Healing Hurricanes & Soul Wants

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Healing for Hurricane Irma, Time Travel and Soul Want distractions

The Light Warriors in my group have been busy this week trying to shift the path and level of Hurricane Irma! I found out from Source that Irma was actually artificially manipulated. The good news is that it is actually easier to heal!

I share more in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest including..

1. What lessons have come out of the most recent Hurricanes

2. How your “Soul Wants” can distract you from your divine purpose and leak your Energy

3. Stipulations to do safe time travel (yep, some people are doing in unconsciously!)


Finally, I’m excited to share with you a new modality I’m falling in love with – Block Therapy. Be sure to check out my interview about it Monday HERE.

Enjoy this week’s video, and let me know what you think by commenting below!

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