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I’ve gotten quite a few questions this week, so I decided to address them all in this week’s  Spiritual Medicine Digest.


In this week’s short video, I share with you:

  • Why am I so tired this week? Is there something funky going on?
  • Why do my healing challenges seem so much greater than others?
  • How do I know if your VIP Group is a good fit for me?
  • How can I “turn down” my sensitivity?


HERE is the video to learn more. 

Reminders for this week…

On Monday’s radio show at 3 pm EST I will be talking with Liz about “Why the Psoas is the Muscle of the Soul.” So if you have back or hip pain then you’ll definately want to make sure you please tune in to ask your questions live HERE.


Last but not least, keep a CLOSE EYE on your email the next few days as I give you “first dibs” on the best discounted pricing of my brand new program “Unlock Your Superpowers: The 7 R’s of Masterful Manifesting.” I am SO excited for you to start it with me!

Enjoy this week’s video below!




Dr. Karen

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