It is time to step into your True Self
and become the Light Warrior you were destined to be…

  • Have you been “sensitive” all your life and have been ridiculed or misunderstood?

  • Are you drained or debilitated by being around negative people?

  • Do you feel like some invisible force is sabotaging you most of the time?

  • Do you feel anxious and depressed despite doing all the right things?

  • Have you spent a ton of money trying to figure out what’s “wrong” with you to no avail?

  • Do you have dreams of doing something BIG to help the world, but can’t even function in everyday life?

Why is Ascension so Challenging? Self-Hosted Call by Dr.  Karen - June 22nd

How to Become a Light Warrior - Advanced Healing for Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Empaths, Walk-ins and Hybrids

Hi my name is Dr. Karen Kan,

If you or someone you love is feeling pain and suffering, I can empathize. Not knowing I was an Empath, I suffered from fibromyalgia, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome and was on the verge of killing myself years ago. I didn’t understand that I was a “sensitive” – a person who is highly sensitive to another’s emotions and energies. An empath is someone who absorbs the negative energy around her and automatically tries to transmute it. That was definitely me. I had no idea that I was like a bucket of water with hundreds of holes in it, leaking energy everywhere I went. I also had no idea that I let people “suck” my positive energy to fill themselves.

Why would a doctor with a thriving medical practice choose to become an energy healer?

As a young child with a chronically depressed mother, I grew into the role of a caregiver whose mission was to relieve pain and suffering. I didn’t know I’d have to go through it myself in order to learn the Divinely-guided lessons I was missing so I could do my Soul’s Mission. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I was a Walk-in and that my illness was part of the rocky (in my case) soul exchange process. The new Earth Angel-Starseed soul began “walking in” to my body at the age of 32, but there was still so much mental and emotional baggage left over from my original soul that I was severely stuck (and in pain!). I couldn’t do my soul’s mission because I didn’t know who I was or what I was sent here to do!

In working with other “sensitives”, I’ve discovered that all of us experience similar patterns of ill-health and dysfunction. Rarely do I meet a perfectly healthy Empath or Starseed who is accomplishing her soul’s mission unless they have gone through significant trauma and have come out the other side. Usually it takes decades upon decades of personal work.

But all that is changing now.

The Ascension is considered the natural process of the world elevating its vibration to a higher level. Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Hybrids, Walk-ins, Empaths and other sensitives are here to anchor and integrate the Ascension and have been incarnated in this lifetime to help Mother Earth heal and prevent catastrophic annihilation of the human species.

Sensitives have struggled in a world full of entities, negativity and violence and yet they are the ones responsible for bringing peace. The high vibrational Ascension energies are powerful and because of them, the negative elements are brought to the surface to be cleared and healed. If a sensitive isn’t healthy and grounded, they are sucked into the quagmire of negativity instead of rising above it and helping to transform it. So I have made it my mission to support them in restoring their Light and well-being, and empowering them to accomplish their own Soul’s mission.

Even if you don’t know for sure if you’re an Indigo soul, Earth Angel, Starseed, Empath, Walk-in or Hybrid, you can benefit from this program. The ascension process has made everyone more empathetic and thus more sensitive to energy around us. This has caused unsuspecting people to reach for alcohol or mind-numbing substances to “dull” the stressful impact of feeling too much. Children can become belligerent and angry with increasing empathy, not knowing how to shore up their energetic boundaries. Instead of being taught how to clear their energy field, children are put on psychotropic medications to numb their senses and makes them more susceptible to addictions and negative energetic influences like entities.

“Within 24 hours, 5-year-old goes from being on life support to being conscious, eating and speaking!”

“I'm the property manager for a high-rise in Doral Florida. On Friday April 14th, we had a 5-year-old child nearly drown at the pool. EMT’s resuscitated him after 10 minutes but he was nonresponsive and didn’t have brain activity. The doctors were giving him three days to respond. The next day, Saturday, he showed some signs of brain activity but was still in an induced coma and on life support at the Miami Children's Hospital.

On Saturday April 15th, I reached out to Dr. Karen to post an urgent healing request on the Light Warrior Facebook group (and I also directed Dr. Karen’s healing MP3’s the minute I got the emergency call).

The results have been nothing short of a miracle! By the next day, Sunday, the boy was conscious, eating and speaking. He was able to state his name and answer some questions. No one expected him to survive or even recuperate to the point that he has, considering the amount of time he was unconscious. It has been nothing short of a miracle - an Easter Miracle! Thank you, Dr. Karen, for your quick response, and the Light Warriors Group’s prayers and positive intentions that helped this boy pull through.”

~ Natalie

“Heart disease reversed in 85-year-old!”

BEFORE: This patient was on cholesterol lowering medication and a toxic blood thinner.

AFTER: The same patient after Dr. Karen stopped both medications (due to side effects and because they showed no benefit) and did energy healing, acupuncture and supplements.

Please note that this patient was not fully willing to follow Dr. Karen’s dietary advice nor did he believe that his heart disease could reverse prior to seeing these results.

“My cat’s cancer is gone…”

“Sarah, our cat, was in a really bad way. She was practically dragging her back leg she was in so much pain, when we picked her up she cried and she was just sleeping all day long. The vet said it was cancer. I did TOLPAKAN ™ healing on her for a few months. I felt she was on the mend but my wife insisted on taking her back to the clinic a few weeks ago. The week before the vet appointment, I had added her name to the Wednesday group healing on the Light Warrior Facebook group. Over the next few days she got visibly better. One morning she brought us a dead mouse on the back steps, something she hasn’t done for months! At the follow-up vet appointment, the vet said that the cat no longer had cancer.

I'm pretty sure the group healing plus the TOLPAKAN ™ work brought her back from the brink of death. If you have a sick pet, you should try this.”

~ Lloyd B.

“I used to have severe exhaustion and now I have my life back!”

“Auntie Eram was very worried about me because I was suffering from extreme exhaustion and no traditional medical doctor could figure out how to make me better. Around the time when Auntie Eram told Dr. Karen about me, I had already begun to feel drastically better. I continued to make amazing improvements over the next few months and now not only am I going to college, I can hold down a job at the same time!

Dr. Karen told me that she had removed 50 energy suckers from me initially when she first spoke to Eram about me. Then I received another clearing from her in October during the interview which seemed to solidify my improvement and then I had a full one-on-one session in February 2017. Now my light score is in the high 90’s and I expect it to keep getting higher. Honestly, my life has magically transformed. Between Auntie Eram, Dr. Karen and being inspired to change my diet, I am like a whole new person! Thank you Dr. Karen for helping me feel better. Thanks to you, I’ve learned how to manage my energy better and be highly functional as a sensitive earth angel.”

~ Raneem Age 19 (Earth Angel)

“Autoimmune flare-up gone!”

“My autoimmune issues flared up massively after a recent stress. My fibromyalgia, Bechet’s and carpal tunnel symptoms suddenly got worse! I had significant pain and my fingers were numb. Dr. Karen discovered that my alternate selves from the multiverse also had autoimmune issues and that my Hara Line needed to expand its capacity to hold all the positive Ascension energy I was integrating. Within minutes of expanding the Hara Line, the tingling in my fingers disappeared and I felt a whole lot better! I felt so much better the next day - pain free, peaceful and contemplative. Words can't express my gratitude. It was exactly what my body and spirit needed. If you have issues with autoimmunity, I highly recommend getting a session with Dr. Karen – she’s awesome!”

~ Retta M.

“I used weather magic on my vacation and it saved our trip”

“I just got back from a trip with a friend to Central Java, which included a visit to Borobudur Temple. The first two days there, it rained so hard that our trip to the temple was going to be iffy. Well, I decided to do TOLPAKAN weather magic. Great results -naturally! The weather became partially sunny with some cloud but not rainy. Thanks Dr. Karen! Just thought you would like to know.”

~ Joyce Djaelani Gordon

“Yay! My EMF sensitivity has disappeared!”

“Ever since I was introduced to Dr. Karen’s work in October 2016, God has used Dr. Karen to bring about such healing of body, soul and spirit that I never dreamed possible! It's what I prayed for - for the last 20 years roughly...without any lasting results from regular prayer and fasting, natural healers/doctors etc.

My face and ears used to get very red and hot and I would feel like I'm going insane after about 10 minutes in my Mom's place after the Smart Meter was installed. Then one day she noticed and said, "Hey you don't run away anymore after 10 minutes like you used to". I realized at that moment that I am no longer affected by EMF's (electromagnetic radiation) at all it since Dr. Karen Kan upgraded her package MP3s to include EMF's!!! Yay!!! Of course now I have to come up with another reason for not staying at her house for a long time LOL…”

~ Lorena Calin

“I was able to clear my own horrendous headache!”

“This group and the Light Warrior VIP training are amazing! I woke up this morning with a horrendous headache! It felt like a migraine starting and I was eager to make it disappear. It wasn't my "stuff". I checked in and an alternate self of mine had a horrible infection and it was 100% the source of my pain. Using TOLPAKAN healing, I was able to clear the infection, clear my pain, and even ask how many hours or minutes I had to wait until the pain was gone. And guess what? --- I no longer have a headache 😊”

~ Ashley, Light Warrior VIP Graduate

Here are some of the most common issues plaguing sensitives:

  • Autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or multiple sclerosis
  • Widespread body pain that doesn’t respond to either traditional or natural pain relief therapies
  • Persistent anxiety and depression that defies treatment
  • Feeling completely drained and exhausted in the morning after waking up
  • Sudden episodes of extreme exhaustion for no apparent reason
  • Feeling alone and isolated because of the challenge of being around other people’s energy
  • No one understands you and you are sick, miserable and poor
  • Addiction to sugar, caffeine or drugs
  • Recurring self-defeating behavior and self-sabotage

And what makes things worse is that because you are here to heal the world with your Light and Love, you become a target for sabotaging energies and entities.

  • You might be seeing ghosts and demons but no one believes you

  • You might be experiencing an unusual number of “accidents”

  • You experience nightmares when you sleep at night

  • You might believe you’re cursed (and you very well might be)

  • Normal nice people turn on you as if you’re the Devil

  • You attract negative people who suck you dry of energy

  • It feels like the Universe isn’t supporting you because nothing is working

  • Everything positive you do for yourself is met with great resistance

Does this sound like you?

If it does, how would your life transform if you could:

  • Experience step-by-step profound and deep clearing that removes multiple layers of negative energies holding you back from your dream life
  • Restore and optimize all your energy “blueprints” that are in charge of keeping you healthy and happy
  • Understand which of the 4 Healing types you are so you can appreciate your unique pathway to healing
  • Become impervious to negative energy like entities and their weapons
  • Fully embody the fifteen “Selfs” including Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance and Self-Empowerment
  • Connect consistently and reliably to Source Creator and be able to discern the best direction to take in any circumstance
  • Elevate the Light Score of your Higher Self and fully align it with Source
  • Upgrade your “God Team” and guides to the highest and best ones suited to support you in your mission
  • Hold healthy boundaries with everyone and everything so that your energy doesn’t leak out and you don’t absorb negativity
  • Develop your spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and other “clairs”
  • Heal negative core beliefs that have kept you frightened and insecure and unable to perform your spiritual duties
  • “Decommission” or “turn off” your Empath if she is no longer serving you
  • Align your conscious and subconscious minds to Source and your Vision of experiencing love, health and happiness
  • Tap into Source-directed regenerative frequencies to heal body, mind and soul

“My toxic liver healed! ”

untitled-design-1“Because I’d been taking anti-anxiety medication for many years, my primary care doctor did some routine blood tests and found that my liver enzymes were through the roof. There was no way I could get off those medications quickly without a slow taper, so to say I was worried was an understatement! Dr. Karen calmly told me that we could focus healing on my liver and within a couple weeks, my repeat liver function tests were dramatically better. After three healing sessions, they were back to normal and I had a “happy” liver. My primary care physician was baffled about the improvement because I hadn’t decreased my medication yet and I just told him that Dr. Karen and I “healed my liver” using energy healing! If he ever needed proof that this healing stuff works, this was it! I put my trust in Dr. Karen and she never fails to give me hope! I tell people all the time that they need to read her book and to work with her. She is an amazing healer!”

