How To Unlock Your Manifesting Superpowers – From Heartache to Joy w/ Dr. Karen

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In this call on From Heartache to Joy, Dr Karen discussed why why people aren’t getting what they want

For the law of attraction to work, we have to be in the same energy as what we desire. But for most people, it’s nearly impossible to stay in that energy, EVEN WITH ENERGY HEALING.

Like climbing Mt. Everest, where there are steps between the initial goal and reaching the summit, a person must strengthen their manifesting muscles (and prepare) in order to become a powerful manifestor.

Unlock Your Superpowers teaches you the exercises that are necessary in order to strengthen your manifesting muscle. Often, the universe sends events called abundance tests, which are daily challenges which see if you can handle the next-level of manifesting.

Dr. Karen told a story about Jessica, a patient of hers:

“With my help she was able to heal her own graves disease without radiation or treatment. when I raised my prices, she didn’t know if she could afford the new rates, but I knew she was ready to take more steps.”

When people are ready to move forward spiritually, the universe gives them abundance challenges. Jessica’s abundance challenge came through conflict in a relationship. In a touchy situation, she listened to this person, who said how mean she was, while Jessica just sat there and took responsibility for it. Within weeks of this happening, she got a $2000 raise at work, OUT OF THE BLUE – no letter, no promotion or anything.”

Attracting what you want is NOT PASSIVE – it requires work. It is a co-creation process with the universe. The funny thing is the universe will keep helping you grow, through daily abundance challenges.

In Unlock Your Superpowers, every one of these abundance challenges is detailed out so that you know exactly when the universe is challenging your abundance level. When that happens, you can show the universe you are ready, and begin to manifest what you truly want!

These abundance challenges can even be in the form of entities. One of Dr. Karen’s patients was experiencing entities and ghosts that were coming at her. After a one on one session, the patient discovered part of her soul mission was to help guide entities back to the light. Dr. Karen set up a light vortex around her (a tool for her to use), which helped these entities return to the light, without bothering the patient.

Dr. Karen went on to reveal what gives entities an edge… self doubt.

“When we don’t have self doubt, it gives very little room for entities to edge in,”

she said. In this call, Karen tested the self-trust of all the listeners on the call, and used her Ascension 2 MP3 to boost the average self-trust score of all the listeners by over 20% percent.

In the group process, Dr. Karen took people through the 3 step TOLPAKAN Healing Directive, first letting them download and access the morphic fields of popularity, alignment of divine path, self love, and experience of self and gave them a chance to flex their manifesting muscles live.

Live on the call, Dr. Karen talked about the 7 R’s formula for masterful manifesting, which she delivers in her course “Unlock Your Superpowers.” They are:

  1. Re-vision – Craft the vision of your new life in a language the universe can understand, while learning how to deal with self-sabatoge.
  2. Resonate – Learn how to optimally resonate with your new life, and sculpt your new life like a Michelangelo sculpture.
  3. Release resistance – Release curses, vows, oaths, and more from multiple timelines, as well as re-wiring core beliefs.
  4. Re-write your past – Quantum re-write your history in order to manifest a better future.
  5. Reclaim your power – Avoid certain words and phrases that keep you from manifesting your power, and learn the types of question to ask source.
  6. Rewire your system – Heal through multiple timelines, taking vulnerabilities out of your blueprint.
  7. Recieve – Increase the number of love particles you have, expand your god team, and more.


Check out these testimonials from Dr. Karen’s Clients:

Missy, a patient of of Dr. Karen, who took her entity clearing package, said she felt helpless before working with Dr. Karen. now she says “I know how clean to my home, my kid’s, and my energy, and I’m not afraid anymore.

Jennifer shared her story live of how working with Dr. Karen helped her manifest in her life almost immediately.
Looking to manifest money in easy management way, she felt a lot of internal resistance. after jumping on a group call with Dr. Karen, she cleared over 250 generations worth ancestral addiction to “stuckness.” She felt a huge weight off of her shoulders, and earned an extra $2000 in commissions within weeks.

Monica shared her testimonial live as well. She said:
In 1896 I was in a bad accident with two skull fractures, a concussion, and hematoma, which resulted in lots of head pain and migraines. In 2012, I had a stroke, and got ocular melanoma cancer in my eye. I began to have a migraine that never went away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. nothing would work, medication, essential oils, supplements, chiropractic treatments and more… but Dr. Karen taught me how to heal through divine muscle testing, and I did TOLPAKAN Healing on the headache. I’m off all medication, and I’m headache and migraine free. it’s changed my life and I’m now on a path of healing. I’ve already purchased her next class and its awesome!

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