Angels, Demons and Health Challenges..

If you are familiar with my work, it probably comes as no big shock to you that angels and demons have very real influence on our lives- including our physical health.

But if you (or perhaps someone you love) is at the beginning of diving deep into the spiritual healing world, then I invite you to entertain the possibility in your mind that yes, angels and demons do influence us in our everyday lives (it’s just another day at work for me!).

The talented Tamara Joy Patterson has a beautiful way of describing the most obvious ways in which lower energy beings such as demons or ghosts influencing your health. These are big time hints that could easily go undiagnosed to the average person.. that is unless you know of these signs!

Join us for this pre-recorded interview with Tamara Joy Patterson as we chat about this and more including..

  • How can we tell the difference between different kinds of lower energy entity?
  • Simple yet powerful Tools for dealing entities and the importance of discernment when considering your health.

Below are the details to tune in:

“How Angels and Demons are Influencing Your Healing”

Monday, December 26th at 3 pm Eastern 
Listen in via phone: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via webcast:

(Feel free to check out the replay anytime after airtime at the link above)

Tamara Joy Patterson has worked as a spiritual healer, health instructor, and wellness coach for over a decade. She holds degrees in Natural Health, Kinesiology, and Exercise Physiology. People come to work with her to overcome the deepest of emotional and spiritual wounds that are often hindering their physical healing in some way.

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Dr. Karen


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