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Signs that you need to give your psoas more “love”

Have you ever heard of your psoas? Maybe not if you aren’t a big anatomy person. Well,  its an incredibly important muscle that creates your core. Energetically it helps to receive energies from Heaven and Earth. It’s role for our spiritual growth is pivotal as it is  the primal messenger from the core of your being. It is often called the guardian of the Hara. Located deep within your core, your psoas is a source of inner power.

Oftentimes people don’t look to re-connect and nurture their Psoas until they experience pain in their back or hips. But tapping into the power of your psoas can lead you to incredible connection with yourself you have never before experienced!

Join me as I interview author of “The Psoas Book’ Liz Koch, as she helps us to rediscover our own Psoas!

We will be chatting about

  • Why this “emotional muscle” is called the muscle of the soul
  • Signs that you need to give your psoas more “love”
  • Some simple self-care approaches for taking care of this important muscle

As a doctor and spiritual healer, I am SO excited to have my two worlds so nicely compliment each other in this unique interview!

Be sure to join us LIVE to ask YOUR questions!

Here are the details to tune in:

Monday, October 16th at 3 pm EST

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Tune in via webcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2017/10/16/why-is-the-psoas-the-muscle-of-the-soul

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