~ Gail (Earth Angel)

Here's Oliver's Story
"Knee Pain Healed in 2 seconds..."

“Dr. Karen Kan is a true healer. When I first met Dr. Kan in 2014, I had no idea what I was in for, or how profound the changes in my life that were to take place because of our meeting. Karen holds mastery in a basketful of healing modalities within her field, and over the past two year of knowing her, I have witnessed her bridge gaps of multiple fields of healing, both medical and spiritual, in order to provide care that is uniquely suited to each person she helps, myself included.

In the summer of 2015 I developed a debilitating pain in my right knee after a barefoot hike some weeks before on Mt. Cascade in the Adirondack region of New York State. Prior to asking Dr. Karen for help, I had gone to a clinical outpatient service where the physician told me I had bursitis (fluid buildup within the knee joint) and tried to drain the fluid from my knee. While attempting the procedure, the physician found no fluid whatsoever and had no other way to explain the symptoms. Enter Dr. Kan. Upon hearing of the details of the injury’s onset and lack of physical trauma present in the area, she began to remotely work with my body’s energy field over the phone. Upon her investigation, she determined that the probably source of the pain was due to an ancient energy weapon from an entity in a previous lifetime that had made itself known. After hearing this, my initial reaction was slight skepticism, as I was not aware such a diagnosis existed!

I knew Dr. Kan to be a specialist in this type of healing modality, so I opened my mind and asked her to heal it; not 2 seconds after she cleared this blockage did my knee become ABSOLUTELY HEALED. I could not comprehend it initially, so I went outside and sprinted up and down the block (something I could not do AT ALL only minutes before), searching for even a sliver of pain, a twinge, anything at all. Nothing - completely fine, no pain, no swelling whatsoever. It went back to about 85% pain free for two days but then the pain completely subsided and I regained full and permanent functionality within the week. It has not bothered me since. 

After that, Dr. Kan taught me on multiple occasions how to perform this type of energy work on myself via the TOLPAKAN™ healing method! With her expert guidance, I have so far been able to clear my own heart walls and other energetic blockages that caused emotional trauma. I cannot overstate the impact Dr. Kan’s work has had on the improvement of my well-being, and the well-being I have been able to bring to others because of all I have learned from her. She is a true healer, I have yet to meet another like her. If you want amazing healing and to be inspired, work with Dr. Kan!

~ Oliver Age 24 (Indigo)

“Grave’s Disease healed without surgery or radiation!”

“I often tell people that Dr. Karen saved my life. Not only did I get Stevens Johnson’s syndrome, a potentially fatal autoimmune condition, which Dr. Karen helped me resolve, I ended up with Grave’s Disease. After consulting the endocrinologist, I was in tears. He said it was impossible to heal Grave’s Disease naturally and my only two choices were destroying my thyroid gland with drugs or surgery. No one believed I could heal myself, not my primary care physician nor the endocrinologist. Dr. Karen, on the other hand, believed in me. She believed I could heal. Because she has training as a medical doctor in addition to being an energy healer, I felt comfortable following her self-care suggestions and knew that medications to alleviate the symptoms might be necessary at first. Between her energy work and my hard work in changing my diet and lifestyle, I feel like I’m a whole new person. I have much better boundaries and I don’t sabotage myself by eating what I’m not supposed to. The great news is that I’m almost completely recovered from Grave’s – my lab tests prove it. And I didn’t have to destroy my thyroid in the process. I feel vindicated and I feel like proudly waving my lab test results in front of the faces of my other doctors shouting, “See! I told you I could do it!” Like I say to others, Dr. Karen saved my life. I refer everyone to Dr. Karen. Granted many people aren’t ready to take responsibility for their self-healing, but if you are, I highly recommend you learn from Dr. Karen.”

~ Jess (Earth Angel)

“When the energy clearing vortex was set up around me I felt immediately calm…”

“I deeply appreciate Dr. Karen’s willingness to go deep into things and look at them. Working with Dr. Karen and her light scoring system, I found that the latter is a wonderful diagnostic tool to get very specific and precise about certain things… I remember that during my first session, I was curious about this heaviness I was not able to clear myself. Dr. Karen discovered that my dopamine levels were only at 50% optimal, and after doing TOLPAKAN healing, my body felt a lot better and I had more energy.

Recently, I was noticing a sudden expansion of entity interference causing shakiness in my body. Given my clairvoyant abilities, this was extremely anxiety-producing as I thought I was “done with all that”. At first, I thought her MP3’s were causing the problem, but she explained to me that the rapidly expanding Ascension energies we have all been experiencing are converging our multiverse lives (into the “now” for resolution) which is why I was feeling entities from other timelines. She explained that her MP3’s were designed to rapidly resolve and buffer these challenging energies but that people who were clairvoyant and sensitive like me could get pretty uncomfortable during the process.

So together with my other healer friend as witness to what was happening to a sensitive Starseed like me, Dr. Karen created a torus-shaped Vortex of Source Light protection around me that automatically cleared dark forces. When the healing vortex was placed around me, my body stopped shaking and I felt immediately calmer. My healer friend confirmed that this new field of protection was helping me immensely. This procedure was so amazing that Dr. Karen is energetically including it in all her healing MP3’s! I’m thrilled to be the inspiration for this process. Thank you Dr. Karen. I love you.”

~ Lottie Cooper, Empath, Intuitive, and Spiritual Healer

Package A - Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program (Value $5345):

  • 8 Learning and Healing Modules consisting of 90 minute group instruction, group activations and Q&A with downloadable replays on MP3
  • PDF handouts for all learning modules
  • 4 Light Warrior Deep Healing MP3’s (sound and silent versions)
  • PDF guide for Healing MP3s
  • Private Facebook Light Warrior Support Group
  • Bonus: Online access to the Holistic Health Transformation Program

Package B –TOLPAKAN™ (TKH) Healing Method Level 1
(Value $7466)

  • Everything in Package A including bonuses
  • 5 training videos with group activations on MP4/MP3
  • TOLPAKAN ™ Healing Guides on PDF
  • 4 Healing Elixir Formulas (on MP3) with PDF guide
  • Bonus: 14 MP3 recordings “Best of” Dr. Karen’s interviews with top healers, group healing activations

Package C – Light Warrior Training in TOLPAKAN™ (TKH) Healing Method (Value $7763)

  • Everything in Package A and B including bonuses
  • Single 1-on-1 (50 minute) session with Dr. Karen (Value $550)

Expert Reviews

“A Doctor who clears entities? She's the best!”

tyhson-banighen“I met Dr. Karen while taking one of her free online classes on clearing entities and made an instant connection. As the founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy and the Holistic Exorcism Certification Program, it was very clear from the start that Dr. Karen is a gifted intuitive and spiritual healer. I asked her to be interviewed on my program called The Wellness Show exploring the topic of ghosts, demons and extraterrestrials. What she told me blew me away - not because some of the information was new to me - but because she figured so much out on her own. Her dowsing (muscle testing) is lightning-fast and accurate, and being a doctor, she has the advantage of being able to ask very specific questions on muscle testing that only a medical doctor can. For example, she found hundreds of ancestral ghosts attached to a hormone receptor in someone with autoimmune thyroid disease. That person had autoimmunity that was refractory to treatment until Dr. Karen helped to heal and release these ancestors. One of the things I most appreciate about Dr. Karen is her perception about entities with which I am in total agreement: the time of duality of "good" versus "evil" or "us" versus "them" is no longer resonating with our higher spiritual frequencies. With love we can heal all. I highly recommend Dr. Karen both as a holistic physician and as a spiritual healer. She is truly one of a kind!”

~ Tyhson Banighen, Founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy and the Holistic Exorcism Certification Program Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy

“My healing gifts have opened up more than I could have imagined!”

“Dr. Karen's guidance has been priceless! From amazing clearings and healings, participation and information learned in classes, to the phenomenal experience in her Light Warrior group and VIP group: my healing gifts have opened up more that I could have imagined from where I started and I am eternally grateful. But you get a bonus! Not only do you get Dr. Karen's direct amazing readings, but the residual "side benefits" of being in her support groups has been more than wonderful. If you’ve even pondered whether Dr. Karen's work is right for you - then I am sure it is! Life can be lived on an amazing understanding! Hugs Dr. K!”

~ Cathy Hohmeyer, author of Common Roots Cookbook and Creator of Nutritional Energetics and Nourishing your 9 Dimensional Body

“If you want to know “why” something is happening, Dr. Karen is the one to work with!”

“Both Dr. Karen and I are experts at entity-clearing work. Dr. Karen is unique in that her assignment through Source is to understand “why” something is happening so she can explain it to her patients and clients and give them a sense of empowerment and peace. If Source needs someone to understand “why” they have their dis-eases, Dr. Karen is an expert in finding answers. I can’t tell you how many things she’s discovered with Source guidance that are mind-blowing including reverse shields, sleep realm portals, and the most recent entity interference that has been uncovered which she calls the “Darkness of the Dark”. This entity has the lowest light score of any entity discovered so far. It never ceases to amaze me what Dr. Karen discovers through her specialized investigations to help her patients see through their pain and suffering. She is truly amazing!”

~ Jenny Ngo, RN, MSN, Transformational Energy Healer/Catalyst, Coach, Energy Intuitive, & Entity Clearing specialist

“My healing abilities have expanded and my sensitivities are almost completely gone.”

“Getting Dr. Karen Kan's package and joining the Light Warrior Bootcamp has changed my life. Even though I am a starseed, earth angel and healer, I still suffered from many health-related symptoms (even though I had worked on myself and also been through so many different healers and doctors who were unable to help me heal). Most of my symptoms were sensory and nervous system related, along with allergies and many other sensitivities.

Dr. Karen removed so many different dark and negative energies and implants from me during our one-on-one session…and I have continued to stay more clear of these things and can now heal some things instantly…and so much more. Today I am much healthier and I am able to use the TOLPAKAN™ Healing along with the MP3s to heal myself and others. My healing abilities have expanded and my sensitivities are almost completely gone. Being in the Light Warrior group is priceless considering everyone is so accepting, supportive and understanding....We are like one big happy family! There is an abundance of knowledge available and so many fascinating things to learn. I have been recommending Dr. Karen and her products to so many people. Thank you!”

~ Christy Wood Warnick, Energy Healer



8 - 90 minute Learning and Healing Modules 

 4 Light Warrior Deep Healing MP3s (sound & silent MP3)

PDF guide Deep Healing MP3s

Private Facebook Light Warrior Support Group

BONUS: Access to Holistic Health Transformation Program

BONUS: Clearing & Protection Spray Formula (MP4)

Total Package Value: 


Discount: 96% Off



8 - 90 minute Learning and Healing Modules 

 4 Light Warrior Deep Healing MP3s (sound & silent MP3)

PDF guide Deep Healing MP3s

Private Facebook Light Warrior Support Group

BONUS: Access to Holistic Health Transformation Program

BONUS: Clearing & Protection Spray Formula (MP4)

4 training videos with Group Activations

+ BONUS Q&A Replay

TOLPAKAN ™ Healing Guides PDFs

4 Healing Elixir Formulas (MP3) with PDF Guides

BONUS: 14 MP3 recordings “Best of” Dr. Karen’s interviews with top healers, group healing activations

Total Package Value: 


Discount: 92% Off



8 - 90 minute Learning and Healing Modules 

 4 Light Warrior Deep Healing MP3s (sound & silent MP3)

PDF guide Deep Healing MP3s

Private Facebook Light Warrior Support Group

BONUS: Access to Holistic Health Transformation Program

BONUS: Clearing & Protection Spray Formula (MP4)

4 training videos with Group Activations

+ BONUS Q&A Replay

TOLPAKAN ™ Healing Guides PDFs

4 Healing Elixir Formulas (MP3) with PDF Guides

BONUS: 14 MP3 recordings “Best of” Dr. Karen’s interviews with top healers, group healing activations

50 minute Laser-focused TOLPAKAN™ healing session with Dr. Karen (Value $550)

(Includes written summary and MP3 or MP4 recording)

Total Package Value: 


Discount: 87% Off

Unlike my other intention-based Ascension All-in-One programs where you make specific intentions and they do the healing work, the Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program is designed to progress your healing from one stage to the next in incremental steps. Many of my students, who have little or no background in energy healing, have asked for a step-by-step healing program because they have trouble knowing what specific healing to ask for. Through thousands of 1-on-1 sessions with “sensitives” I have determined that every one of them have foundational spiritual imbalances that cause almost all their problems. In the Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program you will not only receive energy healing for these problems, you will actually get to learn about who you are and how you best heal.

