Holistic Health Transformation Program 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to...

  • Wake up feeling joyful and healthy
  • Wake up with total clarity on how to heal your body & life
  • Wake up knowing you have the tools to transform your health


Would you like me to share the best kept secrets about how to...

  • Experience more vitality and joy
  • Find the right foods that fuel YOUR body
  • Release negative energy almost instantaneously
  • Have unlimited fun with your life because of your thriving health!



You are about to discover..


  • Powerful cutting edge tools that integrate modern science with Ancient healing wisdom to heal your body, mind and relationships
  • The secrets to creating a radiantly healthy body that has the ability to reverse the ravages of “aging”
  • Why the stressors that you “can’t see” with your visible eye may be harming you more than those you can, and how to neutralize them
  • How to tap into the Subconscious Mind to get answers instantly and release energetic blocks to self-healing
  • How to “know” what foods, healing modalities or treatments work best for YOUR body and life



My promise to you is...

You know what isn't working in your life...


You know what you want change in your life. You’re tired of the “same old, same old” day in and day out. Somewhere deep inside you know you deserve something better. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.


Whether it’s feeling young again, having more joy or experiencing happier relationships, you’ve probably figured out that if your health isn’t the greatest, you can’t enjoy your life no matter how much how much money you might have. As my mom used to say, “Money is money, but you can’t buy health”.

And it won’t take very long either. 


Much of the information in the course isn’t even known by some of the brightest and best doctors in our world…even the famous ones you see on television!


It isn’t that they aren’t smart enough to know it ...


it’s just that I’ve done one thing in this course that no one else has so far….just keep reading to know what that is

Health in the palm of your hand

Why Participate in this Holistic Health Transformation Program?

  • You no longer need to rely on the medical system
  • You can be empowered with tools to heal yourself and your family
  • You can inspire others with your new-found radiance and joy
  • You can live better while living longer
  • You can FINALLY release those nagging symptoms that prevent you from enjoying your life.

Your Opportunity is NOW!




Aren’t we all aging a little more every day?


What do you think will happen if you keep doing the same thing every day? Yep. You’ll get the same results as you always have. Isn’t your Time valuable?


Isn’t the Present ultimately all we have? Do you really want change or do you prefer to just “vent” from time to time?



Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?


I graduated from Medical School Magna Cum Laude in 1994, and have spent the last 20 years mastering the integration of the mind, body and spirit in medicine, working with people from all over the world.
I share my healing journey in my book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach which became a #1 bestseller on Amazon, helping thousands of people live healthier, pain-free lives.
I interview some of the top experts in healing, spirituality, relationship, and prosperity on my weekly Dr. Karen Kan Radio Show and reach thousands of people worldwide with my webinars and online classes.  For those that want deeper healing, I work one-on-one either in person at my office in Lake Placid or via telephone/online.

I Used to be a Shy, Moody Kid..

My parents were first generation Canadian immigrants from Hong Kong. During civil unrest, they moved to Canada with barely any money to survive. Their immigrant friends took them in and my parents worked extremely hard in their jobs as teachers to give their children a valuable education. My mother often complained about how shy, moody and stubborn I was growing up. She was always worried about my success and well-being in the real world, so she encouraged me to be the perfectionist I became and I graduated Magna Cum Laude from medical school.



Then Everything Changed..

After leaving my assistant professor position at UCLA medical school, my husband and I began building our dream home in the Adirondack Mountains of New York because he hated city life. I became the main breadwinner and took a job in a medically underserved town an hour away. The financial and psychological stress took its toll. I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck. That was the beginning of the downhill slide in my health that resulted in a diagnoses of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. As a physician I knew these were “incurable” conditions.



My Life Was Over..

Life as I knew it was over. I couldn’t even lift the laundry basket without bursting into tears from the fatigue and pain. I cried myself to sleep every night. The drugs I took didn’t help and just gave me side effects. With the possibility of losing everything – my house – my marriage – my savings, I became extremely depressed. I was even contemplating suicide, hoping that if I killed myself with stealth that at least my husband would receive life insurance benefits and be able to finish his dream home.



I'll never forget that night...

As I lay there in bed crying quietly as to not awaken my husband, I asked God, “Why me? I don’t deserve this! I’m a good person!” In the midst of the silence I heard in my head, “You have a choice.” That was the end of my unhappy marriage and the beginning of my journey to self-healing.



I had nowhere else to turn..

