Do you get holes in your Aura?

It always bothered me to periodically check my protective “shield” and find that it was “down” or at least not 100% intact.  My healer colleague Tamara Joy Patterson told me that sometimes we get holes in our Aura in relationship with another person.  So I did an exercise with my husband to see if this was true of our relationship.  After staring into each others’ eyes for one minute, we muscle tested each other.  Lo and behold, both of us muscle tested weak! Yikes!  So in other words, our auras would become “hole-y” whenever we’d hang out together.

Not good.

After this amazing discovery, I used the Emotion Code and Body Code and other healing intentions to heal the holes and the underlying reasons for them.  Now we muscle test strong in each other’s presence.  Phew!

But that’s not the end of it.  I continued monitoring my “shield” and noticed when it was down.  Apparently, my shield would get holes in it in relationship, not only to people, but to ideas and places as well!  I discovered that my shield went down in relationship to:

  • skating (my favorite hobby!)
  • my office
  • other healers
  • food
  • cooking
  • money
  • my house
  • my favorite food store
  • …and clearing entities!

The last one was a real kicker!  When I need my shield the most is when I’m clearing entities and my shield wasn’t holding.  I figured that one out after I removed the monkey demons from the cell phone frequencies and found that I had gained 3 unwanted pounds overnight! With my aura not being intact I guess my body was buffering the stress of clearing such a large network of entities and frequencies.  Sometimes being a healer is NOT very fun.

The good news is that I can now feel when my shield is down or when I have holes in my aura.  That’s how I discovered the problem with money.  My husband pulled out a couple of $50 bills from my wallet for me and immediately I felt something change in my body.  I tested myself and sure enough, I had holes in my aura.  I’m glad to know that all these imbalances can be corrected fairly easily!

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