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"My name is Jack Tobol and I am The Child Whisperer. As a Light Medicine expert, I help highly sensitive children suffering from headaches, allergies, and anxiety get focused, happy, and healthy. What I’m really passionate about is seeing their happy shining faces after healing and knowing what a powerful impact they can have on the world."​

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About Me...

I have been a dedicated student of Kabbalah, yoga, meditation, and qigong. Since 2003, as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, my purpose has been to help people live to their highest potential, in perfect balance and health, and in full discovery of their true nature. I have conducted over 40 thousand sessions with clients around the world incorporating a variety of modalities in the treatment of body, mind, and spirit, helping people with a variety of health issues ranging from allergies and digestive disorders to chronic pain and depression.

In July 2014 I decided to move to Israel with my wife Aidit, and my four children Ariel, Amit, Mika, and Itay. I sold a very successful acupuncture practice in order to raise my children in Israel and help connect them to their roots. Since that time, I also started practicing the Emotion Code and Body Code and found them to be amazing methods to treat children, especially the very young ones who can’t communicate what they are feeling. Helping children has become a specialty of mine and after many success stories, my clients started calling me a magician.

Then 2 years ago, I came across Dr. Karen's method...

I realized we had very similar backgrounds. I was pre-med in college, decided to go to acupuncture school, practiced the emotion code and body code, and constantly strived to better help my patients in the fastest most efficient way. The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method is one of the most if the not the most advanced healing method out there. It’s the high tech version of energy healing, fast, efficient, and all encompassing body, mind, spirit. In all my years of practice doing acupuncture, qigong healing, subconscious modalities, this healing method has given the fastest results, especially with children!


Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Certified Practitioner

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

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How I help...

Many of us do not realize how much children absorb from their surroundings even beginning inside the womb. Children born in this generation are especially sensitive. Their sensitivity is a gift but if their boundaries are not balanced, they can absorb or feel a lot of stuff that is not theirs. The first years of our life are critical for building a healthy foundation for the future. Many future ailments can be avoided if treated early. With the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method we can get to the root of the problem, whether it be allergies, pain, sleep issues, anxiety, skin problems, infections, and much more. Our children are the future, our most precious gifts. My purpose is to help as many children as I can get healthy, happy, focused, and confident.

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Working with me...


20-MINUTE Synergy CALL

During our complimentary 20 minute Synergy Call, we will discuss your healing goals and what you would like assistance with. We’ll do a brief mini-reading. Following that we will discuss how this program package works and if it is a good fit for us both.



For our 40-minute sessions, I’ll be doing a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Assessment and choosing the ideal protocols that will support you or your child on the healing journey. You will also have the option to not be on the phone for the actual sessions.



You will receive a written report, with a shorter ten minute follow up call after each session to review and have any questions answered. Clients love this option, which saves them time and it is very popular. We can discuss all the details on the Synergy Call. You can book that by emailing me (see above).

"I arrived at Dr. Jack's with lingering shoulder pain that had not been resolved for a year and a half. After a few treatments, he solved the problem and I have no more pain. Then I trusted him with the dearest of all - my daughter, who was in severe condition and was suffering from pain throughout the body due to fibromyalgia. After a few sessions, the difference was amazing, her pain subsided and she had a lot more energy! Thank You."

Dr. Jack treated us with kindness, is a sensitive person with a big heart and wonderful abilities. He recently treated my youngest son remotely when he fell ill with Corona. He really strengthened him, and helped overcome the muscle aches he suffered. At the end of the illness, we continued to visit Dr. Jack for another two months. Blood tests showed a marked improvement. And energetically and emotionally there was also a significant improvement. Dr. Jack is precise and pleasant, knows how to reach the patient and establish trust in the treatment process, and bring about significant improvement. Highly recommend!"

“I don’t know where to begin. I came to Dr. Jack after six months of pain and unable to walk! This was the most endearing experience for me. He was my last hope and I thank God every day for bringing me to his office. Jack has a very special gift that God has given him and I am so fortunate to have been part of his healing. I could never thank him enough. Besides ridding me of pain, he brought me peace!! All my thanks from a very healed patient.”

Certified TOLPAKAN Healing Method Practitioner Badge

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