Learn It Live.com Instructions

Before attending your first webinar class with Dr. Karen, learnitlive.com requires that you register with an email and password. Please be sure to create this, if you have not already. Directions on how to register, access a live class, how to access the recording and troubleshooting problems can be found below.


How to Create A Username & Password 

Please visit  www.karenkan.com/learnitliveregistration for a Step by Step Video Tutorial.

How to Listen to A Recording Of Each Class

1. After you click on your class link it will take you to learnitlive.com.  Click on the “Register Here” Green Button in the top right hand corner. 

2. Put in your email and password you've created for Learnitlive.com. If you have not created a log-in with a email and password with Learnitlive.com, then click on the tab “Sign Up” and create a username and password. 

3. Click on the  class link that you wish to access once again. 

4. Click the Green “Register Button.” If it is not a free class, be sure to input the access code listed below:

5. Click on “View Recording.” This will automatically download the recording onto your computer's download file or bottom toolbar.


 TroubleShooting Problems

If the recording is NOT opening on your computer after clicking “View Recording” and trying to open the downloaded file, please do the following: 

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Java Installed

When you click on “view recording” it will automatically download the recording file to your computer (either on your toolbar or in download folder). Please find the file and try opening it. If the recording of the file won't open on your computer, you may need to download Java (which is free). Please go to http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp. It takes 1-2 minutes and will allow our virtual classroom to open on your computer. Once you have downloaded Java, please click “Enter Live Session” again and open the new .jnlp file when prompted.

Step 2: If you DO have Java installed on your computer, and the virtual classroom still won't open, please clear your Java cache. Instructions on how to do that are available here:

 Step 3: If Your Computer is attempting to open the file with another program, manually select the Java program. 

If You DO have Java installed and it is not designated as your default program then your computer will attempt to open the file with another program (Like Windows Media Player).  Please right click on the downloaded recording file and click “open with” and choose the Java program.


If you have any other technical difficulties with opening the recording, please contact support@learnitlive.com for further assistance. 







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