Healing Tip This Week…. (and Special Update for Starseeds)

This Week’s Healing Tip

When muscle testing ask..

“How balanced is my awareness of the whole and awareness of the now?”

If you are a starseed, you may want to check out your Starseed balance!


Learn more about why this is so important this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video HERE.


In other news I have some exciting opportunities for you to join me for some LIVE Healings.

#1- I’m SUPER excited to announce that the Light Warrior Revolution monthly membership Program I mentioned in the video is now officially here! http://www.karenkan.com/lwrWhen you sign up for the program you’ll also receive all of the TOLPAKAN HEALING Guides aS soon as you join!


#2- On Tuesday, January 9th at 1 pm EST I’ll be doing a Self-Hosted Healing Call to re-launch the “Unlock Your Super Powers Program” on From Heartache to Joy.  On the call I’ll be sharing how you can get my “cheat sheet” of checking for positive abundance frequencies and morphic fields! And of course we will be doing some LIVE mini healings from callers and some fun group activations on air!

Make sure you on FHTJ’s email list to get the call in details! http://www.karenkan.com/fhtj


#3- If you’ve already bought Package B or C of the “Unlock Your Super Powers” then you also get the chance to join us for a set of Four NEW Live Calls! Just check your email where we sent a very special upgrade link earlier today!


#4- Last but not least, if you haven’t already joined our NEW Light Warrior Network facebook group you can do so below. I’ll be sharing some “off the cuff” facebook lives and updating you with some future healing opportunitites:


Enjoy this week’s video below and be sure to “share the love” by forwarding this to someone you care about!


Dr. Karen

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