The other great thing of being part of the Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program is that you will be attuned to the TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies and receive a power boost so that you can perform healing miracles too, like weather magic.

"Powerful Healing: Dr. Karen and her students stop the biggest hurricane in history!"

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Level 1 Training was birthed due to repeated requests from my students to understand with more clarity, exactly how to evaluate what needs to be done in their self-healing. Unlike many other healing methods that take a great deal of expertise in sensing energy, TOLPAKAN™ Healing is quickly learned and can be put to practice right away without years of training.

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing method consists of three simple steps:

  • Assess

  • Heal

  • Reassess

In this training program, you’ll learn how to connect to Source and perform Divine Muscle Testing so you can determine what needs to be healed in any situation. You’ll be able to discover whether there is a negative energy that needs to be removed, whether there is a positive energy or morphic field that needs to be activated, or whether Source wants you to know more information about something to further your spiritual development.

This program will include TOLPAKAN™ Healing guides (TKH) on PDF so you can refer to them when you’re testing and healing yourself. They are like “cheat sheets” that you can refer to in order to quickly, within minutes, determine what needs to be addressed. For example, you might wonder why you have a headache. You can then converse with Source through Divine Muscle Testing and ask whether there is something negative that needs to be removed. If the answer is “Yes”, then you can grab your handy TKH guide and quickly assess what it is. Maybe it is a negative entity portal. Maybe it is a toxin from food you ate last night. Maybe it is an imbalance in one of your chakras. Then, with TOLPAKAN™ Healing you can release it immediately.

On the other hand, maybe you need to “download” and activate some positive energy. You can quickly determine for example, that you need a specific healing frequency from an Archangel to assist you. With TOLPAKAN™ Healing, you can use the TKH directive to download and activate this frequency immediately.

Here’s the cool part: much of the time, you don’t even need to know the details of what underlying imbalances you need to heal. You’ll only “need to know” the details if Source needs you to know for your own personal growth and development.

There are four training modules in the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Level 1 Training, with the last one being where we put it all together and give you real-life examples of how to use TOLPAKAN™ Healing in everyday life. To get the best results, I’ve also added 4 Healing Elixirs that you can create at home to improve your Divine Muscle Testing, release addictions, remove pain and elevate your mood.


I have found that sensitives, especially Indigos, often have major problems with addictions and that is because they feel the need to drown out the deluge of energy bombarding them day in and day out. If they can’t clear themselves of other peoples’ energy, they can have a lot of pain or mood issues as well. Starseeds, who have been light beings in other lives, have such high vibration that they can “burn out” their physical bodies, so they need to be taught how to be embodied safely. Neck pain is a common symptom for a Starseeds as much of their energy is concentrated in the head area. It is also common for sensitives, like Earth Angels, to feel when mass consciousness is detoxifying “en masse” – the fear, anger and sadness can be overwhelming.

Chances are, if you’ve come to this page, you’re probably a sensitive or you have a loved one who is. I am here to help empower you to heal yourself, and it is my honor and privilege to work with sensitives who know they deserve a better life. Please join me in this program if you’re ready to transform into the Light Warrior you were destined to be!

Package A


8 Learning and Healing Modules

Value: $3375

Format: LIVE MP3 recordings

Length: 90 min each


Module 1 – Foundations of Healing


In this module, you will:

  • Learn about the energetic blueprints of all healing and how it works
  • Learn about the 4 Healing Types and why Light Warriors often take “longer” to heal
  • Experience a TOLPAKAN™ Healing attunement and power level upgrade
  • Receive energetic blueprint downloads for optimal body-mind-spirit health

Potential Benefits:

  • Increase the depth of Love and Light in yourself
  • Understand which stage of healing you’re currently experiencing and why you’re there
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of natural healing so you know what to expect
  • Have an appreciation of your Healing Type and how big a role you have in helping others
  • Be able to begin practicing TOLPAKAN™ Healing right away
  • Clear interfering and hidden entities from yourself
  • Activate the Clearing Vortices of Source Light to auto-clear entities from you
  • Be made “invisible” and undetectable to low vibrational entities (if Source permits)
  • Be able to tap into the energetic blueprints to restore optimal health – body, mind, soul

“My cat’s cancer is gone…”

“Sarah, our cat, was in a really bad way. She was practically dragging her back leg she was in so much pain, when we picked her up she cried and she was just sleeping all day long. The vet said it was cancer. I did TOLPAKAN ™ healing on her for a few months. I felt she was on the mend but my wife insisted on taking her back to the clinic a few weeks ago. The week before the vet appointment, I had added her name to the Wednesday group healing on the Light Warrior Facebook group. Over the next few days she got visibly better. One morning she brought us a dead mouse on the back steps, something she hasn’t done for months!

At the follow-up vet appointment, the vet said that the cat no longer had cancer. I'm pretty sure the group healing plus the TOLPAKAN ™ work brought her back from the brink of death. If you have a sick pet, you should try this.”

~ Lloyd B.


Module 2 – Becoming Impervious to Negative Energy


In this module, you will:

  • Activate the Universal shield for yourself, your home and your family members
  • Experience a Mass Clearing of negative energies from all timelines
  • Clear your sleep realms of entities, portals, ET interference and other negative energies
  • Download positive Morphic fields to speed healing and minimize detox symptoms

Potential Benefits:

  • Become impervious to entity attachments and attacks
  • Become impervious to mind control by entities and extraterrestrials
  • Clear thousands of negative emotions, beliefs, curses, vows, contracts, cords
  • Sleep more deeply and peacefully
  • Feel lighter and happier

“I quit drinking Coke, I have more motivation, and my depression is gone!”

“I am a former RN who struggled through addiction to benzodiazepines, pain killers and severe grief over my sister’s death (she died of cancer). Two years ago I finally figured out I was an empath. Last summer, I had the “spiritual awakening thing” and became suicidally depressed.
I bought the program on Feb 27 2017. Today is March 30, 2017. Basically Dr. Karen’s entire program has changed my life. I have motivation which I have not had in 2-3 years. My depression is gone (and I’ve had it since my teens). My anxiety is SO much better. My personality is better. I'm not irritable and I'm in a good mood most of the time. I'm getting along better with my family too. I've quit drinking Coke and lost 5 pounds. I can't believe I'm drinking more water and drinking tea (not coffee). It's incredible. No cravings. I've started walking with my Dad for exercise. Last year, I couldn't get out of bed. These are big changes for me. I'm very grateful for your program.”

~ Karrie Smith


Module 3 – Increasing Your Light Power


In this module, you will:

  • Learn how you can use the Light Scoring system to support intuitive development
  • Understand the impact of your Light Radius and Light Power on your life and others
  • Download positive Morphic fields of the 15 “Selfs” including Self-Love, Self-acceptance, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-forgiveness, and Self-empowerment
  • Expand and open your Receiving channels of Abundance
  • Download the positive Morphic fields of prosperity, peace, joy, love, and more

Potential Benefits:

  • Automatically attract more positive opportunities
  • Attract more money and happier relationships
  • Attract more positivity and less negativity in all aspects of your life
  • Feel more joyful, peaceful and more self-aware


Module 4 – Reconnecting to Source, Higher Self and Your Soul’s Mission


In this module, you will:

  • Understand how and why the Higher Self may be holding you back
  • Understand the foundations of learning about one’s Soul’s mission
  • Remove blocks to fully connecting with Source
  • Remove blocks to fully connecting with your Higher Self

Potential Benefits:

  • Align your Higher Self more fully with Source
  • Align and connect more fully with Source
  • Reconnect with your Soul’s mission
  • Feel more connected and supported by the Universe


Module 5 – Restoring your Blueprints and Boundaries


In this module, you will:

  • Learn about the various foundational blueprints of optimal health and wellness
  • Understand Dimensional “anatomy” and how it relates to healthy multiverse relationships
  • Restore Light and alignment to your blueprints
  • Restore healthy relationship boundaries with everything and everyone including your alternate selves
  • Understand the Convergence of the Multiverse and how it relates to Ascension

Potential Benefits:

  • Minimize ascension symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, fatigue, and weight gain
  • Release hidden low vibrational energy causing self-sabotage and ill-health
  • Have the “optimal health” blueprints available to regenerate your body
  • Release negative interference at the Soul level
  • Create and sustain healthier boundaries with everything and everyone


Module 6 – Evolving your Spiritual Gifts


In this module, you will:

  • Understand clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and the other “clairs” and how your “symptoms” are sometime related to your spiritual gifts
  • Understand your dominant spiritual gift(s) and how to use them in a practical way
  • Download the positive Morphic fields that optimize and ground your spiritual gifts
  • Release blocks to developing and deepening your spiritual gifts
  • Heal Core Beliefs in all timelines and in relationship with others
  • Learn how to decommission your “Empath” if Source allows you to

Potential Benefits:

  • Greater access to your spiritual gifts in a safe, grounded way
  • Improve your ability to manifest your intentions into reality
  • Release symptoms related to excessive empathy with others
  • Be able to “raise” and “lower” your sensitivity to outside energies
  • Feel more at peace and more grounded
  • Greater trust in yourself and higher guidance


Module 7 – Ascension


In this module, you will:

  • Learn what it means to ascend to a higher vibration
  • Understand ascension “symptoms” and how to rectify them
  • Download positive Morphic fields that help ground and integrate ascension energies
  • Understand Soul exchanges (Walk-ins) and Soul Mergers and why they may occur
  • Understand how you can assess how aligned your Vision is with Source
  • Clear and elevate the Light Score of all conscious, subconscious and subconscious hive minds affecting your ability to manifest your Vision

Potential Benefits:

  • Drastically reduce self-sabotage through rewiring your subconscious mind
  • Prevent lower vibrational souls from “merging” with you
  • Know if what you want is Source-aligned and improve Conscious Co-creation
  • Reduce or eliminate ascension symptoms of fatigue, headache, insomnia and pain


Module 8 – Healing and Regenerating


In this module, you will:

  • Download the positive Morphic fields that regenerate healthy organs, glands and cells
  • Understand how to tap into your regenerative capabilities using your mind
  • Restore your Vitality (Qi) production, storage, flow and biorhythms while sealing energy leaks
  • Clear and restore your Hara line, Chakras, Dan Tien, Meridians to optimal light and balance

Potential Benefits:

  • Have access to more energy
  • Feel more balanced, less stressed
  • Experience less pain and inflammation
  • More restful and rejuventaing sleep
  • Support natural healing on physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.