That Angelic but strangely familiar voice inside my head was calm, loving and compassionate. I had disconnected from anything spiritual because I thought hard science was the way of the world and the way of the future. I didn’t have time for anything “spiritual”. But that night, my sobbing interrupted by this knowing voice, something inside me opened up. Little did I realize that I was finally reconnecting to my Spirit, my Higher Self or my God-Self.



Healing myself..

There were no doctors that I knew of who cured what I had, but after that night, something inside me burst open and I regained my passion to live. I separated from my husband despite the family repercussions in order to do whatever it took to heal myself. Books, teachers, workshops, healers came into my life to teach me the next best step in healing myself. I realized that my talent isn’t that I’m particularly smart, but that I can comprehend new information quickly and integrate together so it makes sense. So new healing information was like pieces of a giant puzzle that I put together.


My childhood “stubbornness” now served me. With tenacity (my positive word for stubbornness), I researched everything I could about healing including nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, energy healing, intuition, and spirituality. Because I wasn’t willing to give up on myself, I healed myself from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Not only did I get back to enjoying my hobbies such as figure skating, I actually won nine gold medals since my diagnosis. I attracted my soulmate James who became my medal-winning skating partner and we’ve built a wonderful life together in the Adirondacks.



Everything happens for a reason..

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that reason is for our highest and greatest good. You couldn’t have convinced me of that when I was exhausted and felt like I was run over by a truck, but looking back at what I had to go through, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because I suffered, I got to truly understand how my patients suffer. I no longer judged them for being lazy or incompetent. I was neither of those things and even I got sick. I had to get sick in order to develop the compassion to help others. Not phony compassion but real compassion – the kind that makes you want to do whatever it takes to relieve suffering.



Healing = Choice

I believe that healing equals choice. Anytime we have a problem whether it’s physical, emotional or mental, we are not completely free to choose our destiny. If you’re sick, or in pain, what choices do you have to enjoy your life? The Holistic Health Transformation Program is all about empowering you to becoming your own best healer. By Understanding how the Universe works in manifesting what you want (versus what you don’t want), Rebalancing the stress response with the relaxation response (without having to meditate an hour a day), Releasing negative energy from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and Nurturing yourself from the inside out, true healing really does equal Total Choice. And my job is to show you how to achieve it!


So many people are facing seemingly unsurmountable health challenges today and most don’t even know that our current medical system is based on “sick care” not wellness care, so they are oblivious to the corporate and political interests that are geared to keep us sick and dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Maybe you have chronic pain or even fibromyalgia like I did. Maybe you feel like you’re 80 when you’re actually only 30. Maybe you’re so exhausted that you wish someone would just put you out of your misery and be done with it. With the Holistic Health Transformation Program, you’ll gain valuable skills and tools to release your pain, regain your energy and finally enjoy your life.



Do you need a Bigger Reason?

Do you feel that spending time and money healing yourself is “selfish”? That’s what I used to think, until I realized that I could not fulfill my life purpose of helping and healing others until I figured out how to do it for myself! Do you have children? Aging parents? Friends who could use a boost? When you are happy, centered and healthy, you affect everyone around you in a positive way. But when we’re unhappy, unhealthy and stressed, we “infect” them too.

gfhfWhy not become a beacon of Light to those around you? By helping yourself you’re helping them too. I used to nag my family all the time about their health, but I was stressed and unhappy. No wonder they never listened to me even though I was the one with a medical degree.

But since committing and focusing on my own healing journey, I’ve seen the greatest positive change in my family despite my lack of “interference” in their lives. It is truly miraculous to witness!



What's Different About the Holistic Health Transformation Program?

2ndThere is no other program out there like it! What I’ve discovered is that although holistic health professionals say they are treating the whole person – mind, body, spirit – few are actively evolving in their own spiritual transformation. I’m convinced now that every dis-ease or symptom has a spiritual or energetic imbalance underlying it. This is Ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom with a modern twist.



Reiki Angel Wings and Seven Chakras

Without an understanding of how the energies of the world works and interacts with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, you’ll only understand part of the whole reason why your health is suffering. You need a program that addresses your spiritual needs as well as your physical needs. Without that piece, healing isn’t truly holistic.



In this Holistic Health Transformation program, you’ll be shown how to become the Master of your own health destiny.

Most people are haphazardly trying supplements or healing modalities that their friends or Google recommends without regard to whether their bodies resonate with those things. Some people get worse rather than better and they aren’t sure whether it is part of the healing process or whether they are actually getting worse despite all their best efforts to heal. Yet others are solely focused on their physical health when it is really their spiritual health that is causing most of all their problems.

