What if there was a way to take all of your thoughts, dreams, hopes and wishes and turn them into a physical reality that lasts?

  • Ultra Fast Manifestation Program
  • Synergistically-Enhanced New Symbol Design
  • Supercharged with Aquaware 5 Engine
  • Faster Manifestation
  • Completely Customizable with Arrays

Why Dr. Karen Recommends TheSourxe V

How Does it Speed up Manifestation?

In the Quantum realm, there is no friction.

Thoughts become reality instantaneously. Whatever you can imagine, you can become. This power to manifest your wildest dreams has always been inside you, but society has programmed us to believe otherwise. TheSourxe V acts as a conduit to bypass this false doubt and provide you with the unencumbered ability to manifest your true desires.

Thanks to potent new features, TheSourxe V carries you beyond your current limitations to a level of consciousness and abilities you never before thought possible. What would you love to do? Start a new career? Develop psychic and intuitive abilities? Get more comfortable financially? With TheSourxe V, you’ll find that obstacles transmute almost instantly to become opportunities.

Begin each day with a 1-minute water-preparation ritual, and you will be blown away by the results. Through repeated use, your vibration will shift on a more permanent level, allowing objects of your desire to flow effortlessly to you as you create your new reality.


How does TheSourxe V Software Work?

TheSourxe V software upgrade builds upon powerful algorithms using the turbocharged Aquaware 5 engine to release negative memories and lower vibrational fields from water, reprogramming it at a higher vibrational level. This super charged water assists you in reaching a vibrational frequency that is more attuned to manifesting positive intentions. TheSourxe V melts away obstacles and connects you to the limitless power that fuels the universe!

3 Upgrades that Make Sourxe V Even More Powerful

  • More customization options to allow you to manifest every detail of your new reality as you wish
  • Updated with synergistically-enhanced, new symbol designs that draw upon the awesome power of Sacred Geometric principles
  • Supercharged with the powerful Aquaware 5 engine so you can see results sooner, allowing you to take advantage of its new Ultra Fast Manifestation Program

Incredible Results Have Included:

  • Faster ability to leverage your own “Power of Intention” using Quantum Physics, the Quantum Realm, and Source Energy
  • Magnification of your most wanted intentions and a manifestation that is as unique as you
  • Personal transformation and increased confidence
  • Higher vibrational levels of existence
  • "Better Luck"
  • Instant Money Manifestations

When I saw the trial testimonial of Dr Karen Kan, I thought okay, let us play with this. I intended to receive GBP£200 and gave myself 3 days. I received the intended sum within 2 days. I then, a day later, intended £500 within three days, I started receiving the equivalent of cash the next day and before the third day is over I received the money intended with an additional promissory £300 which I should receive overnight or tomorrow.

- Shen


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I was not expecting the power effect of this programme to be up to 3 times stronger than Aquaware 5 but my senses can’t lie:) It has cleared some very deep complicated energy that I couldn’t get to the root of at times even with the brilliant Aquaware. I’m sensitive to everything and often susceptible to bad energy but this programme feels very secure.

Like Aquaware, great success (but to the power of 3) with physical, spatial and general energetic problems. I’m still working very very hard to try and get a job and some sort of financial income but I know these types of programmes are empowering me to go deeper without fully depending on a healer as I have to fully understand and process consciously why these things are happening to me and so these programmes are the perfect tool.

- Sarah Lewis

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- Is it possibe for SourxeV energy to dissipate from the water over time?
- What happens when you dilute SourxeV charged water?
- Does SourxeV shield the Light Paths to your manifestation from doubt and worry that comes from past or future lives?
- What happens when you charge homeopathic remedies or water that is already energy-infused (like with Ascension 1 or 2) - will it still work the way it was intended?