Now you can use Quantum Action, Sacred Geometry and specific algorithms to focus universal energy on assisting you with manifesting life-changing results!

  • You can now re-program your water in just 13.1 seconds!
  • Choose from a list of over 1000+ intentions, or write in your own custom intention.
  • Blend up to 9 intents into one glass of water for personalized results.
  • NEW: Brillant Beings Intent
  • Upgrade your Spiritual Gifts - Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairaudience, Clairgustience, Claircognizance
  • Increase your Vibration to the 5th Dimension and beyond
  • Manifest more cash flow, better jobs and careers
  • Clear negative energies including psychic attacks, energy weapons and negative entities
  • Emulate the beneficial effects of Reiki, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy and other healing modalities
  • Download the blueprint of brilliant people like star athletes, healers, inventors, actors, artists and writers
  • Manifest peaceful loving relationships
  • Create a High Vibrational Forcefield that removes EMF stress, repels pests and entities
  • Heal addictions, overwhelm and self-sabotage...and much, much more!

What is Aquaware 5.0?

The first of its kind, Aquaware is a completely new kind of software that has shown profound results in it's first few weeks of release. Aquaware 5.0 "clears your water all it's previous imprinting and programming. It features a myriad of tools to channel Source Energy to energize your water with your intention. Choose from a list of over 1000+ intentions, or write in your own custom intention and unlock unlimited potential. It even releases the users' doubts, fears, or blocks so they can be in an optimum frame of mind to accept and imprint their intention when the water is received by the body. Fascinating!

The upgraded Aquaware 5.0 engine has been completely rewritten from the ground up for turbo-charged transformations and now easier than ever to use. This 5th generation technology features the ability to save Quantum Layering Sessions, so you can blend up to nine different intents into one glass of water for personalized results.

5 Features that Makes Aquaware 5.0 so Unique

  • Cleanse Your Water & Imprint it With Powerful New Intentions to Create Your Reality
  • Releases the users' doubts, fears, or blocks so they can be in an optimum frame of mind to accept and imprint their intention when the water is received by the body.
  • The intention you have selected from the (1000 preloaded) intentions index is not only being programmed into the water, but is being magnified thousands or tens of thousands times greater than the human conscious or subconscious mind can will itself to manifest.
  • With Aquaware 5.0 you can program up to 9 individual intents into a single glass of water!
  • Brilliant Beings Intents: Brilliant Minds, Dancers, Musicians, Painters, Sculptors, Writers, Actors, Athletes, Attractive, Business, Comedy, Directing and Healing

What Results Have People Seen with Aquaware 5.0?

  • Abundance • Financial Means and Success

  • The “Unlocking” of natural senses and abilities that have been dormant for years

  • Enhancing and improving all of your relationships

  • Overcoming Illness, Injuries & Pain..quickly

  • Easily learn a new skill or enhance an existing one

  • Your life in greater balance, reducing stress and anxiety

5 star rating for the new Aquaware 5. Just after 2 weeks, little health miracles from whiter teeth to clearer skin have began to appear. The biggest surprise was when I tried the 'heaven' forcefield in my office and saw my colleagues lighten up and smile for the first time instead of their usual stressed appearance. The 'friendly universe' intent has also produced some really good vibes wherever I go. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Sarah Lewis


Instant Download Access

I used a layered intent with good luck, iINTHE FLOW, cash, abundance and a few other goodies. I decided to take this seriously and used 100% strength for every 6 ounces then drank a quart of it throughout the day.

The following day I received an overpayment of $90 on my paycheque which I brought to the attention of the director and she said, "The instructors don't get paid nearly what they're worth just keep it.
Day 2, I was offered $430 in services which were 100% desireable and expensive providing that I enter an upcoming art show. Of course I used brilliant minds 🙂 I created 4 paintings in two days which is a pretty good speed for me. I only had a 1/2 day to frame so I didn't enter the show but volunteered there instead and gave up the $430. Only when I was reflecting on what a fabulous day I had did I realize that the VALUE had been in connecting and networking with several artists and two very excellent artists gave me their personal contact info.
I was feeling over the moon with joy and definitely in the flow. The FREE artwork I received from one of my new contacts is a wonderful physical reminder.

Day 3 I did a favour for a friend of a friend regarding her cat. She GIFTED me a 6 week course that cost $260 . I would not have been able to take the course otherwise. It was an extremely generous gift for what I did. Defnite ABUNDANCE. and the course will have far reaching effects.

A couple days passed and I was asked if I would like another class before the end of the month. I work for it but it's still FINANCIAL GAIN.

To top it all off I got caught up in the positive vibe and momentum and submitted artwork for an art market in a larger city this summer and was accepted. Considering 99% of what I paint is in a drawer or used for instruction this is a new path and I'm going with the flow intent layered and creative layered intents for awhile.

This was a really fun experience and my curiousity is now piqued for what else is possible with Aquaware.

Thanks Peter!

Barbara Lammi

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Why Dr. Karen Recommends Aquaware 5.0 for Environmental Cleansing

  • What is Possible with Aquaware 5.0? Extensive Intention Index
    What is Possible with Aquaware 5.0? Extensive Intention Index

    Wondering what is really possible Aquaware 5.0? Probably more than you can imagine. This PDF includes an extensive list of what intentions you can use, including organ balancing, healing emotional issues (addiction, abandonment) and even enhancing other features such as Charisma/Magnetism, Creativity and even fat loss! See the Index for full list.

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