LifeWave for Headaches, Brain Fog and Better Concentration

Winter is over, spring is here! It's time to re-vamp more than your dining room decor! Do you suffer from headache pain, brain fog, or are
you unable to concentrate very well?

Unfortunately, taking over the counter pain medicine usually makes headaches worse in the long-run.  Over the counter pain medication
contributes to the toxicity we are exposed to from our environment and merely masks the symptoms, without getting rid of the cause of headaches. Pain medications come with their fair share of side effects including brain fog, drowsiness, and some studies even suggest that
these medications increase the risk of dementia and Alzhiemers. But, there is a better way.

Wouldn’t you love to just stick LifeWave patches on and drink some water to remedy this problem?  Well, now you can!

Lucky for us there is an all-natural, easy way to relieve headache symptoms by getting to the root of the problem. Join us LIVE to ask
your questions as I interview Dr. Dennis Lobstein about his favorite patching protocols to help get rid of headaches.  Dr. Dennis will
discuss causes, both from the viewpoint of Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how to change one’s energy pattern with LifeWave patches placed on acupuncture points to relieve headaches.

Join us live on Monday, April 2nd 2018, at 12pm by clicking here or by calling into the radio show by dialing (818) 514-1190


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