How Do I Book My Appointment with Dr. Karen?

Watch this video to learn how to book your appointment. 

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the 25 minute or 50 minute option.
  3. From the calendar that pops up choose your desired time and date. If you do not see any appointments you like, you can click the right hand arrow to go to the next month.
  4. Choose your desired date and then fill out the information including Name, phone number etc.
  5. In the notes section please write the issues you'd like to explore AND if you are a package C student doing your first session with Dr. Karen.

**Important: Please wait for the confirmation that your appointment request has been accepted. You should receive a confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not please contact my assistant Jennifer  at 

How Do I Connect with Dr. Karen During My Appointment?

Once your appointment is confirmed you should receive an email with the following information:

To join via webcast:

If you have a microphone on your computer (most have a webcam mic) you’ll be able to talk to Dr. Karen as well as see her screen during your session

To join via phone: You can call (720) 820-1632 or see the  International Numbers PDF

Still have questions after reviewing both videos? Reach out to my Assistant Jennifer at