Aquaware 4.0 Upgraded Protection & Entity Clearing Formula

Use this video to “charge” anything with water in it with positive intentions via Aquaware 4.0.  This very powerful program can permanently charge water with positive energies by first neutralizing the information already in your water, then imprinting positive subconscious programming, and then finally up to seven different positive intentions.

In this formula I have included three custom intentions:

  1. Remove apparent and hidden negative vortexes, portals, ghost imprints, filters, monkey demons, watchers, energy suckers, reverse shields, and implants
  2. Release interferences and blocks to healing
  3. TOLPAKAN energy attunement (healing frequencies of all the Archangels combined)

and four intentions already programmed into Aquaware 4.0:

  • Forcefield Ascended Space
  • Higher Level Help
  • Negative Entity Removal
  • Psychic Protection

All have been set to 100% power, however through video, you’ll probably get about 35% power.  If you drink water/fluid that is charged, start with 4 ounces daily.  If you own Aquaware, then start lower, for example 2 oz. or turn down the power levels when you create your own quantum layering sessions.  Please note that negative entities that are ATTACHED to someone may not be released just by that person walking into a room that has been sprayed with clearing spray, however, if they DRINK the water and it is safe for this entity to be released, then the attachment will be released.

After charging your water, feel free to add yummy smelling essential oils to create a pleasant room spray.  Enjoy the video and comment and let me know how it works for you.

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