Class 1: How to Harness the Law of Attraction Intro Class  in this webinar you'll learn:


  • The first 3 crucial steps in manifesting your heart's desires into realitylaw of attraction pic 1
  • The exercises I teach so you can practice your “manifesting muscles”. This class is experiential, so bring a journal and pen! 



Class 2: How to do Muscle Testing  in this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to do traditional muscle testingMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Several different methods on how to do self-muscle testing
  • Two different ways using muscle testing to see if you're allergic or intolerant of a food




Class 3: How to do the Emotion Code – in this webinar you'll learn:

  • How trapped emotions hamper the immune system and can cause pain and diseaseemotion code 2
  • How you can use muscle testing to determine if you have trapped emotions
  • How I do the Emotion Code “long distance” with a patient.  I'll need volunteers for this so if you're live on the call and have a problem, you'll get your chance to get some “free” treatment




Class 4: Introduction to the Body Code  in this webinar you'll learn:body cody better

  •  How we can determine the underlying imbalances causing your pain or symptoms using the Body Code mind maps and muscle testing
  • How I do the Body Code “long distance” with a patient.  I'll need volunteers for this so if you're live on the call and have a health challenge, you'll get your chance to get some “free” treatment. 


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BONUS: Introductory Class  “The Top 5 Changes to Make to JumpStart Your Healing”



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  • Have you tried lots of things to get rid of your pain, but it's still there?

  • Have you had multiple surgeries or medical procedures that haven't “worked”?

  • Are you sick and tired of taking drugs for pain and want more natural solutions?

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In my book, you'll learn:

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  • how innovative energy healing products can relieve pain in seconds or minutes without drugs or chemicals
  • how specific nutritional deficiencies can cause pain and what you can do to reverse it
  • how to uncover and neutralize subconscious blocks that are thwarting your healing progress
  • how to find out how to get your nervous system back into balance so that you can heal again
  • how to discover the purpose pain serves in your life and how to make it work for you
  • how to “enjoy” the healing process, despite experiencing pain
  • how to find the right people to be on your “support” team and why family members aren't usually the “right” ones
  • how to “muscle test” yourself to help you choose the most appropriate therapies for yourself
…and much, much more!


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