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Karen Chin


As an Energy Healer, Empath, and Earth Angel, it’s my mission to stabilize the energy on the planet. By empowering Sensitive Souls to stabilize their inner gifts, harmonize their natural frequencies, and actualize their true potency on the planet. I’m passionate about helping Sensitive Souls release the shadows and fully step into the freedom of being who they are so they can shine their divine light.

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About Me...

About Ten Years Ago...

I was burnt out from the effects of chronic adrenal fatigue. I pushed myself in all directions ignoring all the warning signs, and my health and well-being paid the price.

I knew if I wanted to heal, I must do things differently, so I prioritised my life, health, and healing. This kicked off a pathway into Kinesiology and energy healing and started me on a journey of self-healing and self-discovery.

After healing from chronic adrenal fatigue, I could no longer sit back, it was time to make a difference and help others restore balance to their life, so I opened up my Kinesiology practice.

About Four Years Ago...

While working in practice, it got to the point that I constantly felt overwhelmed and out of balance. During this time, I found Dr. Karen Kan and her TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method and discovered I was a Sensitive Soul (Empath). Through her teachings, I started uncovering my body's many messages and realized that much of what I was experiencing didn’t belong to me. Boy, did that make a difference, as I constantly felt something was wrong with me! This helped me recognize that, like me, many other Sensitive Souls have never been taught to stabilize their inner gifts.


Now I help overwhelmed, anxious, out-of-balance Sensitive Souls (adults and children) stabilise their inner gifts, harmonise their natural frequencies and actualise their true potency on the planet supporting them to create balance and harmony from within. Working with me is like being tapping into a light house, I shine light on the shadows creating disharmony and illuminate and navigate the way for you to create harmony so you can step fully into the freedom of being you and shine YOUR light out onto the planet.

As a Soul Alignment Activator, I’m like a tuning fork, identifying the disharmonic frequencies creating disruption re-aligning you to your own natural frequency, bringing you back into alignment with who you are truly here to be.


Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology

NLP Practitioner


The Emotion Code®

Access Bars

Life Coach

Emotional Freedom Technique

How I help...

I help clients create harmony and balance from within. By anchoring your gifts and stabilizing your energy fields I help you to fully step into the freedom of being you so you can actualize your true potency on the planet and shine your divine light. What I help with:

Feeling Out of Balance

Feeling Lost or Stuck

Feeling Sensitive & Anxious

Feeling Overwhelmed

Case Studies...

Working with me...



For people who want to engage with me, I offer a Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Call where we undertake a short TOLPAKAN™ Mini-Assessment (approx 5 minutes). From there we will discuss the findings and determine your next steps. From there we can ascertain if we are a good match and I’ll share what working with me would look like going forward.



During our private 1:1, 50-minute session, we will engage online over Zoom or by phone. At the start, we’ll take the first few minutes to discuss the focus of the session. I’ll open our session taking you into a state of Stillness and will begin the healing process. 



Approximately 5-10 minutes before the end of the session I will recheck in with you and answer any questions you may have. We will then discuss any self-care practices required for ‘Home Play’ to optimize healing, and we’ll finish off with a closing prayer to ground the energy.

‘I slept a lot better last night. I woke up this morning well-rested and more energized. The work you did with the astral realms helped me have more peaceful dreams. Also, the upgrade and balancing of the brainwaves brought me more peace, clarity, and balance. I am already feeling a world of difference.‘

“My session with Karen was deeply healing.”

“I feel amazing. Karen knows how to get to the root of the problem and release it at its core. And I enjoyed talking to her about life in general. Great sessions!!”

Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

Fun Facts About Me!

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