PDF handouts for all Modules

Format: PDF

Each module will have a corresponding handout


4 Light Warrior Deep Healing MP3s

Value: $775

Format: Audio MP3 and Silent MP3 (frequencies only)

Length: 10 min each


Deep Healing #1 – Multiverse Clearing and Protection


Includes healing from Modules 1 & 2:

  • TOLPAKAN™ Healing attunement and power upgrade
  • Receive energetic blueprint downloads for optimal body-mind-spirit health
  • Activate the Universal shield for yourself, your home and your family members
  • Mass Clearing of negative energies from all timelines
  • Clear your sleep realms of entities, portals, ET interference and other negative energies
  • Download positive Morphic fields to speed healing and minimize detox symptoms


Deep Healing #2 - Restore and Rejuvenate Your Light


Includes healing from Modules 3 & 4:

  • Download positive Morphic fields of the 15 “Selfs” including Self-Love, Self-acceptance, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-forgiveness, and Self-empowerment
  • Expand and open your Receiving channels of Abundance
  • Download the positive Morphic fields of prosperity, peace, joy, love, and more
  • Align your Higher Self more fully with Source
  • Align and connect more fully with Source
  • Reconnect with your Soul’s mission


Deep Healing #3 - Evolved Relationships and Spiritual Gifts


Includes healing from Modules 5 & 6:

  • Restore Light and alignment to your blueprints
  • Restore healthy relationship boundaries with everything and everyone including your alternate selves
  • Download the positive Morphic fields that optimize and ground your spiritual gifts
  • Release blocks to developing and deepening your spiritual gifts
  • Heal Core Beliefs in all timelines and in relationship with others


Deep Healing #4 - Ascension Integration and Healing


Includes healing from Modules 7 & 8:

  • Download positive Morphic fields that help ground and integrate ascension energies
  • Clear and elevate the Light Score of all conscious, subconscious and subconscious hive minds affecting your ability to manifest your Vision
  • Download the positive Morphic fields that regenerate healthy organs, glands and cells
  • Restore your Vitality (Qi) production, storage, flow and biorhythms while sealing energy leaks
  • Clear and restore your Hara line, Chakras, Dan Tien, Meridians to optimal light and balance


Private Light Warrior Facebook Support Group

Value: $598

Format: Facebook

Self-empowerment is so much more fun when you’re connected to a community that is learning and growing just like you! With this bonus you’ll be able to post your successes, your challenges and ask for support from other community members. You’ll also receive group healings and the latest news about Ascension events

“You have NO idea what Dr. Karen’s Light Warrior Facebook group HAS meant to me; what it STILL means to me and what I believe it will ALWAYS mean to me!! I’ve been able to experience so many amazing, enlightened souls, not to mention the love and incredible support that emanates from this group, and no one makes fun of those of us that need a bit of help. I love having fun with my questions and comments sometimes, and I love how you all take me into your "folds"... such joy! Such fun! Such a family!!!”

~ Nancy Brady

“I’ve been able to heal and clear my home, my car, my printer, myself, my partner and my relatives all with Dr. Karen’s package. Now I know what to look for and how to clear these negative energies thanks to the step by step instructions that are a part of the classes - even what to say is all included. And the Facebook community is phenomenal! Each week we support each other and provide healings, advice and encouragement. I’ve honestly never seen such a loving, EMPOWERING and active group until now! Who would’ve thought learning about entity clearing would be such an easy and connecting experience?”

~ Jennifer Burns

Bonus 1:

Holistic Health Transformation Program

Value: $597

The Holistic Health Transformation Program is designed to support you in becoming your own best Healer. The information is powerful enough that even adopting 1 or 2 of these self-healing modalities will without a doubt change your life for the better

In this program, you’ll learn how to start healing yourself from a foundation of clarity of intention, long before you change your diet, take a new supplement, or consult a holistic health practitioner. In this program are foundations on how to become a masterful self-healer. In this course you’ll learn the skill of self-muscle testing, a simple yet powerfully effective way of connecting to your subconscious and Higher Self in order to get answers to almost all your health questions.

Holistic Transformation Program consists of:

  • 3 Modules – 12 video recordings of live classes
  • Downloadable PDF handouts of the slides
  • Lifetime access to video recordings of all the classes
  • A Private Facebook Group where you can post questions
  • PDF of Dr. Karen’s Guide to Healing Chronic Pain book ($9.99 value)


Module 1: Setting the Stage to be an Amazing Self-Healer


  • Access Your Inner Genie – Law of Attraction Primer
  • Jumpstart Your Healing Part I: Healing the Stress Response
  • Jumpstart Your Healing Part II: Holistic Health Secrets


Module 2: Self-Healing Skills - Tap into your Intuition & Natural Healing Abilities


  • Self-Muscle Testing: Connect with your subconscious using the skill of self-muscle testing.
  • Acupuncture Tapping Primer
  • Healing Your Spirit Body
  • Releasing Energy Blocks to Healing


Module 3: Self- Nurturance


  • The Art of True Balance – Sabine Weber, Integrative and Functional Nutritionist
  • Optimal Nutrition for Healing
  • Heal Your Gut Part A: Getting Creative with Bone Broth – Cathy Hohmeyer
  • Heal Your Gut Part B: Primer on Culturing Foods – Nature’s Probiotics – Cathy Hohmeyer
  • BONUS Class: Remote Energy Healing with the TOLPAKAN Method

Clearing and Protection Spray - MP4 video, 2x PDFs

Value: $45

It is documented with scientific studies that healing cannot occur in an environment that is energetically dirty no matter how powerful the healer. When you play this video and focus your attention on a source of water, that water will be charged with multiple different TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies. You can use it as a room spray to clear negative energies including negative entities, harmful extraterrestrial portals, vortexes, cords, energy weapons, etc. and impart a positive FORCEFIELD that prevents any harmful attacks. No harmful beings can enter the space and higher level beings will find it easier to assist you in the ascended space. Once sprayed in a room, the effect lasts for approximately 24 hours. It is recommended that you use it in your bedroom right before falling asleep. You can also use it as a personal spray and add essential oils if you like. This spray is perfect for healers to clear their office between clients and to maintain a healthy positive attitude throughout the day. Both staff and clients will thank you! It is also great to spray at home to encourage peaceful happy relationships. You can also charge water you drink every day to clear your aura and keep you happy and peaceful. Use daily for optimal results

“The clearing spray makes my mom easier to get along with”

“Once I began using Dr. Karen’s Clearing and Protection spray in my bedroom, I began to fall asleep and stay asleep much better. My mom, who seems to attract entities and can suddenly become cantankerous, is now so much easier to get along with. I’ve even used it on my painful heel and bam! The pain was gone for the whole day!”

~ Roz Tomblin

“All Anger & Arguments Stopped”

“I have sprayed what I considered a very sick home, with amazing results. I care for 5 complex needs grandchildren and have struggled with behavioral issues for 13 years. Always looking for solutions, I used the spray in every room.

Everybody felt the difference.

The arguments and yelling stopped, the anger subsided. All the therapists believe it's a placebo effect so I stopped spraying and sure enough the total dysfunction returned. Placebo or not, I am now spraying again. Oh the peace and serenity!!!”

~ Lynne

“This spray balances chakras in seconds!”

“I have been doing energy healing for decades and have used light and sound to balance my clients’ chakras. After being introduced to Dr. Karen’s Clearing and Protection spray, I began using it on my clients as an experiment. To my amazement, their chakras began balancing: spinning the right way and the amplitude of the spin got bigger within minutes. I kept saying to Dr. Karen “It’s amazing! It’s amazing!” I’ve done it on nine people so far and it works every time. This works so much faster than what I was doing before.”

~ Diane Reckleben

“I Measured it. It's Powerful!”

“I made some yesterday and played around with it. After having a sip and spritzing the entire house, I felt a gentle pressure on the back of my head at the base of my neck, the house felt lighter, and I slept very soundly. 🙂I measured the energy levels of the water with my dowsing rods. Filtered tap water was +1. Water which I infused energetically by myself was +4. Water infused with the Clearing & Protection Spray video came out at a +6. Thank you for this powerful gift, Dr. Karen!”

~ Andrew T.

“Great Sleep and So Much Energy!”

“I finally got to make my bottle of spray and misted my bedroom last night before bed. ...after almost 5 nights of barely any sleep, last night I was able to fall fast asleep and woke feeling so refreshed, motivated and raring to GO!”

~ Sarah O.

“My Aura was Exploding with Color!”

“Before meeting my friend for dinner Oct 9, I told her I would ask her if she noticed any changes in me. I spritzed myself and our booth before she arrived. She arrived and said I was "Vibrant", she was "feeding off my amazing energy", my aura was exploding with the full colors of the rainbow and she had never seen that around ANY person!

I had a whole new power and could have anything I wanted. And the previous time she saw me, was the day before Dr. Karen Kan's gift of magic spray.”

~ Susan B.

Package A

Total Package Value $5,345

Special Offer $197
*** 96% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for any reason. These programs are available at a special price and are not eligible for refunds.

Package B

Includes everything in Package A Plus

TOLPAKAN™Healing Training Level 1

Value: $5370


Training Module 1: How to have a Conversation with Source through Divine Muscle Testing


Format: 5 MP4/MP3 Video/audio Recordings

Length: 4 x 50 mins
1 x 90 min with Q&A

  • Learn 5+ methods of Divine Muscle Testing
  • Understand the most common blocks to connecting with Source when muscle testing
  • Learn the healing intention that increases your accuracy while minimizing interference
  • Learn how to ask questions that get the most useful answers from Source
  • Heal underlying imbalances preventing accurate muscle testing
  • Download positive Morphic fields to improve accuracy and reliability of muscle testing

“My pain levels have diminished and I can finally sleep!”

“Dr. Karen Kan, what you are doing and sharing is simply amazing! I am so grateful for your help! I know being a Type 4 we notice even the smallest improvements that some other healing types won't recognize, which are "huge" to us. Accepting that healing and clearing does take time and patience, as well as taking personal responsibility for where we are in this journey has made a tremendous difference in my pain levels. Sleeping was non-existent until I listened to you on FHTJ. Afterwards, all I could do was sleep! That is a true gift! In comparison, prior to finding you, was not able to focus, type or make sense of a simple recipe. I am so blown away at the shift/results being nothing more than a miracle, what a blessing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you add to our lives!❤️💙💜💚💫✨🌟”

~ Joy Elliot


Training Module 2: TKH Method for Clearing Negative Energy


  • Learn how to use the TKH Guide to discover specific imbalances needing healing
  • Understand why some healing types (3 & 4) may need to “know more” before they heal
  • Learn about the most common imbalances causing pain and dysfunction
  • Learn the basic TOLPAKAN ™ healing directives and visualization techniques to clear imbalances
  • Download positive Morphic fields to clear resistance to rapid healing
  • Expand your God Team, weeding out low vibrational guides, and attracting higher vibrational ones that will address your specific needs

“This MP3 helped my addiction to people-users and drama queens”

“Before trying out the Addictions-Be-Gone MP3, I had shared that I was addicted to the people who were drama queens and people-users. Well, on Saturday one of these folks played the guilt-trip game and instead of trying to convince her of anything (including our friendship), I simply said “Ok if that is what you want”. I then proceeded to delete her number out of my phone and unfriended her on Facebook. I do NOT need her narcissism. My reaction to person was uncharacteristic given my history, so the addiction MP3 is working! Also, I love the grounding I get from the Divine Muscle Testing MP3.”

~ Jeanne Undem Voorhees


Training Module 3: TKH Method for Downloading and Activating Positive Energy


  • Learn how to use the TKH Guide to discover and download positive healing frequencies
  • Learn about the positive Morphic fields most beneficial to download and activate
  • Learn the basic TOLPAKAN™ healing directives and visualization techniques activate healing

“I love how FAST the healing works!”

“I resonated with Dr. Karen right away. I'm a nurse but I had been led on a healing/healer path with many of the same modalities Karen uses that are energetic. I'm most impressed by her humbleness & generosity. I've had a deep passion for a long time to get Light workers at the highest frequency level to assist the Earth & all of our Ascension. Light workers have struggled with many issues including financial lack, pain, suffering, etc... I love her for the way she upgrades the processes we have bought from her in the past. That is so generous. I also love the speed with which she works in personal sessions & telesummits to help the maximum number of people. I loved today's call. God Bless Dr. Karen. You’re the best!!!”

~ Suzie Coborn


Training Module 4: TKH Method for Deciphering What Source Wants You to Know


  • Learn how to use the TKH Guide to discover what Source wants to bring to your awareness
  • Learn how to use the TKH Guides to do a self-healing session
  • Live Q&A

“Head pressure and scrambled thinking finally gone…”

“Before working with Dr. Karen, I had severe symptoms of head pressure and scrambled thinking which got worse when working on the computer. It was incredibly difficult to concentrate on an important project that represented my life's work and I was incredibly frustrated! I assumed I had EMF sensitivities, which Dr. Karen did confirm, however after removing the layers of EMF toxicity, she discovered that I was really reacting to negative entities that were present in the other apartments in my building and even one attached to a cord from me to the project I so dearly loved. She told me I was empathic. After removing the entities, shoring up my personal and environmental boundaries and showing me how to cut energy cords and "shield up", my symptoms are almost non-existent and I feel great! I'm so excited! If you're empathic or sensitive, you need to work with Dr. Karen - she'll help you.”

