Simple tip for “Sensitives”

I just discovered this niffy tip that I couldn’t wait to share with you!

First ask “How focused is my awareness to the now?”

Then command…

“I now command that my awareness be focused in the now in the highest and best way.”

And notice the difference!


This is especially important for all of us “sensitives” whose awareness may be encompassing that of the WHOLE (rather than focused awareness of the NOW). And guess what? That is the reason some are succumbing to the fly symptoms so easily!

I share more details about that in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest HERE

In the video I also share some more good news….

I’m doing another LIVE Self-Hosted Healing Call on From Heartache to Joy!

Yay for MORE group healings and live mini healings!


Check out this week’s video HERE to catch the date of that show!


Can’t wait to hear if this week’s command helped you. Please comment on the video above and let me know!




Dr. Karen

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