Monday’s Show: Healing through Transparency

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Many of you probably know Penney Pierce. She is a wonderful healer and very popular author of some incredible books. She has recently released a book on Transparency and I am SO excited to share this powerful topic with you.

According to Penney, Transparency is a book about letting go of everything and receiving everything. In her book she describes how we live in an “opaque reality” created by collective beliefs based on fear. In the opaque reality we forget our connection to each other, our soul, and the divine — and feel isolated and stuck. We suffer. To become transparent we must dissolve the “clutter” that’s in the way of our natural, frictionless state, which always exists underneath the commotion.

Fascinating stuff right!?

I am absolutely thrilled to have Penney come on my radio show LIVE to share with us how we can become more transparent in our own lives, and we will even be talking about how to have “x-ray vision clarity”


LIVE Interview with Penney Pierce: Transparency 

Monday, November 13th at 12 pm Noon EST

Call in at:  (818) 514-1190

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