Ascension Update: Mass Consciousness Releasing These Limiting Beliefs

If you felt like you’ve had a “tough” week, you are NOT alone. We recently just had a hefty Ascension upgrade that stirred up quite a bit of things in mass consciousness to be brought to the surface to be healed including: problems with electronics, sickness, relationship problems, and feelings of listlessness, low energy and depression.

If you start to feel “negative” emotions, be sure to ask “whose feelings are these?” Don’t assume they are yours!

There are some specific deep-seated beliefs that are being released from mass consciousness including: I am weak, I am powerless, I am bad, I am alone, I am evil – all common beliefs from numerous lifetimes.

The good news is we can get rid of them all at once, and from all lifetimes by using the  TOLPAKAN(TM) healing phrase I mention in my video below.



Speaking of healing resources If you missed my show with Peter Schenk from Sunday you can check out the replay HERE.  We did an activation for the Universal Shield which I recently updated to include your Higher Self.

Then on Monday, we had some tears of joy from people who received some live mini-healings from the wonderful Lottie Cooper. So be sure to check out the replay of the interview I did with her to receive some powerful energy downloads for loving relationships and heart-felt communication HERE.

Lots of love and blessings to you all for the holiday season!




Dr. Karen

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