Lots of Healing Opportunities this Week!

LIVE Mini Healings, Limited Time Healing Call Replay, FREE Healing MP3 & more!

Wow, there are SO many healing opportunities right now!

If you missed my interview on From Heartache to Joy on Monday you can still grab the FREE replay until Sunday here: http://fhtjoy.com/replay.

If you have anything “strange” going on in your home, or have stubborn symptoms you just can’t get to the bottom of, you’d definitely want to take advantage of the juicy healings in this call. Oh, and I even share how you get a discounted 50 minute session with me (even if you’ve bought my Entity Clearing Package before)!


In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest  I share more about that AND a lot of other fun healing tips including..

  • How to check and heal Energetic Infections
  • Why you may be seeing small shadowy figures in your home
  • A NEW morphic field for you to download “Grand knowing”
  • How to receive a free Healing MP3 from me!


And this upcoming Monday’s radio show at 12 pm EST is another chance for healing! I will be talking about Soul Destiny Partners, Soul Contract Partners and YES we will be doing some MORE LIVE mini healings! Bookmark this link HERE for the details.


Enjoy this week’s video and please share these amazing resources with someone you care about!




Dr. Karen

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