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It’s that time again! We are once again in the Expansion phase of the Ascension cycle whereby our “receiving” gifts and our “clairs” get amped up.  So if you have been feeling more sensitive this week.. You are not alone! You may have also found that your boundaries and firewalls go down temporarily.


In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest I share with you why this is actually a GOOD thing, and some fascinating new revealing information including..

>>How Starseeds all over the galaxy have created a new Cosmic Starseed grid.
>>How to downloading the evolved “cell membrane” and “Overseer”

>>Why my clients and I have had issues with “swelling” and how to release this excess water

If you missed this week’s radio show with Cathy Hohmeyer you’ll definitely want to check it out. Cathy revealed that if your Human Spirit Access Portal clogged up, you may have difficulty being in your body! You can check out that radio show HERE.


Speaking of my radio show, this Monday at 3 pm EST I’m airing my interview with Baxter about “Yoga for Healthy Aging” a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to more gracefully deal with illness, stress and aging. You can join us HERE.


Enjoy this week’s video below (and check out the length!)

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