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Desiree Lawn


Hi! I’m Desiree Lawn, the Divine Energy Activator™, and I’m on a mission to help exhausted, midlife moms go from chronically fatigued and stressed to feeling fabulous fast so they can create the life they love. As an Energy Health Coach, I help moms suffering from exhaustion to elevate their energy, find their purpose, and feel zest for life. And what I’m really passionate about is helping moms to create all-day energy and find joy knowing the powerful ripple effect that energized, happy moms have on their families and the world.

Certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Practitioner | Academy of Light Medicine™ | Desiree Lawn

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About Me...

Many Years Ago...

I was so EXHAUSTED trying to do it all as a wife, mother and career woman. Something had to give….

While working 18-hour days in my real estate career, my tooth cracked, and that triggered a severe autoimmune reaction leading to extreme fatigue (CFS/ME), fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, insomnia, being tired and wired, leaky gut and more mystery symptoms.

But the biggest issue for me was the bone-crushing fatigue. Without enough energy I was missing out on life and my kid’s events. Determined to be here for my kids and husband, I recovered quickly using alternative methods and was back at work in 3 months. I believe that I went through these experiences for a reason: to find my soul purpose in this lifetime to support other moms suffering from exhaustion to elevate their energy, find their purpose, and feel zest for life.

Several Years Ago...

I retired from my commercial real estate career and became a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, FDN-P, for a wholistic approach to healing with focus on diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplements with access to functional lab tests to look for root causes.

With family and career demands, I still needed more energy FAST, but wanted healthy sources instead of caffeine that messes up sleep and adrenals. By being open-minded, I found the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System, and became a Certified NES Health Practitioner to provide insights relating to the body’s energy field using voice scans.


Before learning the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method, I felt like Indiana Jones® on a treasure hunt in a cave illuminated by holding only one burning match, and after learning the method it feels like thousands of torches were suddenly lit up so I can now see the hidden pathway to all the secret treasure.

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method has truly transformed things for my family and clients. Not only has it expanded our awareness, showing us that many symptoms, thoughts, and feelings aren’t really ours, but it’s also allowed us to quickly resolve long-term issues by addressing imbalances and blocks on non-physical levels. It also provided us with much-needed clarity on soul missions and timing. Clearing homes and properties from negative energy created harmonious spaces, supporting healing with elevated energy, better sleep, and a deep sense of inner peace and joy. With boosted energy levels, many clients also reported enjoying activities like exercising, traveling, and attending family gatherings again.

I became a Certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Practitioner because of all these amazing benefits and to fulfill my soul mission. I now have energy healing methods and bioenergetic tools that clear energy imbalances and blocks fast so you can feel energized, calm, and full of joy in your daily life. I’m like Wonder Woman® asking curious questions and using my fingers like a Lasso of Truth, connecting with Divine Truth through Divine Muscle Testing for guidance and healing at quantum speed.

You’re worth it. Your kids & family deserve the best version of you!

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Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, FDN-P

Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner

Certified NES Health Practitioner

How I help...

I help clients energize their life fast by finding energy leaks, imbalances and blocks for them and their homes by connecting to Divine Truth and asking curious questions. Using the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method and other modalities, energetic boundaries are restored, and imbalances and blocks are cleared activating all-day energy, purpose and joy in your daily life. Some issues that I help with are to:

End Chronic Fatigue

Dissolve Chronic Stress

Clear Autoimmune Symptoms

Resolve Mystery Symptoms

Harmonize Your Home

Revitalize Your Property

Find Your Purpose

Activate All-Day Energy

Working with me...


FREE 15-Minute Assessment

During your FREE 15-Minute Energy Health Assessment, we will discuss what’s going on with you and your health and complete a Mini-TOLPAKAN™ Healing Assessment (about 5 minutes). Based on your results, I will provide my recommendation for how we could work together including how many sessions are recommended, what to expect during a session, and how to schedule sessions. If we determine that it feels like we are a good fit to work together, we’ll discuss next steps to get started on your pathway to healing.



Before your private 1:1 sessions on Zoom or the telephone, I will ask you to provide your top issues for the session. We will begin the session by practicing Stillness together and setting intentions. During the session, I will confirm your priorities and use Divine Muscle Testing to check what are the priorities for you to clear, restore and activate, as well as best protocols to follow. I will ask curious questions to guide your healing session. About 5 minutes before the end of the session, I’ll check to see how you are feeling and answer any questions.



Daily Homeplay activities will be recommended for you to do on your own and between our sessions for best results.

“I enjoyed a fun, interesting, and eye opening session with Desiree. Everything that came up, intuitively felt dead on for me. I’ve been struggling with things like anxiety, finding my passion, and low motivation for some time. I’m fascinated with TOLPAKAN™ now, as I am feeling a lot more calm, relief, and peace since my session with Desiree. She is an amazing practitioner and I’m so excited to have had such a great experience. Truly magical work.”

"It was absolutely wonderful working with Desiree! During our first meeting, she was able to shed some light on what my soul wants to experiance, and discussed how they have shown up in my life. This was very eye opening. It was not until the next meeting where the biggest shift occurred. I felt such a big weight lifted which lead me to feel more present in the moment, and to be in an incredible state of peace. Definitely recommend Desiree to start your healing journey!"

"I just had two sessions a week apart of TOLPAKAN™ Healing with Desiree Lawn. I felt safe, heard, and we worked on what were my three top priorities. Awesome. I felt amazing powerful shifts during the sessions and am looking forward to even more unfolding. As a healer myself of 40 years I whole heartedly recommend Desiree as a practitioner."

“I was feeling stuck in a grief pattern and my surroundings had been overwhelming to my psyche. I felt blocked to be able to do the things best for me. Desiree, long distantly picked up on things about my home and self that she could not have known about. Her insight came with calm intuition that resonated. In the next days, I felt lighter, less overwhelmed while feeling an inner clarity to give myself permission to move forward in my life in an empowered way. My visions for things I am currently working towards feel more attainable. I’ve made great strides personally and within my home dwelling. Clearing energetics of my home as well as myself made everything function better. I had two very empowering sessions and it has stuck with me as if a pathway was cleared to move forward in my life where I don’t need to second guess myself and can take full ownership of my personal process with confidence. Desiree has a sentient intuitive approach that truly helps clear road blocks in your life’s journey. Her work is spot on and her sessions are gracefully structured that give concrete outcomes. I also learned things I can focus on to improve aspects of my daily life.”

Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

Fun Facts About Me!

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