Advanced Entity Healing – From Heartache to Joy w/ Dr. Karen

In this interview with Dr. Karen Kan on From Heartache to Joy, she talks about her Advanced Entity Clearing Package where people learn: How people can inadvertently attract entities into their home The different types of portals that can allow negative interference and how they form How to quickly clear your land, home, and more…

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The Top 12 Ways to Improve Quality of Sleep

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Based on the VIDEO workshop Holistic Ways to Improve Sleep and Health with Dr. Karen Kan The intention of this article is to educate you on the importance of sleep and holistic tips and strategies on how to improve your sleep quality. Why is sleep so important? Sleep is a vital contributor to our overall…

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How To Unlock Your Manifesting Superpowers – From Heartache to Joy w/ Dr. Karen

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  In this call on From Heartache to Joy, Dr Karen discussed why why people aren’t getting what they want For the law of attraction to work, we have to be in the same energy as what we desire. But for most people, it’s nearly impossible to stay in that energy, EVEN WITH ENERGY HEALING.…

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