How Sensitives can turn down their “Reactivity”

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Good news! This week we were only in the “Resistance Phase” for a few days.. woo hoo!

Now we are back in the Ascension Integration phase.


A great question to ask right now is “Are all part of me integrating and grounding fully?”

You can even do this for specific physical parts of your body.


And here’s another juicy tidbit. One of the most important things I’ve told my clients this week is that you “don’t have to clear stuff all the time!”

Now after years of “clearing” work, you may need to be open that there isn’t much left to “clear”, but that there might be new positive energies or morphic fields you can incorporate into your being for greater abundance and health. For my Advanced Light Warriors you have your handy TOLPAKAN Healing Guides to help you with this!


I share more in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest including..

~ How to get a copy of the Top 20 Healing Directives for TOLPAKAN HEALING

~ How to check your Reactivity Score and turn it down

~ How to join us for some LIVE Mini Healings with Cathy Hohmeyer on Monday


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Dr. Karen

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