Powerful Morphic fields of “I AM” and “Transparency

Dr. Karen Kan Youtube Screenshot talking about powerful morphic fields of "i am" and transparency

Dr. Karen's Spiritual Medicine Digest: Try this “I AM” Exercise!

I have a lot of really cool stuff to share with you this week, so get a notebook out!

In this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest I share  my own personal abundance challenges I've had this week AND some fascinating new discoveries including..

  • The “I AM” exercise I HIGHLY suggest trying!
  • A Brand new Morphic Field of Transparency and why it's SO important
  • Why you may be struggling in your relationships right now


And not to mention.. and this is quite the instance of synchronicity… I will be interviewing Penney Pierce on Monday about Transparency and how we are all called to be more transparent in our everyday lives (and how it can hurt us when we resist it!) Be sure to join us LIVE on Monday at 12 pm Noon EST to ask your questions. HERE is the link with all the details!


Enjoy this week's video. Let me know your thoughts by commenting on it below!



Dr. Karen






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