Understanding Tolpakan Healing

Looking for profound healing in your life? You probably have heard of the TOLPAKAN(TM) healing modality. If not, that's ok. By the end of this article, you will understand it to a greater degree, as well as,

1. how your energy blueprint determines your physical reality
2. understanding the 4 healing types
3. teach you about the TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing Method (TKH)
4. how to become attuned to TOLPAKAN(TM) healing energies and frequencies

The potential for our bodies to heal can be determined by the condition or level of our vital force, or Qi, as it is considered in Eastern medicine. Qi, energy, runs through blueprints which are individualized for each person. These energetic blueprints hold pre-determined patterns of our health and can become distorted and cause dysfunction over time. Illness is the resulting manifestation of imbalanced energetic blueprints. Energy healing works through either balancing the energy flow or restoring levels of Qi where there is a deficiency. As energetic beings, we have the capacity to heal and manifest desired outcomes through our thoughts and intentions.

Gifted to us initially through the healing frequencies of Archangels, the TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing Method (TKH) facilitates our abilities to manifest positive healing by focusing our intentions on a new reality. The purpose of bringing TKH to the world is to help with the ascension process by practicing our natural gifts to manifest positive things and to help people awaken to their true lives’ mission. Through the TKH attunement, practice and utilization of the TOLPAKAN(TM) healing energies we can create new high vibrational energy blueprints. With 98% of people on earth already attuned to a certain level to these frequencies, TKH is easy to use and safely to connects us to Source energy.

How we heal energetically can be best understood through the four healing types and their characteristics, which give us a deeper understanding of our true life’s mission. Type 1’s can heal quickly through the use of minimal effort. Type 2’s can mostly heal themselves but through some conscious effort or lifestyle changes. Type 3’s have to do much more work than the average person to get results but are often healing for a group (tribe, culture) or are setting up new morphic fields or amplifying existing high vibrational ones. Type 4’s (healers on a mission) are healing on a global, intergalactic or multiversal scale and are often innovating for the entire world and other worlds, galaxies and races. They often have the most difficult problems facing them because they have chosen this role and are generally “old souls” who have experienced many lives. Thus they have greater responsibilities.

The TKH is simple 3-part process that includes assessment, healing and re-assessment.

Assessment occurs through connecting to Source using dowsing, or muscle testing as a test. Healing is done through the use of intention and creativity through focusing TOLPAKAN(TM) healing energies to manifest the desired outcome. Re-assessment, using dowsing or muscle testing can be confirmed as a post-test. As we go through the ascension process these healing energies also ascend with us. The TOLPAKAN(TM) healing method unites communities of all types of healers in order to raise the vibration and aid the Earth’s ascension.

Attunement conducted by Dr. Karen Kan:

Written by Claudia Briones

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