~ Aran B.


TOLPAKAN™ Healing guides

Value: $5370

Format: PDF

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing guides help hone your Divine Muscle Testing conversations with Source. If Source requires you to have more information about what you’re healing or how to heal it, these guides will help train your intuition. Each training module has its own TKH guide


Healing Elixir Formulas

Value: $499

Format: Audio MP3, Silent MP3 & PDF guide

Length: 10 min each

Play these MP3s and “charge” your drinking water or food with their frequencies. You can also play them and direct the healing energies to yourself rather than to water.


Divine Muscle Testing Elixir


This elixir will help remove blocks to accurate dowsing or muscle testing and increase your alignment and connection to your Higher Self and Source. This will also help with grounding, removing entity interference and leading energies to improve your accuracy. Drink this elixir for at least 11 days and then use “as needed” if you feel your muscle testing has weakened. Sometimes ascension events can make you less grounded and affect the accuracy of your testing.

“Faster Dowsing and Stronger Boundaries”

“The Divine Muscle Testing activation, completely bounced me back to 100% all the time, and my intuitive level sky rocketed, I was hearing the answers before muscle testing or dowsing.

I had a request to find a missing cat in Germany Due to the time difference we just corresponded by email. The nanosecond I saw her photo, before preparing myself in any way, I saw she was chased by a couple of young girls, locked in a potting shed, met a new kitty in the neigborhood and was right behind her house. Dowsing and clearing her energy, I had the exact same energy signature and places on the map to mark.
Some hours went by and the word "garage" came up. Without looking at the maps I saw her on top of a garage looking straight at her own house.

Meanwhile I doubled back and muscle tested all my answers, including tricking myself, which did not work, everything I doubled back on was still the same.

The next morning I already had an email from her owners that came in the middle of the night my time. They had gone out to call her, she answered and they found her on top of the neighbor’s garage looking at her own house 🙂

This is the fastest missing cat case I have ever worked, lol!

Soooo, this is an awesome activation. My intuitive information is way more active and accurate, as is my muscle testing and dowsing as well as really, really feeling grounded with much more cement-like boundaries.”

~ Kristine Kamp-Adante, Reiki Practitioner and Missing Pet/Children Finder


Addictions-Be-Gone Elixir


This Elixir will heal underlying imbalances contributing to your addictive behavior, layer by layer, including issues pertaining to “alternate lives” (eg. Past lives). I helps to heal your gut microbes (microbiome), balance your brain chemicals and hormones, release certain allergies and intolerances, and turns down your sensitivity to outside negativity. For best results use for at least 21 days (does not need to be in a row) and intermittently thereafter as needed. Please note: certain emotions may arise and cravings may increase temporarily as the clearing is taking place, so be kind to yourself and drink plenty of pure water.

“Muscle testing is easy now!”

“Hi I am writing to you about the divine muscle MP3. I used it for a week and then stopped. It is a very strong and fantastic cleanser... the problem is I think I used it too much (more than once a day) and had some detox symptoms. I am back using it again and continue being cleansed. It is a fantastic MP3. Muscle testing is now very easy… I don't have to keep checking answers or repeating questions because the answers are quick, strong and very accurate. I will continue to use it as it is a fantastic MP3 for everything.”

~ Loide


Pain Erasure Elixir


This multidimensional healing elixir is programmed to heal the underlying imbalances causing most pain conditions including autoimmunity, toxins, intolerances, energy weapons, implants, blocks in energy Qi flow, blocks to healthy lymphatic flow and pernicious influences (such as “excess dampness” as described in Chinese medicine) and much more. This can be used “as needed” for pain symptoms as they arise.

“Amazing! I feel much more confident in my testing and more trusting of the answers I get!”

“There's still room for improvement but I will keep listening. I could barely get anything beforehand so it is a major step forward for me! 🙂 The more trusting of the accuracy of the answers I receive, the more I can just allow the truth to come through...huge! :)”

~ Caron

“I listened to the Divine Muscle Testing MP3 once a day. I felt a lot more confident about my muscle testing. I wasn't second guessing my yes or no answers like I used to. If I got a yes or a no, I felt the answers were more in line with my intuition. I feel more grounded after listening to the mp3. More happiness. Very uplifting energies I felt after listening to this mp3. My muscle testing accuracy doubled! The accuracy was around 54% before listening to MP3. So now it is around 99% and I'm very impressed. I felt confident to ask Source what was my accuracy was before and after using the MP3, and this is huge for me. I now get answers from Source such as “slow down” or “drink more water” if my answers are skittish. I’m very happy with this MP3 and how much more confident I feel muscle testing! Thank you.”

~ Deborah Escoto


Mood Miracle Elixir


This Elixir works on multiple levels on the most common underlying issues related to mood symptoms including: imbalanced gut (microbiome) issues, balancing neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), removing entity interference, creating a buffer between you and other people’s negative energy, removing trapped emotions and heart walls from your multiverse lives and downloading the blueprints for positive emotions, along with angelic and gem frequencies that elevate mood. This can be used “as needed” to brighten your mood.

“I healed my resistance to muscle testing!”

“I have been interested in muscle testing for many years, especially since reading David R Hawkins' "Truth vs Falsehood." Several times I launched myself into attempts to make muscle testing a part of my toolbox for navigating the world and for helping others do the same. Every time I bumped into roadblocks that lead me to abandon the technique, often with a good deal of personal disappointment.

What stopped me was a combination of self-doubt, skepticism originating from a scientific orientation, and, well, disappointing results.

Coming from this experience, I was very excited to try Dr. Karen's Divine Muscle Testing Clearing, and have been listening to it diligently since she shared it.

The first thing that I noticed on a physical level is that I relax almost immediately and Qi starts flowing evenly and powerfully, making my body tingle throughout.

The second noticeable effect is that my mind calms down and clears, usually by the time I finish listening.

In the first few days of working with the recording I had many flashbacks of my father. He uses muscle testing himself, and has always encouraged me to adopt this tool myself. I always thought that this was a positive and supportive influence; as the flashbacks kept coming, I realized that I had built a lot of resistance towards my dad's muscle testing use and "preaching" about it. I had built a big block around this.

This block has been dissolving with the continued use of the recording, and the densities that were coming up for me around muscle testing have been lifting progressively.

I will continue to use the recording on a daily basis, as my doubts, skepticism and resistance are definitely being healed by it. I now use muscle testing in my daily life to inform the smaller decisions, such as which foods to eat or what supplements to take, with very solid and consistent results. My confidence is growing quickly, and I look forward to the time - certainly soon - when I will venture to use muscle testing effectively to navigate more significant questions and aspects of life.

I am very thankful to Dr. Karen for this clearing - it is a true blessing. Dr. Karen is so very generous in her work and I cannot express in words how grateful I am for her! Thank you!”

~ Maxi Kogoi

“My intuitive awareness seems to have improved”

“I feel I have gained more confidence in the muscle testing process even though the results are still inconsistent. I will continue to practice and listen to the MP3.

What I have noticed is that I am getting enhanced intuitive awareness. So even though the actual process of physically doing muscle testing is still inconsistent my intuitive awareness has begun to step forward.

One example was 22nd March… I went into town to buy my weekly groceries and fill the car with petrol. Whilst parking the car I had an awareness not to buy the groceries nor fill the car with petrol… so I thought ok I’ll muscle test… got a yes that its not in my highest and best to buy groceries or petrol, so I restarted the car and went back home. 

That evening, I received a phone call from my daughter asking if I would fly down to Sydney and stay for approximately a month to look after my 1 year old granddaughter for her. My daughter’s boss had unexpectedly been called away, so my daughter was required to go into the office to take his place rather than work from home. If I hadn’t of listened to my intuitive awareness, I would have spent money on groceries and petrol that I wouldn’t have needed. I leave on Friday 25th March.

Thank you Dr. Karen for this gift and opportunity to learn and become more. :)”

~ Sharron Brooks

“I was afraid of muscle testing, but now…”

“I didn't dare to muscle test for many years now, because of the belief that "I can’t do it accurately" was strongly ingrained in my system.

I've decided to use the Divine Muscle Testing MP3 knowing that if I could have a result as little as to be willing to consider doing muscle testing again, it would be fabulous.

First of all I want to tell you that the commands in the MP3 are phenomenal, not just regarding muscle testing but concerning my whole state of being and life. Thank you for that!!!

After some days of listening to the MP3, I intended to print some pages from the beginning of a book and "by mistake" the page that came out of the printer was a Dowsing Chart (from the last pages of the book)...Coincidence or was the MP3 (God Team) talking to me?! He he…

Well...I still feel resistance to muscle testing coming up, but I also sense that I'm sensing some childlike curiosity beginning to get stronger and a sense that I'm much closer to being willing to try it again and more confident that it will work (or...better said...”It will work" ). This is HUGE for me! Thank you for all you do!!!”

~ Ally (Portugal)

“My muscle testing is now 100% accurate”

“Before I came to Dr. Karen's work a few months ago, I was feeling pretty good about the trajectory my life was on, and yet there was still something... some interference, that I could not pinpoint & uncover, let alone anyone else I've worked with. Working with some of the top Intuitive Mentors & Healers in the world over the last few years or so which has been fantastic, yet somehow these things didn't show up or it was beyond the scope of what they were able to access. After her course, I had a private session a few months ago that finally pin-pointed and got to the source of what was interfering in my life with such precision & accuracy... all in 25 minutes and a wealth of information revealed at the speed of light & it was so much fun. Her method of healing is very gentle & extremely powerful.

So when the opportunity to be in her Beta Test for Divine Muscle Testing came up, it was an absolute Yes. I mostly use my intuition, have worked with a pendulum over the last several years and yet didn't feel entirely confident with scanning or muscle testing, so what a great opportunity. In the beginning my muscle testing was pretty good around 95% and went up to 100%. Using the audio every day was super easy, fast to attune to, and the accuracy went up quickly and intuition is faster & more finely tuned, which is a great plus!

The process she takes you through to ground & prepare your energy is a great way to prepare for a session if you’re a healer, or for any kind of interaction you might be involved with. Even if you're brand new to energy healing it would be such an easy way to begin. So if her work speaks to you at all and have an opportunity to work with her, simply say yes!”

~ Kristin SM

“The most amazing feeling of love and peace came over her…”

“My wife's results were so awesome using the Divine Muscle testing that we are sharing her results.

At the start her muscle testing accuracy was averaging 83%. After listening to the Divine Muscle Testing MP3s twice (back to back), it increased to 91%. Amazing! Her yes and no answers became stronger and she felt more confident. Her connection with Higher Self and Source felt different. She couldn't put the feeling into words, just felt stronger and different. Her accuracy stayed around 91% to 94% for the next few days.

We had seven house guests so it was hard for her to stay focused and hydrated. She also had some energy leakage. After the guests left, she immediately started focusing better and got hydrated again. She made a comment that she could feel the layers being peeled away and was learning something new every time she listened to the MP3.

The next day was amazing for her! She was having trouble removing and healing numerous leading energies and Darkness of the Dark (DoD's). She would heal and remove one only to find another and another and another. Being frustrated, she started using an essential oil (Peace & Calm). After finally removing and healing everything, she thanked God and then it happened! The most amazing feeling of love, peace and calm came over her and she started crying. Her voice became very soft, her speech slowed down and her body was totally at peace. Definitely a marked moment for her.

She has stayed in her peaceful place since and everything changed with her muscle testing. A huge change in her life and in her muscle testing. Her accuracy shot up to 100%. She listens to the MP3 every morning and uses the extra tips. Her life is forever changed for the better.

Thank you so much Dr. Karen you have changed both of our lives.”

