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Dr. Karen Screenshot from youtube talking about soul energy

Dr. Karen's Spiritual Medicine Digest: Divine Alignment Scores, Soul Energy Downloads & More!

I gotta say the information I'm getting from Source just keeps getting more and more intriguing!

In this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest I share some interesting news about Soul Energy and how we can often ask for “more” to be gifted to us. This will often brings your Cornerstones of Divine Alignment scores up (love, light, truth and wholeness).

Cool or cool?

In this week's new discoveries I also share with you: 

  • A brand new morphic field that seems to be emerging that prevents us from having symptoms from any of the spiritual work we do for others!
  • How I discovered that there was ONE point in my patient that relaxed all of his fascial restrictions
  • Why I'm SO excited for this month and all the amazing Healers I'm having on my radio show in the next few weeks (at a new time I may add!)


Check out the video below to learn more.

By the way, HERE is the radio link for Monday (please note the NEW time of 12 pm Noon EST). This is your chance to call in and ask the Doctors your questions live!

Oh and here are the programs I mention in the video below that I'm crazy about!


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