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Dr. Liz Winders


I am The Higher Consciousness Healer & Coach. I help men and women who are in the midst of a healing crisis struggling with severe stress and anxiety, and feeling disconnected from themselves and their relationships. By healing wounds of the past, they step into greater self-love, self-acceptance, and joy. What I’m really passionate about is teaching people how to maintain the elevated level of consciousness they reach through energy work.

Certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Practitioner | Academy of Light Medicine™ | Dr. Liz Winders

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Mini-Assessment

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Mini-Assessment

About Me...

11 Years Ago...

I experienced a medical trauma during the birth of my daughter. This experience left me with postpartum PTSD. I was anxious, burnt out, and in a constant state of overwhelm. My psychotherapy practice was thriving, but I was empty inside.

6 Years Ago...

I discovered Emotion Code and Body Code. I had an immediate, profound healing response after two sessions and knew that there was more for me to learn. I got certified in both techniques and began practicing with therapy clients who were interested and willing. I witnessed them recover faster than traditional evidence-based therapy techniques. From that point on, I knew I had to change my career. In 2018, I closed down my therapy practice and opened Essential Healing with Dr. Liz. I have since earned 10 different energy healing certifications and in 2023, became a Certified TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Practitioner. TKH-2 certification has filled in all the missing pieces from the other modalities I’ve studied.


I help men and women all over the world heal wounds of the past so that they may step into a life they design with intention. You no longer have to live in pain, anxiety, or trauma states. Your relationship with yourself and others can heal, and you have the right to live a peaceful, joy-filled life. Being in the midst of a healing crisis or journey can feel overwhelming and like there is nowhere to turn. Working with me is like having an anchor in the storm. 

Working with me is like having an anchor in the storm...

I can see the end result of your healing journey, and I can channel that wisdom to you from your guides. I am super passionate about empowering people to heal themselves. I will teach you how to ride the waves of your storm with grace and trust in yourself and Source.


Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method

Certified Practitioner

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

The Body Code®

Certified Practitioner

The Emotion Code®

Certified Practitioner

Certified Angelic Healer

Akashic Records Certified

Energy Codes

How I help...

I deeply understand feeling lost during a healing crisis. Whether that shows up in emotional or physical symptoms; I’ve been there too. I help clients discover their greatest strengths during their most challenging times. We will work together to energetically create a solid foundation by clearing outdated energies, balancing energy fields and activating blueprints so that you may move through your healing journey with the most ease available. I also help with alignment to self and Source so that you can connect to your own intuition more deeply. Once you are feeling stable and grounded, I teach you how to maintain that frequency.

Balance Emotional Traumas

Process Trauma

Create Balance in Relationships

Move thru Healing Crisis with Ease

Clear Patterns of Physical Pain

Manifesting Abundance

Unconditional Self Love

Unconditional Self Acceptance

Working with me...


15-Minute Mini-Assessment call

We will discuss your treatment interests and goals and I will complete the Mini-Assessment.

From there, I will provide feedback and we can discuss if we are a good match for your needs and what working with me would look like.



I find that this extended time allows for a deep understanding of your treatment desires and goals. With that understanding, I am able to design quality questions that will assist in getting to the root cause of the issue. The first part of our time together will focus on gaining clarity around your symptoms, what you’ve done in the past and relevant life events that may have contributed. Next, I will ask permission to work in your field and we will connect to Source. Then the healing work begins! I like to save the last 10 mins for questions, education or tools and recommendations moving forward.


50-Minute Follow-up Session

During this time, we will do a quick check in on your progress and then move into the healing work. It is in these follow up sessions that I will provide tool development, coaching around holding your new found higher frequency or other needed support.

“The pairing with Dr. Liz Winders for my level 1 session was divine. I enjoyed both the protocol chosen and the healing session. Both were informative for my own growth. After each process, I felt more clear, lighter and had more energy. It's given me more inspiration to dive into this work and also allowed me to see what level 2 offers.”

“My sessions with Dr. Liz were so amazing and enlightening. Our first session addressed issues that I didn't realize I had. Our second session honed in on some of the issues I did know I had. Dr. Liz was so warm and welcoming. I felt like we were long-time friends. I am so appreciative of the work she did and how some of my pain /issues have been rendered mute. I highly recommend scheduling time with Dr. Liz!”

“Dr. Liz has a calm, friendly and very sweet personality, and she is very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable during our sessions. I liked her patience, listening and the way she gave feedback. I’ve received very interesting insight in my missions and I’m really grateful that she brought my balance and scores back in the right place. Highly recommend!”

Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

Fun Facts About Me!

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Mini-Assessment

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Mini-Assessment