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Dana DeAngelis


Dana is known as the Compassion Catalyst. As an angelic and frequency healer she works with highly empathic people suffering from health challenges and chronic illness who feel stuck in their healing. She helps them go from feeling frustrated, depressed and exasperated to feeling lighter, brighter and more hopeful about their life and their health. What she's really passionate about is helping them bring their light and gifts to the world.

Certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Practitioner | Academy of Light Medicine™ | Dana DeAngelis

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About Me...

15 Years Ago...

I had multiple medical issues that created havoc in my life: cancer, cervical dystonia, a brain tumor, and a cyst in my skull, creating some hearing loss. They were so debilitating that I couldn’t live a normal life. I became curious and determined to find the underlying reasons why all these things were happening to my body. This was the beginning of a deep spiritual journey that I am grateful to have embarked on.

10 Years Ago...

I discovered light medicine and started work on clearing the emotions, experiences, and toxicities I had trapped in my body and unwinding my health challenges. I stepped into my potential and embraced my calling to help others with their struggles as I was doing for myself. My body healed. I saw what a difference changing the frequency of my body made. I regained my health, my joy, my freedom.


Known as the Compassion Catalyst, I help highly empathic people people raise their consciousness and frequency, so they can become their own master creators and fulfill their goals and dreams. I’m like an orchestra conductor. I identify where there are disharmonious frequencies in the whole of the body, refine, retune, and rebalance those energies, and bring them back into harmony for greater health and wellness.

My clients have experienced higher levels of peace, joy, and comfort within their bodies.


Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

Certified Medical Intuitive

The Emotion Code® Certified Practitioner

The Body Code® Certified Practitioner

Reiki Master

Holy Fire III / Karuna Reiki Master

Certified Angel Energy Healer

Magical Awakening Level 9 Certified Practitioner

How I help...

My goal for you is freedom and sovereignty. Freedom from the roadblocks you may be experiencing with your health, relationships, finances, or career. And sovereignty over your own energy field and experiences here on this earth.

I’m on a mission to activate your full potential and help you reclaim your health and freedom in your body and in your life.

I tap into Source wisdom to identify what needs to be healed to allow you to anchor in higher frequencies and experience more peace, joy, and comfort within your body and all aspects of your life.

Issues I can help with...

Clear Physical, Mental, Emotional Pain

Feeling Lost or Stuck

Inner Child Healing

Personal Empowerment

Restore Vitality

Inner Transformation

Working with me...


15-Minute Discovery Call

In the complimentary 15-Minute Discovery Call, we will discuss your healing goals and what symptoms you are experiencing. I’ll do a brief TOLPAKAN™ Assessment. Then we can discuss options for working together and if it is a good fit for us both.



For 50-Minute Sessions, we connect on Zoom, Phone, or Email. After reviewing your symptoms and intentions for the session and defining the focus for that day’s healing, I’ll connect to Source, go into Stillness, and do an assessment to choose the ideal protocols and tools that will support you on your healing journey.

Before the session ends, I will check in with you to see how you are doing and answer any questions. We will discuss any recommendations to optimize your healing and close the session.

❝ My session with Dana was such a wonderful experience. Her embodiment and knowledge are deeply inspiring. Her presence is healing, and I felt vibrant after our session, something I hadn't experienced in a couple of decades. During our session, I felt a pressure in my heart space for a couple seconds, and then it quickly dissipated as if the cage I kept it in popped open with divine love. My heart has been shut off for all of my adult life, but when I felt this sensation I had an immediate knowing that I am coming back to wholeness and health. I felt lighter and happier, literally! Couldn't stop smiling. Dana's healing brought hope, love, healing, and the knowing that the Universe Is On My Side. I know this session was the launch I needed for my health and ascension journey. It is wildly apparent that Dana loves what she does, cares deeply, and takes the time to serve in the best way. Many thanks and so much love. ❞

❝ Vertigo is gone and sluggish digestion improved tremendously after our session. Thank you Dana! ❞

❝ I have to thank you because I’m feeling so normal after years of pain. My whole being is different. I feel reborn. ❞

❝ I have had so much healing happen since our last session, it's been crazy! I feel at peace and more connected. ❞

Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

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