How to Elevate the Light Scores of your Food and Water

Simple Steps to Raising the Vibration of your Food and Water

There are very few people I know who can stick to a “perfect” diet all the time.  With holidays and celebrations and visits to family, we might be exposed to pesticides, herbicides, hormone disruptors and genetically modified foods (not to mention excess sugar, gluten, MSG, chlorine and fluoride).  The hardest part for me is traveling to a city and not having access to my home’s clean toxin-free well water.  The minute I wash my hands in an airport or at my parents’ home, my skin dries out and I start to feel thirsty.  What’s worse than toxins in your food?  Probably feeling guilty for eating it!  Guilt is a negative emotion we can do less with, that’s for sure.

So instead of feeling guilty, enjoy whatever food you choose to eat. 

Given that we don’t always have access to organic food or pure unadulterated water without going to a health food store, I’ve decided that I’d elevate the Light Scores of everything I eat.  That way, any sabotaging effects can be minimized or neutralized.  Sometimes even certified organic food can have low Light Scores if they’ve been handled or processed by someone or a company with entities attached.  Yup, sad but true.

I used to be intolerant of a huge list of foods, and eating them would cause weight gain, skin rashes, and intestinal distress.  Sometimes these foods would be considered universally healthy (such as coconut oil) but my body would react to the energy of a curse on the land that grew them.  And that’s just one example! Ugh, I know, I’m special…Even millions of people being taught that “sugar is bad for you” can place unnatural negative energies onto a food substance and make it darker than it would naturally be!

I have found that as I remove dark energies from myself and my environment, my autoimmune symptoms have almost completely disappeared!  I can’t guarantee you will have the same results, but it can’t hurt to try, right?


So one day, one of my Indigo teens – I’ll call her Mindy –  came for an appointment at my office.

In her hand was a brown paper bag from McDonalds containing French fries.  Now you might think she was being audacious or rebellious bringing junk food to a holistic office, but instead of being judgmental and counseling her on better eating practices, I decided to ask her why she bought McDonalds fries.  Mindy replied that she had just come from school and that she was “starving”, so she made her mom swing by the nearby McDonalds to get her something to hold her over until she could go home to eat dinner.

I then asked her why she was so hungry and she answered that she doesn’t like eating at school.  She said the “chicken tastes like rubber” and the “food tastes fake”.  When I asked her why she didn’t bring a lunch to school, she says that she is too tired in the morning to make a lunch (and her mother looked exasperated because Mindy doesn’t like the food she cooks for her).  Then I asked her why she didn’t bring some snacks or water in a back pack.  And to my shock, she told me that students weren’t allowed to have backpacks or purses at their desk because of the fear of weapons and bombs.  REALLY?????  I had no idea! How crazy is that?  She said that she had to run from class to class and there was no time to swing by the locker to get a snack or a drink of water.

This is what children go through now.  It is ridiculous.

Back to the story:  Well, I asked Mindy if she’d like to do some cool healing on her fries and she perked up and said Yes.  So I measured the Light Score of her McDonalds French fries at a dismal 22/100.  Then I instructed her to place her hands on either side of the bag of fries and send healing to it.  In this case, as an Indigo teen, she already knew what to do instinctively, so I did not give her any direction on how to do the healing – only that she was to send the intention of healing to her fries.

After she indicated that she was done (it took about 20 seconds), I retested the Light Score.  It had risen to a 62, almost three times baseline!  I asked Source if it was possible to elevate it further and I got a No, so we left it at that and she happily ate it.  Then we got to brainstorming positive solutions with mom so that she wouldn’t have to resort to eating McDonalds when she had appointments after school.  As a side note, even though mom considered Mindy a picky eater, she ate raw fish (sushi) and fried salmon skin when she was at my house for an Indigo party.  She had never tried them before and she loved them much to the surprise of her mother.


So here is what you want to do to elevate the Light Score of your food and water:

  1. Put one hand over the food/water (or pay attention to it with your eyes) and with the other hand muscle test the Light Score out of 100. The closer to 100, the better. You can also muscle test the Nutrition Score (how healthy the nutrients are for you)
  2. Then, if you want to elevate the score(s), do one of two things:
    1. Direct Ascension 1 for 9 seconds to increase the Light Score and Nutrition Score as you keep your hand (or your attention) over the target food/water.
    2. Use TOLPAKAN Healing to command that the Light Score and Nutrition Score be raised to 100% in the highest and best way. The effect should be immediate.
  3. Retest the Light and Nutrition Scores. If they aren’t as high as you like, ask if it is possible for that food/water to be raised higher.  If so, do another round or healing, releasing any blocks that prevent the scores from reaching as close to 100% as possible and/or direct Ascension 2 for 9 seconds.

You might notice that your food/water may taste a bit different afterwards.  Please note that if you are using this technique on expensive wine, try it on a small amount first just in case it totally changes the flavor.  For example, it may make soda taste flatter or less sweet.  Sometimes it makes the water taste “softer”.  You might notice that your food is more flavorful or that you have less “reaction” to it if you tend to have intolerances.  That being said, even after I “heal” tap water of its negative vibration, it still doesn’t taste good enough for me to want to drink it, so I still buy bottled water from the store.  In fact, I go down the grocery aisle and muscle test the light scores of all the brands until I find the best one!

When I’m with family, I often put food on my plate and casually place one hand over it while muscle testing underneath the table with the other hand so as to be inconspicuous. Then as I send TOLPAKAN Healing, I will feel energy transferring from my hand to the food.  You can practice this anytime including when you have pain in your body – just place your hands over the painful area and direct healing to it.  If you’ve been using the Ascension 1 and 2 on a regular basis, you’re already TOLPAKAN energy attuned!


**PLEASE NOTE: If you have a severe, life-threatening allergy to a food (eg. Peanut allergy), do not rely on the above methods without supervision of a physician readily equipped with a shot of adrenaline!

The good news is that by just being consciousness of the vibration of your food, you will begin elevating it.  You might even notice that by doing this practice regularly, you will naturally shy away from junk food and your taste buds will crave healthy whole foods.

Enjoy this new healing practice and let us know on the private Facebook group (package B and C) how it works for you!


Dr. Karen Kan



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