A chiropractor first introduced me to LifeWave patches soon after they were released into the market in 2005. At the time, they only had one product, the Energy Enhancers. I had been recovering from my chronic illness and was back to figure skating, my favorite past time, but I still had a lot of issues with endurance and stamina.

After researching that these patches were drug free and “legal” for athletic use (they have been tested by the U.S. and World Anti-Doping agencies), I tried them out for my first international skating competition in Germany. Much to my utter surprise, they worked!

The worked so well that I began using them every day and my physical and emotional health improved very quickly. Since that time, the company has introduced a variety of products to help with common everyday issues. The list includes products for:

Just click on the links above to find out more about each product. To learn the latest news and discoveries about these patches, visit my blog at: www.patchtrainingteam.com.

For videos on how to use the patches, you can check out my YouTube training videos below:

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  • Linda Brousseau

    Reply Reply May 11, 2017

    I saw Dr. Kam’s video and would like to obtain the advanced Brain Balancing Protocol for Stress and Pain Relief.

    My home address is:
    34 De L’Anse Aux Bateaux
    Gatineau, Québec
    J8Z 3P4

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