Healing Faster than the Speed of Light Workshop with Dr. Karen Kan


Release Pain
Restore Vitality
Reboot Your Life

February 23rd, 2023
6:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern


Eliminate the frustration of going from doctor to doctor, healer to healer, and not knowing why you don’t feel well. Learn precisely, within minutes, how to get to the next stage of your healing journey. Offered for a limited time only, this one-of-a-kind workshop will reveal Dr. Karen Kan’s formula for Healing Faster Than the Speed of Light.

You will learn and experience this, & so much more!


How to erase and eliminate low vibrational blueprints and “download” and activate positive high vibrational ones.


How to connect with your Inner Source of intuitive wisdom and ask the right questions to get definitive answers.


How to delete and transmute toxic energies that interfere with your health and happiness and achieve a state of Autohealing.

Healing Faster than the Speed of Light Workshop Client Testimonials
Healing Faster than the Speed of Light Workshop by Dr. Karen Kan

Yes! It has been observed that without a time-limit, people tend to put off doing the work. Registered attendees will have access to a 7-day limited-time replay to review the training and practice the skills learned. 

Yes! There will be a PDF workbook that may be filled in during the workshop. It is recommended to also use a journal to take notes.


The workshop was originally valued at $147 USD. Dr. Karen wanted this valuable training to be available to people from around the world. For a limited-time, you can enroll in this workshop for just $22 USD.

Yes! You may choose to receive during the group healings and individual healing demonstrations, so you can fully experience Light Medicine™ for yourself.

The majority of people do! You may notice yourself yawning (energy moving quickly) or feeling sleepy (relaxation-healing response). People who are focused or very body aware tend to notice shifts very easily during the healing process. Some do not recognize a shift, but that alone doesn’t mean healing isn’t happening as some people taken longer to process.  As long as you are open to receiving, whatever is ready to heal can be addressed. The workshop’s intention is to give you powerful tools for you to practice self-healing.

No, what you’ll learn is very different from Reiki and most other energy-based healing methodologies. It is, however, complementary to many other healing tools and modalities.

Our egos like to place things better than or worse than another. Dr. Karen likes to say “whatever works”. In her experience, there are certain things that machines have not been able to help with (certain spiritual and dimensional issues). If you find the machines helpful, keep using them. Learn Light Medicine to address other things they don’t address.

Yes, the more the merrier! Dr. Karen loves helping as many people as possible, so please feel free to share this page with others!

There is nothing to purchase during the workshop, however, during the second bio-break, those who resonate with delving deeper into Light Medicine will be given the opportunity to learn more and apply for a Synergy Interview to see if going deeper is the right fit for them. Those who feel complete and who do not desire additional Light Medicine training can go for a 30-minute break before we share the free gift and conduct the Q & A session.

Healing Faster than the Speed of Light Workshop About Dr. Karen Kan
Healing Faster than the Speed of Light Karen Kan Signature

Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine™, a #1 international bestselling author, visionary, and pioneer in the fields of healing, consciousness, and spirituality. Her mission is to empower spiritually-conscious people to harness their intuitive, healing, and manifesting Superpowers, so that they can reach their highest vibration and help anchor-in a brand new reality of love, joy, peace, and harmony for all. 

As the Founder of the Academy of Light Medicine™, Dr. Karen teaches students her 3-step TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method (TKH) which involves Aligning with the Source of Divine Wisdom, Asking quality questions through Divine Muscle Testing™, and Activating high vibrational healing frequencies. 

She is like Yoda® from Star Wars, training you to be a self-healing Jedi Master®.