~ Greg and Nan Gray

“I feel more grounded and I’ve never felt safer”

“When I first listened to Dr. Karen Kan's Divine Muscle Testing Activation, I constantly yawned and my eyes were very teary. I felt a huge weight being lifted off me. I checked how accurate my muscle testing was before I listened to it and it tested a 95. Then the second day of listening it became a 96. Then the third day it was a 97. On the fourth day it was already 100%. Moreover, it was Godsend for me as I noticed that I felt more grounded and felt so much safer from negative attachments most especially where I work, singing in a hotel with a casino. I used to feel that my place of work was a battlefield but after constantly listening to Dr. Karen Kan's Divine Muscle Testing Activation, I have never felt safer. I also noticed that I sang and enjoyed my work better. A1 and A2 plus Divine Muscle Testing Activation = Five Stars!Definitely recommended!”

~ Maria, Philippines

“I had no luck with muscle testing until now!”

“I just love this Divine muscle testing activation! I have had no luck with muscle testing up until now, I still cannot believe that I can muscle test accurately. I just tested right now and I got 98% accuracy for my muscle testing. I have been clearing myself and my family members this past week of entities attached to us. I am ever so grateful to Dr. Karen Kan, she has is a true guide and master!”

~ Neena P. Mehra

“Before my muscle testing was terrible. Now it is 100%!!!”

“This was PHENOMENAL!!! THANK YOU!!! Before the Divine Muscle Testing activation, my muscle testing was terrible! All I could ever get (most of the time) was yes, yes or no, no.. I could make it go whatever way I wanted it to drove me crazy!!

The Sway test was the best for me, but sometimes, that didn't work either. It took me about 2 times listening to start to see a difference; I actually think the difference was the confidence that I was gaining from your commands for us. I tested at 99% accurate at that time.

Right now, after listening a minimum of twice a day, my testing (at this very moment) is 100%!!! Can you believe it??

The only way I can test with my fingers requires a super sensitive "feel" - I make an O with my left thumb and index and use my right index to delicately pull down... it's a super fine line, so I have to have a great deal of trust in myself (and that was always my downfall), but as I sit here at this moment, I have all the confidence in the world! And, I DO believe that your commands gave me the confidence that I needed. I absolutely recommend it!!”

~ Nancy Brady RN

“I can muscle testing using my hands again!”

“Before the Divine Muscle Testing MP3, muscle testing with my hands was not even working and I was getting no/no answers to everything which started around February so I had almost given up on muscle testing with my hands again. It was really hard for me to stay grounded and I had resorted to the arms length testing after a while because it was most accurate for me. After two days of listening to the Divine MT MP3 I was able to muscle test with my hands again - in a couple of different ways. I still need some work keeping myself in the correct dimension, keeping my boundaries healthy and my assemblage beam healthy and light, but I find that when I work on those areas and do the Divine Muscle Testing MP3 I have close to 97% accuracy. I love how in-depth this muscle testing healing is, with so much packed into the session and I recommend it to anyone having unexplained difficulties with muscle testing. Thank you Dr K I will continue to use it every day!”

~ Glenda Mills

“I have had no confusing or conflicting answers since using this MP3”

“Karen Kan MD's Divine Muscle Testing Activation MP3 is so helpful for me. I have been using muscle testing daily as well as teaching it for several decades. About twice per week I would have confusing or conflicting answers and thought it was because of that particular question and/or fatigue. After using Karen Kan's MP3 to improve muscle testing several times, I found that my strong is stronger and my weak is weaker so I can muscle test with more confidence and faster. I have had no confusing or conflicting answers since using this MP3. I've also noticed that I no longer tire from muscle testing since using this MP3. I believe it has increased my stamina and clarity overall and not just with muscle testing. I highly recommend this MP3. Thank you.”

~ Melinda Dixon

“I have great results in just 7 days”

“I am so pleased to tell you that I consistently had the same great results every day after listening just once per day. Each day I checked how grounded I was before listening, and how accurate my muscle testing was before listening. I did this for 7 days. Every day, I was pretesting at 95%-96% accuracy. But after the MP3 I always went to 99%-100% accuracy. Also, staying grounded has been a challenge for me. With pretesting I was between 80%-85% grounded. With one listen to your MP3, I went to 99%-100% every time! I also found that I needed less pressure on my fingers to get that solid "locked" feeling for a "yes" answer, and I could really FEEL that I was much more grounded. I would highly recommend this MP3 to anyone wishing for more accuracy in muscle testing. Knowing my accuracy is consistently higher helps my confidence as well! This is just so wonderful! I don't have specific percentages, but I also sense that the commands/healing in this MP3 are benefitting me in far more ways than just with my muscle testing! I'm so very grateful!

Bless you, Dr. Karen!”

~ Jill Sutter

“More grounded, more energy, more positivity…”

“I really love and appreciate Dr. Karen for providing us with this MP3, it has helped me a lot with my accuracy and connection to Source through my testing. I tested that I started out with a 96% accuracy and now as of today it is 99.7%, woohoo!! I feel the answers come stronger and are more precise than before using the MP3. Also, I have more confidence in the answers I'm getting which is huge for me. I wish I had this 2 years ago when I began to try and self-muscle test, it was a struggle and took a long time. Another bonus is that after I listen to the MP3 I always felt better, more grounded, more energy, more positive as I started my day. I will continue to listen to this every morning just for this reason 🙂 Thank you, Thank you! Hugs.”

~ Penny

“I’m connected to my intuition with confidence”

“I would like to send testimonial for the Divine Muscle Testing activation. I learned the muscle testing about 15 years ago but didn't use it until I participated this beta testing. I was afraid of doing the muscle testing since I wasn't sure I performed it properly.

I listen to this MP3 once a day and I also keep drinking infused water by using Dr. Karen's Ascension 1 and 2 products, and her light warrior boot camp's recorded MP3s that contain water activations. Interestingly the Divine Muscle Testing activation helped me listen to and get connected with my intuition confidently.

As a sensitive, I absorb many people's issues too much and I suffered because of them. I had beliefs/ curses with matrimony...even from past lives, ancestors, and entities' implants. I was avoiding thinking about entities in the past, but my avoidance was actually coming from dark entities and their manipulations. Now, I am clear about them and I won't let them interrupt me and my life any more. They must leave from me permanently.

I assumed this MP3 works only for doing muscle testing, but this MP3 is healing beyond just muscle testing.

I can also now say that my muscle testing is reliable. No more fears performing it! Since entities or any presences interrupted me to do this testing in the past, I don't allow them to stop me doing right things. I will confidently use the muscle testing to confirm or get any information from universe.

I am thankful for my participation of this beta testing. This opportunity has given me valuable gifts, faith, and I am going to use the muscle testing positively in a healthy and happy way. Thank you.”

~ Naoko

“I am now able to muscle test food, medications, patches, light scores of everything from treatment to books to mentors masters/teachers for my highest and greatest good! ”

“Wow! Ok so I finally got to listen and this is Fantastic! This was March 14, My muscle testing prior was 83% by this late afternoon it is 100%. I know my chakras are fully clear and aligned and I am very much grounded yet connected to my "higher self" and our one and only Divine source who I call Creator God! I just am not able to say enough! Once again Thank you ️. Dr. Karen Kan from the bottom of my heart!

Today is the 7th day of listening to your MP3 Muscle testing beta program. I have listened at least one or "more" times each day. I have to say, I use to rely on the pendulum however, when I first found you on FHTJ, my muscle testing was "Null", found out I had to brain balance (using your other amazing video which made that a breeze)! So, as I said, my testing was about 83% prior to this beta test, after listening only one time, it was 100% and has remained strong. Not only that, because of the tools of checking for other leading energies when MT feels weak or suspicious, I have been able to clear any doubt or interference. Crazy how I have been able to get right back into my body and ground much quicker!

The overall trust in myself has improved along with connecting not only to my higher self but to my guides leading to a much easier connection with "Mass consciousness"! YEA! So much growth, trust and advancement in such a short amount of time! It has been full of "growing pains", which are well worth going through! I am able to quickly check in with myself to ask about food, medications, patches, light scores of everything from treatment to books to mentors masters/teachers for my highest and greatest good!

Therefore my confidence is has become more assertive, discerning and confident enough to check in for others to also help them on this healing journey! It has been bizarre how I seriously jumped back into my body with ease and grace listening to your voice, commands appreciation and belief in your modalities and guidance!

Blessings and Thank you Dr. Karen! It has been a painful healing road for me yet you have truly lifted so much of what felt like a burden! No more fear!

With Love,
~ Joy Elliott

“Helped my sugar and “carb” cravings!”

“My issue is eating daily large quantities of sugar and "carbs”. At some days it could be the only food I eat. Hence my aim was to dial down my cravings for sugar and “carbs” and to eat a more balanced diet.

I have been listening to the mp3 for a week now and can testify to following improvements: I am more aware of the foods I eat. I am eating more fresh food and seem to be craving less for sugar and “carbs”.

I am happy with my result so far and plan to continue working with the mp3. I would like to suggest to give it a try =)”

~ Liisa L.

“My caffeine and sugar addiction is 50% better after 1 week ”

“My addiction to small iced cappuccinos went down from 2-3/day to 0-1/day. I feel full and I don't drink all of it like I used to. My addiction to 2 cans of Pepsi/day has gone from 2 cans to 0-1 can/day. So there was an unexpected bonus to listening to this mp3, my addiction to caffeine and sugar has diminished, which is great. I also seem to be drinking more water.”

~ M.J.K

“I’m automatically eating less processed food and more vegetables!”

“My father was an alcoholic and I suffered from bulimia for 20+ years. I have done many modalities to clear and release this addiction successfully, but there was always the underpinning of fear of relapsing. It was like a ghost haunting me all the time.

Although it seemed like the food addiction was released, there were still energetic patterns of addiction hanging on, like working too much, helping too much, thinking too much etc. so there was still the feeling of "too much" of the unhealthy stuff still looping around in my energy field.

The first time I listened to the MP3, I felt a wave of energy from my head into the pit of my gut, and then I felt a huge release of weight being lifted off my back. That was one of the few times that I felt a deep sense of peace within. The second day the release was bigger as I kept on yawning nonstop, breathing deeply, then a sense of peace ensued again. The MP3 was so effective that it also led me to discover that I was also addicted to LACK AND LIMITATIONS that's why I was always on overdrive. This was a huge relief for me.

The remaining days I put the MP3 on repeat, and I have noticed that I feel so much calmer and sleep so much deeper.

I also noticed that I don't eat much processed food as before and I have also shifted to eating more veggies quite automatically. My levels of self-acceptance and self-confidence have greatly improved. As I keep on listening to the MP3, I am still looking forward to further shifts in my energy and I plan to play it on loop without any sound and experiment on my father to clear his depression. I am sure it will help the same way it greatly assisted me.

Thank you very much Dr. Karen Kan. Sending you so much love and gratitude from my heart. Keep on shining your light to all of us!”

~ Teresa

““Cured” my bad sugar addiction”

“I continue to have good results from listening to Dr. Karen’s MP3 for addictions. I have a bad sugar addiction, so I listened with the intention to rid myself of this problem. I saw a BIG improvement even after the first time I listened to it. My wife placed chocolate cookies in front of me after dinner. My first thought was “oh good” but before I could even move my hand the thought changed to “No, I don’t need those”.

It has been a week now and I still have no craving for sugar. There have been no side effects other than I have an increased awareness of what I’m eating. Thank You.”

~ Raymond Cook

“My intuition is clearer and little miracles are happening!”

“In our family it was like second nature to take on other people's trauma and attempt to heal them. Being overall the most empathic, the energy would usually flow more to me. Being sensitive & highly intuitive is really a gift, yet it can be a delicate balance to master. Fortunately it's time has come.

Even in a week’s time the Addictions-Be-Gone MP3 has been very effective to shift deeper layers of empathy into compassion instead of taking on other peoples’ stuff or do their healing for them. I’m simply being a healing presence.

My intuition is even clearer and more heightened and I only felt very mild to almost no detox symptoms, which was fantastic! I've had some really amazing things open up for me during this time too! Even some family members, who have felt stuck for several months, (some have addictions and one also has dementia), are beginning to experience little miracles and are taking baby steps to move forward, even though they have no idea I’ve been using the MP3. It's simply the energy flowing out to them and them receiving it. Many Thanks Dr. Karen!”

