Can't Sleep? Stressed? Dirty electricity in your home could be why…


Dirty electricity is the electromagnetic radiation (EMF or EMR) emanating from the electrical lines in your home or office. Inefficient transmission of energy causes this “leakage” and it can be harmful to people's health. It can knock someone's brain balance off, cause insomnia and possibly worse long term consequences.

In my home, the electrical wiring is such that when measuring the EMF radiating out of my electrical outlets, the readings weren't too bad. They were over the recommended maximum 60 G-S units in some rooms, but luckily not in the bedroom where the dirty energy could be most harmful. Nevertheless, instead of filters, I opted for another EMF solution that changed the entire frequency of the home to “earth” energy. Granted, the EarthCalm Home Scalar Unit was pricey and caused significant detoxification reactions in sensitive people (myself included), I felt it was the better option.

At my medical office, however, I could not install a EarthCalm Home Scalar Unit because it would affect the entire building (which housed several businesses), so I opted to use what are called Graham-Stetzer Filters. I had bought several from my colleague years ago. There were two problems with them, however:

  1. They were noisy. The dirty electricity in my building was so bad that the filter constantly pooped and crackled, making my patients nervous just listening to it.
  2. I'd lose an available electrical plug for my heating lamp etc. so it was inconvenient.
  3. At $45 a pop, they were kind of expensive for all the noise they made!

Then I heard about Greenwave filters. I bought the special “four-pack” deal for $120 and installed them into both treatment rooms that registered high EMF reading. For example, in one room, the radiation was 1800 G-S units, much higher than the recommended 60 G-S or less. In another room, the radiation was over 800 G-S. With two filters installed in each room, now the outlet in both rooms measures below 60 G-S.

Surprisingly, the third treatment room that I rarely use also had higher than desired EMF readings, however, after installing the Greenwave filters in the other rooms, even that room's readings are much improved.

The other nice thing I like about my filters is that they allow you to plug an electrical device into it. Thus, you don't “lose” a plug because the filter is taking it up. This is a very special feature you won't see in other Graham-Stetzer type filters.

My patients can borrow my EMF meter to measure their electrical outlets to see if they need meters for their home in case they don't want to buy one for themselves. For the same great four-pack deal I got, (or to mix your own package) click the banner below to purchase:




  • liz toth

    Reply Reply September 20, 2018

    i live on the same block with a cell tower. right outside my bedroom window. i try to sleep with the concrete block wall at my head. have been horribly ill last few years and know i am extremely sensitive to the environment. would your tools help decrease any emf from the tower? do you still recommend connecting cable versus wifi.. can feel the field on my body when i hold my laptop on me as i am in bed most of the time. moving is not an option for now.. any resources, especially lower cost or natural would be greatly appreciated. thanks from cozumel, mexico.

    • Karen Kan

      Reply Reply October 19, 2018

      Hi Liz for you wed recommend three things: Earthcalm infinity system, formerly called home scalar unit, green-wave filters and Clean sweep from energy tools international! If you don’t have my book and need help funding then just use

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