Self-Healing Products

There are several important products that I often recommend to my patients. Please click on the following links for more details:


Unlike my other intention-based Ascension All-in-One programs where you make specific intentions and they do the healing work, the Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program is designed to progress your healing abilities to the next level. Many of my students, who have little or no background in energy healing, have asked for a step-by-step healing program because they have trouble knowing what specific healing to ask for. Through thousands of 1-on-1 sessions with “sensitives” I have determined that every one of them have foundational spiritual imbalances that cause almost all their problems. In the Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program you will not only receive energy healing for these problems, you will actually get to learn about who you are and how you best heal.

The other great thing of being part of the Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program is that you will be attuned to the TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies and receive a power boost so that you can perform healing miracles too, like weather magic.

Includes 4 Deep Healing MP3s, 8 Group Calls, 4 Modules and much more. Learn more HERE



This is by far my most popular product to date that I highly suggest for everyone who is interested in my work. Ascension 1 & 2 Audios and Videos are embedded with powerful healing frequencies that help to clear negative energies and imbalances, and then restores layers of protection and healing. When you consistently use these tools along with a specific intention and focus, there is no limit to their healing potential.

Ascension 1 All-in-One: Removes negative energy including curses, entities, negative cords, energy weapons, implants from all time lines and dimensions at the speed that is perfect for you or the person/place/thing you target. It also downloads the Universal shield to protect you from negative energy.

Ascension 2 All-in-One: Adds positive energy including healing energies of Archangels, crystals, essential oils, reconnecting you to your Higher Self and Source and creating a Universal shield of protection to make you impervious to entities and other negative energies. It also helps to fortify your natural healthy boundaries and helps you ground the Ascension upgrades we're experiencing.

What is listed above is only a small portion of what Ascension 1 and 2 can heal. More information can be found by clicking the link HERE.



Airbiotics uses all-natural probiotics formula called StaBiotics™, the only Environmental Probiotic Technology in the world designed to protect indoor living spaces from air and surface contaminants.StaBiotics probiotics actually deconstructs biofilm… and is the only product that does so safely, easily and without chemicals. Without biofilm, there is no place for harmful germs to hide and hold dirt.



Aquaware is a powerful water-charging program with over 700 different intentions that you can use to facilitate better health, spiritual growth, improved relationships, release excess fat etc.  Use it for fun and see what results you get!  Click the link for more information and for free training videos.



Click on the link above to be directed to my BOOKSTORE where you can find my favorite CDs, books and DVDs! Your healing can be supported through learning more about what causes health and healing, especially the mind and the emotions.



No longer do you need to go to a doctors office to order unnecessary or expensive lab tests. Now you can cut costs and time when you order your own lab tests with just a few easy and quick steps. DirectLabs offers a wide variety of low-cost, high-quality laboratory tests at a fraction of the cost including Allergy, Cardiovascular, Diabetes and much more. Click on the link above to learn more.



I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's brainwave CDs to help with brain balance and healing. Daily listening when relaxing at home or just before bedtime is recommended. Click the link above to see my favorites.



If you own and use a cell phone, cordless phone, laptop, computer, or are around wireless internet, you'll want to get high quality protection to counteract the stress of these electromagnetic field (EMF) generating devices.



The outlets in my office registered dirty electricity off the charts! I couldn't use the same device I used in my home as it would cause building-wide detox, so I opted for these filters. They are efficient, quiet, and half the price of my old filters. I highly recommend them.



I've searched and searched a long time for non-toxic hair products that actually work. Finally, thanks to a friend who asked me to recommend products for his thinning hair, I found a company that I believe produces some of the best products on the market.



Explore this list of powerful resources designed to support you in healing all areas of your life including health and wellness, spiritual and personal growth, love and relationships, and wealth manifestation.



Are you a Empath, Starseed, Indigo or Earth Angel that wants to know who you are, re-connect with your Life purpose and up-level your spiritual gifts?  This small, intimate group personally works with Dr. Karen to deepen their spiritual healing to a whole new level. Includes LIVE Group Calls, private sessions with Dr. Karen and private access to Dr. Karen's most exclusive content. To learn more visit:



LifeWave patches work like "acupuncture without needles". They are small bandage-size patches that emit an invisible infra-red light. Each type of patch emits a different wavelength of light to communicate to the body's energy field. Click the link about to learn about what types of patches are available.



I've always wanted a private chef to make me healthy meals. Now I have one and you can too. Believe it or not, he saves me money and time. Click on the link above to learn more.



Photon Genie is the result of decades of research and development, dramatically innovating and advancing the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Abrams and Lakhovsky by perfecting an advanced, proprietary processing of full-spectrum frequencies and infinite harmonics with recently developed "Skilling Advanced Electronics" to promote restoration and regeneration.  This machine can dramatically kill viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus and mold while at the same time giving the body the healthy frequencies of the sun and earth and improving cellular regeneration.  Click the link to learn more.



PureLight is the first app to provide energetically-encoded audios to improve your life including: health, wealth, youthfulness, sleep, relationships, spiritual awakening and more. Many audios are FREE to try!


Dr. Eldon Taylor has created subliminal InnerTalk CD's that "speak" to your subconscious mind to help you change your beliefs without the struggle of years of therapy. Listening to these CD's daily for at least an hour a day can have long-lasting profound beneficial effects. Click the link above to see what InnerTalk CDs may benefit you.



When supplements are necessary, most are "doctor-only" brands that can only be purchased at my office. However, I have arranged for one of our distributors, Emerson Ecologics, to drop ship certain brands to my patients for a discounted price. Please call us with the discount code. Click the link above to learn more.



For releasing old stored emotions and negative energies, thoughts and beliefs, I highly recommend the TAT method. It uses acupressure and a nine step process that is easy to read and follow. You can get a free download. Click on the link above to learn more.


TheSourxe V

TheSourxe IV is a powerful manifesting computer program for PC's that work to "supercharge" your positive intentions into water which then helps to change your reality when you drink it, bathe in it or put it on your skin.  If you need to help using the law of attraction to manifest your desires for better health, happier relationships, better career, more money etc., this is the program for you.  It is fun and entertaining.  Click the link above to learn more.



Can't find gluten-free, GMO-free and organic products in your home town? No worries! I just found a great place online to get all this. It is called Thrive Market and all their food items are GMO-free (free of genetically engineered organisms). For every membership sold, they give away a free membership to poor families so they can get healthy food at a 40-60% discount just like you. I've compared the prices. Even when buying bulk, Thrive Market's prices are definitely cheaper and it is worth the annual membership. In fact, you get a free 30 day trial just to see if you like it.



Grass-fed meat is well-known for it's wealth of health benefits including: less overall fat, more omega-3s and a lot more  "good" fats than grain-fed beef. Not to mention the fact that it's far more humane and environmentally conscious choice. If you don’t have a local organic farmer near you, I highly suggest checking out US wellness meats for your animal products. I personally LOVE their pork rinds! And I even get shrimp there which is yummy and better than what I can get at the grocery store.Click the link above to check out what other yummy meats they offer!



I treat a lot of patients that have mercury poisoning from old amalgam fillings (silver fillings) or fish consumption. Since fish has a multitude of health benefits, I recommend purchasing fish like wild Alaskan salmon and low-mercury tuna from Vital Choice Seafood. Click the link above for my personal recommendations!