~ Kristin S (Empath)

“My addictions to self-criticism and sweets are gone”

“Dr. Karen Kan's Addiction MP3 was very helpful for me. Before using this MP3, I muscle tested that I had two addictions - one to self-criticism and the other to sweets. I have been aware of these for years and had not sustained any significant breakthroughs. I listened to Dr. Karen’s Addiction MP3 one time, and muscle tested again that I had NO addictions anymore which truly surprised me to get such an answer after only one listening. All of a sudden it became very clear to me that I was picking up the blaming energy and thought forms of others and perceiving them as self-criticism which resulted in depressing brain chemistry so then I would ingest sweets to get my brain chemistry back up. Since then, I have had no struggles or efforts in these areas - just remembering what I learned and allowing that to be in my awareness. I recommend this Addiction MP3 and/or any/all of Dr. Karen Kan's MP3s and services.”

~ M.D.

“Wow! Emotions flooding me…”

“Being a Starseed with the Convergence and being sensitive, I have been a crazy hot mess! I believe the addiction MP3 beta has been beneficial in bringing so much to the surface! Not easy at all, and truth hurts! Therefore thank you for opening my eyes to what deserves to be nurtured in myself. I could keep writing yet this has been difficult to put into words. I am thankful for the support!”

~ Joy E

“Brain fog and depression gone”

“I wanted to provide you with some comments on Dr. Karen's Addiction MP3. I have been listening since it was posted. My intention was to lose weight and also to improve my health.

I have found myself no longer craving sugar and sweets, I am now able to stay on a gluten free diet, sugar free and almost caffeine free (I'm down to 1 cup of coffee per day), taking lots of supplements / vitamins that I muscle tested I needed.

Results: My clothes are getting loose; my health and mental state have improved significantly; brain fog and depression gone. Significant joint pain has been reduced to much less and is definitely tolerable now.

I just feel better, more alert and happy thanks to Dr. Karen's help. Thank you doesn't even cover how grateful I am.”

~ R.N. (Registered Nurse)


The “best of” Dr. Karen’s Radio Show Interviews
With Top Healers with Group Healing Activations

Value: $999

Format: MP3

Length: 14 x 90 min

These MP3 replays of Dr. Karen Kan’s radio show include some of the best teaching and healing activations for Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Empaths, Walk-ins and Hybrids:

  • How to become a money magnet with Jenny Ngo
  • How to enhance your spiritual gifts with Jenny Ngo
  • How to realign your Assemblage Beam with Tyhson Banighen
  • How to become spiritually “bulletproof” with Diana Kushenbach
  • How to know if your Higher Self is holding you back with Diana Kushenbach
  • Healing activations for Starseeds and Earth Angels with Lottie Cooper
  • Healing activations for Empaths with Lottie Cooper
  • Healing activations for happy romantic relationships with Lottie Cooper
  • Healing activations for authenticity, self-trust and alignment with Source
  • Healing contracts, curses and vows with Jenny Ngo
  • Healing activations for healing addictions with Dr. Karen Kan
  • What’s your Light Score? with Dr. Karen Kan
  • Walk-ins and soul exchanges with Yvonne Perry
  • Alien-Human Hybrids and their Light mission on earth with Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb

Package B

Total Package Value $7,466

Special Offer $597
*** 92% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to:

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for any reason. These programs are available at a special price and are not eligible for refunds.

Package C

Includes everything in Package A & B Plus


Private 50 minute one-on-one laser-focused TOLPAKAN™ healing session with Dr. Karen

Value: $550

Format: Phone or online meeting

Length: 50 minutes

In this private one-on-one session Dr. Karen can help you:

  • Assess your Light Score
  • Clear you and your loved ones of entities
  • Clear your home of entities
  • Find out if you are an Indigo, Earth Angel, Starseed, Hybrid, Walk-in or Empath
  • Make you invisible to entities (if Source allows)
  • Create negative energy clearing vortices around you, inside you and within your sleep realms
  • Or you can ask her what you want to work on as time allows

“Back pain and restriction gone in minutes!​”

~ Matt G.

“Went from sleeping 2 days a week to every night after one session!!!​”

“To say I'm "different" from my End of the Century peers is an understatement. I was born "awake" and have never felt comfortable with what I call the Hive Mind (mass consciousness). Of course that makes me super-sensitive to energy and thankfully my mother has respected my autonomy and sought natural health care.

We first consulted Dr. Karen a couple of years ago because I was having fainting spells and was afraid of falling off ladders that I had to climb at work. Within one session, the fainting spells disappeared and never came back!

Most recently, I had a traumatic bullying experience when I happened to be walking outside in the middle of the night because of my chronic insomnia which had gotten really bad. After this bullying experience, I could only sleep one out of every three days, and when I did sleep, I woke up with back stiffness and achiness. I repeatedly consulted a chiropractor for adjustments, but my back just went back out again soon after. I was in a lot of pain. I felt I was falling apart and broken into a bunch of pieces that I couldn't put back together despite all the healing tools I've learned on my own over the years. My mom sensed I was "leaking" all over the place. I was a mess and my energy was getting "dark". So my mom and I made an emergency appointment with Dr. Karen.

Dr. Karen confirmed that I was split into 18 different dimensions, partially due to Dimensional Rifts she found on the property I was living on. She sealed those rifts and "put me back together". She cleaned my sleep realms of negative portals and entities (apparently my battles in demon realm at night were exhausting me!) and healed the Conflict-shock from the bullying experience. That afternoon, after a nap, I was able to realign my own back for the first time in over a week.

Dr. Karen gave me my base (foundation) back, and since then, I have again been able work on healing myself. I no longer feel traumatized and I can come from a place of gratitude again. I am thrilled that I have been able to sleep four days in a row. I'm smiling, am more rested, and my mom is happy (more like relieved!) that she has her son back. I no longer feel broken into a bunch of pieces and this morning I woke up without back pain. Thank you Dr. Karen!”

~ Cody M. (Starseed)

“My shoulders used to hurt every spring – now they don’t!​”

“Every spring, I’d hike into the forest and carry heavy pails of maple sap back for processing and every year my shoulders would be so painful, I felt like they were going to fall off. For weeks, the pain was so bad, I could barely sleep.

Then during a healing session, Dr. Karen discovered alien implants in my shoulders (one was seen on x-ray at the airport interestingly enough!) and energetically removed them.

This year I hauled 750 gallons of maple sap (much more than last year) and my shoulders don’t hurt one bit! It’s amazing! Thanks Dr. Karen”

~ M.G. (Indigo)

Package C

Total Package Value $7,763

Special Offer $997
*** 87% Saving ***

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Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for any reason. These programs are available at a special price and are not eligible for refunds.


Cancellation Policy for Package C 1:1 sessions:


There is a 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for private sessions. If you do not cancel or reschedule prior to 48 hours of your session time, your session will be done without you present and the recording and summary will be sent to you via email unless you specify otherwise. Only one rescheduling attempt is permitted per person per session and must be complete within 12 months of package C purchase.

“If you want to know whether you’re an Earth Angel
or Starseed, Dr. Karen will tell you!”

“Karen Kan's Package C includes the 25 minute 1-on-1 and this is special because being an MD, she understands what is happening with the different diagnosis and such. She is very fast talker and my advice is to talk as little as possible so the time can be optimized for what she can do. At the start of my appointment, I told her my list of what I would like addressed and she muscle tested that they would be 99% resolved by addressing the "who am I in this incarnation". So if you want to know if you are Starseed, earth angel, or whatever, that is something Karen Kan will do for you as well as test your light score before and after the session. I did feel a remarkable improvement in the areas I asked her to address and she gave me the tools to continue to hold that area healthy.

Thank you Karen Kan for being the amazing awesome earth angel superhero commander healer you are! Thank you Eram Saeed for this wonderful FHTJ community.”

~ Melinda Dixon

“Speed-healing of a deep laceration!”

testi“Recently, I was using a circular saw and accidentally cut my left thigh. The wound was deep and cut through most of the muscle in my inner thigh. The pain was intense. After it was stitched up, I was stiff and sore. Every movement hurt. Sleeping hurt. Sitting hurt. I took a few oxycodone but was constipated for days and I didn’t want to have to take it. I was looking for viable natural alternatives.

During my first remote session, Dr. Karen was immediately guided to focus healing to my home environment and my protective auric shield. I never told Dr. Karen, but the night before, I felt dark forces/energy threatening and heading towards me. It was dominating my thoughts during our session because I knew the arrival was eminent and I was physically vulnerable.

After our session, an angel with the same namesake as my great grandmother came to visit me. The dark forces/energy never came – they were cleared! Possible further injury may have occurred if not for Dr. Karen's deep insight into my overall healing. I was able spend most of the evening after our session sitting in a chair with my leg at 10 degrees. Then I was able to sleep without pillow support under the leg and be naturally pain free throughout the night and was even able to roll onto the left (injured) side with right leg overtop.

I felt chafing sensations near the wound and began feeling rebuilding activity in leg - new and different sensations that all felt like growth. Occasionally I noticed involuntary tremors in leg. It is pretty amazing to be able to feel the healing happening! There is obvious visual healing at the suture site and the wound is beginning to close.

I finally had a natural bowel movement. Well formed - no diarrhea. I meditated this morning. I was able to stretch, stand, and sit with crutch assistance. Wow. I’m feeling really positive and strong - looking forward to the future! What a dramatic difference. I highly recommend Dr. Karen’s energy work to anyone looking to heal naturally and quickly.”

~ Kevin Shaw, New York

“I went from being bedridden to buying a rebounder!”

“If you have major issues with your health that no matter how many sessions you’ve had with other healers nothing ever seems to change, then Dr. Karen is the lady you’re looking for! She will help you to understand the reasons why this has been happening, or even if it isn’t really happening to you!

My health really started going downhill about 17 or so years ago. I was getting more and more tired, to the point where my energy became totally depleted and I was forced to take significant time off work. At these times, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t seem able to bounce back to the way I used to be. Well, fast forward a year or two... by this time my breathing had gotten so much worse, I developed severe excruciating body pain that made me want to die and I became bedridden. After much trial and error, it was finally discovered that some of my abdominal organs had herniated into my chest cavity. No wonder I was tired and out of breath and in so much pain. But even after surgery, I never ever really recovered and my shortness of breath never left me. Also, my energy never recovered and I remained bedridden.

Well, the session with Dr. Karen was amazing. Not only was it confirmed that I was a Starseed, but also that I was a human/alien hybrid for high vibrational reasons... and so much more! And the reason why my stomach and pancreas were in my chest was because that’s where they were when I was an alien in a past life and also why I have a prolapsed bowel!

After the healing session where Dr. Karen cleaned and integrated the human and alien DNA, I feel now as if a huge burden has been lifted. I feel so much lighter, and my head is clearer as a result. I’m already so much better and know that, very soon my health and life in general will take off in leaps and bounds, and I’m already well on my way to achieving this. My acid reflux has improved significantly enough that I’ve come off my medication and also, after many years of being on medication for high blood pressure, I’ve taken myself off of my medication for that too as it has stabilized!

After discovering that I was a Healing Type 4 through working with Dr. Karen, finally, after many, many years, I’d found the key I’d been looking for as to why I wasn’t healing, despite having many sessions with several wonderful, truly amazing FHTJ healers, and also Backstage Passes too. In fact, after sessions with other healers, I found that, although they were extremely powerful and potent, and also knowing that shifts had occurred, I then seemed to take several steps backwards! It was so confusing but, there again and in retrospect, I can see now that they were all instrumental in preparing me for Dr. Karen Kan’s work because I know that I wouldn’t have been ready without them. They were like the layers of an onion, gradually being peeled away until the core was ready to be revealed...

Recently, without even thinking twice, I came out of a local store a few days ago having purchased a rebounder!!! I knew this day would come, and I’m just so happy that it has, and I feel so privileged that it’s with such a lovely lady who has such amazingly unique gifts. If you have any medical/physical issues, check out Dr. Karen’s work. You won’t regret it!”

