santa Monica-UCLA Family Residency Program teaching medical students and residents.  While at UCLA, she was co-chair of the Evidence-based Medicine curriculum.

Her formal acupuncture training was completed with the UCLA Medical Acupuncture for Physicians in 2000. Best of the Mountains karen Kan

Currently Dr. Kan has an office in Lake Placid, New York and patients come from around the region to get treated for chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and hormonal imbalance. She performs “remote muscle testing” and energy healing on clients from around the world and her finest gifts are in helping people release and heal Spiritual imbalances such as Spirit Attachments.

Counseling and teaching has always been Dr. Kan’s greatest joy.  While not working in her office, she coaches and counsels individuals from around the world and holds online classes in holistic health and personal transformation. Dr. Kan is well-known for her versatility and her passion for teaching and writing.  She writes for several different blogs, has a popular Dr. Karen Kan radio show,  and is the author of a #1 Amazon bestseller: Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach.

11168027_968180393215143_9024191922428548834_nDr. Kan is an avid singles and pairs figure skater, and West African drummer.  She resides with her partner, James Gann, an African drum instructor and Wing Chun martial arts instructor, in small town of Lake Placid, NY.  Between them, they have won several National Gold medals in figure skating and are active in both singles, pairs and ice dance.






Dr. Karen share’s the “juicy” parts of her healing work in this exclusive interview with Miriam Knight on Rising Stars.

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  • Bart Aga

    Reply Reply April 24, 2017

    Hi Dr Karen , I would really like to get a minihealing om your call about Adreal fatigue . How can I call in from Belgium Im still playing your Ascension MP3’s every week.
    I’m still suffering from the most debilitating fatigue and exhaustion. An acupuncturist has measurd the energy meridians in my body with a new program connected to his laptop and a special program . He has never in his 30 year carreer seen such bad results . All the most importnat meridians were empty ( no energy ) . And the whole system of meridians is disturbed. Im in this situation since 2011 because of working so damn hard non-stop until I crashed. thanks , Bart

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