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Beth Butler, Ph.D.


"Hello. I’m Beth, La Bruja Buena, or the Good Witch. I’m on a mission to transmute the darkness into light. As a certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Practitioner, I make visible the invisible so that my clients can realign, recalibrate, and reconnect to their soul’s most authentic journey. And what I’m most passionate about is making magic with my friends and healing the world, one Sensitive Soul at a time!"

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About Me...

Five years ago, I was stressed and burnt out. I felt overworked, unappreciated, and out of balance. My thyroid told me so, and my symptoms left me feeling miserable. Sadly, I felt stuck and trapped...until I realized I wasn’t. Three years ago, I stepped away from my job and began my journey to self-care, self-recovery, and self-discovery. Along the way, I discovered the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method, and embarked on a life-changing, life-renewing path to well-being, mission, and purpose! Today, I'm known as La Bruja Buena, the Good Witch, and I love to connect others to the magic I’ve found through TOLPAKAN™ Healing.

As a Certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Practitioner, I’m on a mission to transmute the darkness into light and usher out what is no longer working, and bring in what does.

Like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, I investigate what is holding you back, so you can release and become your best self!

When I see others struggle, as I did for so long, it inspires me to share what I have learned.

If you’d like to work with me, you may set up a free 30-minute Discovery Call to see if working with me is a good empowerment path.

As a TKH practitioner, I’m like the neighborhood plumber, with a truckload of tools, ready to assess any situation; I select the best tools for the job, clear any blockages, and return the best available, optimal flow.

My clients have experienced fascinating results such as calmness, better rest, stronger connection to Self and Source, and a greater sense of hope as they reconnect to their authentic soul journey.


Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

I am passionate about sharing this magic and healing the world, one soul at a time.

I help my clients reconnect to their authentic soul journey!

How I help...

I help you connect to Stillness, the healing space within all of us. By going into Stillness and connecting to Source, I can determine what is ready for clearing and healing now so that you can reconnect to your best self and joyfully live your authentic soul journey. Some problems I assist with:

Feeling Disconnected

Lacking Sense of Clarity

Emotional Turmoil

Feeling Out of Sorts

Case Study...

Working with me...



During a Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Call, we will discuss areas where you want help. I will perform a free TOLPAKAN™ Mini-Assessment to illustrate where you might benefit most from healing. We can discuss how I conduct my sessions and options for working together and determine if we are a suitable working fit to empower you as you heal and move forward.



I conduct 50-minute sessions via Zoom. To begin our session, we’ll set our healing intentions, call in Divine Assistance and Protection, and go into Stillness together (I’ll teach you!). Then I use Divine Muscle Testing™ by pendulum to assess your current needs for healing (or Protocol), and we will heal for the highest good. Before the session is done, I’ll answer questions, and then we will close with a short prayer to integrate your healing and give thanks for a beautiful session together.

“Thanks for my healing session. I feel focused and energized!!!”

“Do not hesitate to get Beth’s help to find what you need to heal to feel whole, connected to All that Is and be healthy again. She’s a very good listener, and compassionate active enquirer. She will find things you’re not even thinking of. But when she discovers them, they will totally make sense for you. She has helped me to recover my stamina and passion for my healing journey and that is something to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you Beth!! May you continue helping people around the world, and keep shining your light!!”

Antes de la sesión me sentía pequeña ante la vida, insegura y con muchos miedos para enfrentar cualquier experiencia. Comencé a entender mis relaciones personales, en cuanto a sentimientos y actitudes que tomaba. Y cómo dejaba que influyeran en mi carácter o estado de ánimo. Aunque entiendo que este camino es largo, podría decir que siento más confianza en mí misma, acepto mis procesos y sentimientos. Siento un desbloqueo ante el quehacer y una conexión importante de mi mente, cuerpo y alma. Estas sesiones son un regalo y si están pensando en ellas (…) espero que no cierren esa puerta antes de darle una oportunidad. Una magnífica experiencia junto a Beth que fue una guía formidable. Estoy enormemente agradecida de estos encuentros. Translation: Before the session, I felt small when faced with life, insecure, and with a lot of fears around confronting whatever experience. I began to understand my personal relations regarding feelings and attitudes that I was assuming. And how I allowed them to influence my character and state of being. Although I understand that this is a long road, I could say that I feel more confident about myself and (I feel) an important connection between my mind, body, and soul. These sessions are a gift and if you are thinking about them, I hope you don’t close that door before giving it a chance. A magnificent experience with Beth who was an awesome guide. I am enormously grateful for these encounters.

Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

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