~ Joan Morton George

“I “decommissioned” my empath and even world news doesn’t bother me anymore!”

“Before using Dr. Karen’s program, I was super-empathic, had poor energetic boundaries and was continually processing and struggling emotionally. I was overwhelmed all of the time! My relationship with my mom was a major source of stress because I would feel whatever she was feeling – if she was freaking out, I’d end up freaking out too. After using Dr. Karen’s program and “decommissioning” my Empath, I felt a HUGE difference! I was no longer overwhelmed and even world news didn’t bother me that much. I no longer felt everybody’s stuff in my body. What a relief! Over the years, I’ve studied many modalities of healing and this is the first time that I haven’t had to keep tinkering with myself to stay functional. Dr. Karen’s program works! I highly recommend it to anyone who is sensitive and empathic like I was.”

~ Amy Parks

“Queasy horrible feeling now gone ”

bryn-s“I have committed to exercising on a regular basis so several times a week I walk on a quiet wooded trail. Unfortunately, every time I walked by a particular area of the trail, I would feel absolutely horrible! I’d feel sick and queasy, and it would last for a long time afterwards. Dr. Karen told me I was very sensitive and empathic. She did a remote healing on the wooded trail and found an abandoned extraterrestrial ship buried almost 80 feet underground. The ship was still running although there were no Beings manning it. The energy of the ship created what she called a Dimensional Rift 9 feet long and 2.5 feet wide with access to 13 different dimensions! Whenever I’d walk through this rift, my energy body would fragment into 9 different dimensions and I’d feel awful. After she “shut off” the ship and sealed the Dimensional Rift, I’ve been able to walk in those woods without a problem! Thank you Dr. Karen.”

~ Bryn S.

“My shy, anti-social son is now happier and more sociable – it’s a miracle!”

“I have witnessed the extraordinary results of Dr. Karen's healing sessions and workshops. My son was having intense anxiety and extreme difficulty socializing with others. We have a family business and he’d never answer the phone. We’d push him to leave the house and hang out with friends. It was literally like pulling teeth. Dr. Karen not only explained how his gift of empathy and lack of healthy boundaries made him susceptible to the negative energy and entities, she discovered and released extraterrestrial and entity implants affecting his Vagus nerve (relaxation nerve) and Amygdala (fear center in the brain). He is like a different person! In one week, he socialized with friends three times, received an unexpected gift worth hundreds of dollars, and to our family’s utter surprise, he even answered the phone without prompting. To witness my kid laugh after years of gloom almost brought tears to my eyes. You owe yourself an incredible healing experience. I can’t recommend Dr. Karen highly enough!”

~ Cathy (Lemurian Starseed)

“I’ve doubled my income and my energy is back to what it was 20 years ago!”

“For 5 years I had gone to doctor after doctor because I had a lot of back, left hip and leg pain. I was not feeling well and was constantly coughing and itching. I was barely able to work as I had very little energy and stamina and I kept getting sick and my brain was barely working.

Since I started working with Dr. Karen:

  • My brain works a lot better than it did and because of that I've doubled my income this year, making over 6 figures and I can remember a lot of details again!
  • My energy and stamina are back to where they were 20 years ago (I’m now 60)
  • I no longer feel sick all the time, nor do I have continual sweating or fevers
  • And the insane itching I had is now gone

I also signed up for Dr. Karen’s Light Warrior VIP program and I’m so glad that I did as I learned how to muscle test and learned so much that I can now figure out most issues on my own and clear/heal them as well.

I feel so very fortunate and blessed that I get to work with Dr. Karen. I am very sensitive to all that’s going on in the universe and Dr. Karen never gives up on me, is always very supportive and caring, and that means the world to me too. I'm so very thankful and grateful!

I highly recommend that you invest in private sessions and the VIP class with Dr. Karen. It is worth every penny and then some!

~ Marion Mehrer (Starseed and former Empath)

“Autoimmune flare-up gone!”

“My autoimmune issues flared up massively after a recent stress and my fibromyalgia, Bechet’s and carpal tunnel symptoms got worse! I had significant pain and my fingers were numb. Dr. Karen discovered that alternate selves from the multiverse also had autoimmune issues and that my Hara Line needed to expand its capacity to hold all the positive energy I was integrating. Within minutes of expanding the Hara Line, the tingling in my fingers disappeared and I felt a whole lot better! I felt so much better the next day - pain free, peaceful and contemplative. Words can't express my gratitude. It was exactly my body and spirit needed. If you have issues with autoimmunity, I highly recommend getting a session with Dr. Karen – she’s awesome!”

~ Retta M.

“35 years of suicidal depression vanished!”

“I had 35 years of suicidal depression. I could barely function. I studied SO many healing modalities and tried so many things but it stayed with me.

The day before the call I was just making plans to end it. I couldn't take it anymore. Nothing was "shifting." Sunday Eram sent out the information about your call and package so I looked you up. I listened to the call and it blew my mind.

I truly feel something happened on the call. Like the entities or dark forces or "whatever" left because the suicidal depression just LEFT. And I would be the ONE to know the difference! Thank you for your beautiful sharing and for offering the most magnificent package. It truly saved my life!”

~ Julie B.

“Dr. Karen is a Godsend! The heaviness and congestion left my skull and body…”

“Dr. Karen Kan is a Godsend. Since I happen to be blessed with the ability to feel even the slightest irregularity in my body, I observed and felt Dr. Karen’s work do its magic several times. I woke up one morning feeling awfully congested and unable to connect with myself. Within minutes she worked her magic on my hara line delving into past lifetimes, other dimensions, other beneficial beings, and was able to viscerally straighten my hara line from what felt like a right angle into a vertical! My energy began to flow normally as intended. She also helped find and remove past life negative vows and contracts and I could again immediately feel the heaviness and congestion leave my skull and body. She is one of a kind in this world. I am so grateful to have found her and I would continue to be lost without her valuable guidance. Where else would one find someone to heal you of this kind of stuff? Once you feel the free flow of energy in your body, you never want to go back to that old way of life. Thank you Dr. Karen! You must have at least one appointment with her to feel the difference!!!”

~ G.R. (Walk-in)

“Finally! I can sleep and poop normally!”

“After spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on medical testing and consultations with a functional medicine expert, I was still symptomatic with horrible sleep and bowel trouble. I decided to consult Dr. Karen after I read a blog post about her work. To my surprise she found entities sabotaging my health and negative vortexes in my bedroom that she ameliorated with her TOLPAKAN™ healing method. She also explained to me that sometimes I was feeling drained because I was "feeling other people's stuff" and taught me how to shore up my spiritual and energetic boundaries. Now I sleep well and my bowels are normal. Yay!”

~ Melissa R., Pittsburgh

“Incredible healing in just one ten minute session!”

“I'd been having tingling and tightening sensations around my throat since my son was born. They tended to be episodic but a little scary. I'd been to several doctors and no one can figure out what it is from. I asked regularly for help from God and the angels. I'd been going to Reiki and other energy healers and I'd feel great for a while, but then things would get worse again. Something intuitively drew me to Dr. Karen's website and I booked a free ten minute consult. In those ten minutes, she found out that my hypothalamus was only 9% happy and that I had entities around me (which she then cleared). The energetic shock of the near-drowning I had around age 9 was also not fully resolved. Here's the cool part: I had been feeling an "alternate" self from another time or dimension had been visiting me. Dr. Karen quickly confirmed that the other Self was me as an Ascended Master from Atlantis here to help guide me in my Soul's Mission to heal others. After sharing the information with my Reiki healer, he was able to hone in on the imbalances in the hypothalamus/pituitary area and now I feel great! I feel so grateful to have connected with Dr. Karen even though it was just for ten minutes! I look forward to working more with her.”

~ Christina M., Amsterdam, NY

“Not only is my pain and fatigue gone, I have a new vocation I love!”

“I’m a sensitive earth angel that had suffered through terrible chronic fatigue and pain. I contracted mononucleosis for the second time as an adult. This brought on a myriad of physical symptoms and repeated trips to doctors who could find no answer for what was causing my symptoms. According to the traditional tests I was healthy and my symptoms were an enigma. After enduring months of depression and physical ailments just as I was starting to recover I was let go from a job at which I excelled by a new director. I was devastated.

I sought the help of Dr. Karen and I can honestly say that physically, mentally and emotionally, her work has made a world of difference. The results with Dr. Karen were palpable, and what she has shared and taught me resonated on a multitude of levels. Each session with Dr. Karen is a learning experience. I furthered my knowledge, and gain new respect for the active and spiritual role I play in healing myself, and deepen my communication and connection with Source.

But here’s the coolest part. During a private session we discovered that writing (being an author) was 100% aligned with my soul’s mission and that it was also 100% guaranteed that I’d be earning money with this path. After a successful 20 year teaching career, I mentally made the switch and put my energy into my life's passion. I enjoyed teaching, and it also was a positive path, but I really wanted to be a writer. I enjoyed the creative part of teaching, and the connections with students, but many other aspects were starting to wear me down. It was time for a change and having the session with Dr. Karen gave me the confidence to move in the direction for which I was intended. 

Things magically blossomed in a month. I was hired for multiple writing jobs and I love it! I can tell that Source is helping me because the information just flows off my keyboard and I’m getting to be recognized in the community! I’m so thrilled to start this new path making money doing what I love. If you’re an earth angel like me and want a conversation with Source God about your Soul’s mission, then Dr. Karen is the perfect person to teach and mentor you!”

~ Amy C.

About Dr. Karen Kan:

karen-kanDr. Karen Kan is an Earth Angel Starseed physician specializing in spiritual medicine. Through the process of healing her own debilitating illness, Dr. Karen is able to have intimate conversations with Source to help herself and her patients. Dr. Karen is often like a spiritual detective, uncovering the spiritual imbalances underlying all illnesses. And because of her medical background, she is able to ask detailed questions of Source that most others wouldn’t think of asking.

Her passion is empowering “sensitives” like Indigos, Earth Angels and Starseeds to discover their innate gifts and healing abilities and to open the doorway for them to connect to Source and their Soul’s Mission. She particularly enjoys working with young Millennials who need guidance and healing.

Her empathic specialty is sensing and clearing Dark Spirit influences from her patients and clients from all timelines and dimensions and helping people navigate the Ascension with greater ease. Many of her clients and patients are themselves powerful healers assigned to bring Light and Love to the world. Dr. Karen helps clear sabotaging influences and increases their Light back to its full potential.

Using her TOLPAKAN™ healing method, Dr. Karen works with patients with challenging health issues whom other doctors and healing professionals have been unable to help. Dr. Karen’s TOLPAKAN™ healing method combines Source-directed muscle testing and Archangel-derived healing frequencies she was attuned to during her alternate lifetime as a Lemurian Ascended Master. Dr. Karen is excited to launch her Academy of Spiritual Medicine in order to teach master classes in spiritual healing.

Package A
  • 8 - 90 minute Learning and Healing Modules
  • 4 Light Warrior Deep Healing MP3s (sound & silent MP3)
  • PDF guide Deep Healing MP3s
  • Private Facebook Light Warrior Support Group
  • Bonus: Online access to the Holistic Health Transformation Program Clearing and Protection spray formula (MP4 video)

Discount : 98%

Total Package Value $5,345

Package C
  • 8 - 90 minute Learning and Healing Modules
  • 4 Light Warrior Deep Healing MP3s (sound & silent MP3)
  • PDF guide Deep Healing MP3s
  • Private Facebook Light Warrior Support Group
  • Bonus: Online access to the Holistic Health Transformation Program Clearing and Protection spray formula (MP4 video)
  • 5 training videos with group activations on MP4/MP3
  • TOLPAKAN ™ Healing Guides on PDF
  • 4 Healing Elixir Formulas (MP3) with PDF guide:
  • Bonus: 14 MP3 recordings “Best of” Dr. Karen’s interviews with top healers, group healing activations
  • 50 minute Laser-focused TOLPAKAN™ healing session with Dr. Karen (Value $550)
  • Includes written summary and MP3 or MP4 recording

Discount : 94 %

Total Package Value $7,763

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