In this program, you’ll learn how to start healing yourself from a foundation of clarity of intention, long before you change your diet, take a new supplement, or consult a holistic health practitioner. In this program are foundations on how to become a masterful self-healer. In this course you’ll learn the skill of self-muscle testing, a simple yet powerfully effective way of connecting to your subconscious and Higher Self in order to get answers to almost all your health questions.


Using interactive exercises, meditation and compassionate coaching, you’ll learn how to pull “tools” from your own self-healing toolbox to continue your self-healing journey with confidence long after the program is over. Each bi-weekly 60-75 minute online class builds upon the one before, so you have a great foundation for self-healing. Here is what you get in the program…


Module 1: Setting the Stage to be an Amazing Self-Healer

  • Access Your Inner Genie – Law of Attraction Primer

    Why do you think most people don’t get what they want? It is because they don’t know what they want. The Universe is always responding to the vibrations we send out from our subconscious to give us the experiences that resonate on the same frequency. In this interactive class you’ll harness the power of the law of attraction by learning:

  • How to clarify what you REALLY want & how to create your “wish list”
  • How to set positive intentions that aligns your conscious wishes with the language that The Universe understands and responds to
  • How to set your vibration high to automatically attract all you need to attain your goals
  • A five minute guided meditation that works like a magnet to manifest what you want (and NOT what you don't!)
  • Jumpstart Your Healing Part I: Healing the Stress Response

    Dealing with pain? Stress? Sleep issues? All health imbalances start with either energy (Qi) depletion or energy imbalance according to Ancient Chinese Medicine. Abnormal stress drains your Energy Battery which then leads to other imbalances and is at the core of all dis-ease. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Top 5 symptoms alerting your brain that you're not in healing mode
  • The 5 most important lifestyle changes to jumpstart your health (even if you do just one of these!)
  • My 3 Favorite Energy Healing tools to balance the stress response so that the body has enough energy to heal
  • Jumpstart Your Healing Part II: Holistic Health Secrets

    Most of information in this class is never taught in medical school, so your doctor won’t know much about it! But we promise you that you’ll know and appreciate more about holistic health than any conventionally trained doctor after you finish this class! In this class you’ll learn Most of information in this class is never taught in medical school, so your doctor won’t know much about it! But we promise you that you’ll know and appreciate more about holistic health than any conventionally trained doctor after you finish this class! In this class you’ll learn:

  • Why energy medicine is the “new frontier” in healing and how even “natural” doctors are missing the boat on helping their patients heal fully
  • The Chinese Medicine perspective of healing & how we can marry cutting edge technology with ancient wisdom to promote self-healing
  • Simple and effective natural healing practices you can incorporate right away that don’t take a doctor’s degree to use.

Module 2: Self-Healing Skills - Tap into your Intuition & Natural Healing Abilities

  • Self-Muscle Testing: Connect with your subconscious using the skill of self-muscle testing.

    In order to tap into your intuition, you have to “get out of your head” and get into your body. Applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is an easy way to do this. Self-muscle testing can be used on a variety of Yes/No questions that you ask your subconscious, the part of you that is connected to your Higher Self. In this interactive class, learn five ways of self-muscle testing so you can:

  • Check for food intolerances
  • Test what supplements or remedies you need
  • Assess the health of your organs and glands
  • Access how "full" your energy battery is at any moment
  • What you can and cannot muscle test as well as the blocks to accurate results.
  • You’ll also learn a specific Mudra (hand position) that minimizes mistakes and conscious overriding of accurate responses.
  • Acupuncture Tapping Primer

    Emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, is part of Energy Psychology. Imbalances in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can manifest as energy blockages. Tapping is a way to free these blockages and attain instant relief from all sorts of negative emotions and thoughts. In this class you’ll learn:

  • The classic tapping sequence in order to release intense negative emotions
  • Pre-tapping exercises to correct Reversed Polarity (the "anti-healing state" of the nervous system)
  • How to tap away your negative emotions in REAL TIME (This is an interactive class)
  • Healing Your Spirit Body

    In addition to having a physical body, you have a spirit body. Even though it is invisible to most people, imbalances in the spirit body can wreak havoc in the physical body. In this class you’ll learn quick but effective daily exercises on how to:

  • How to get "grounded" energetically and spiritually to receive beneficial energies from Mother Earth
  • How to clear your aura and chakras of negative energetic debris that is not serving you (and slowing down your healing process)
  • How to access and fortify your protective "shield" using muscle testing and guided visualization exercises
  • Releasing Energy Blocks to Healing

    When the body fails to heal despite all of our best efforts, it is a sign that there may be spiritual imbalances hampering the healing process. Even though these imbalances are invisible to most, they can take a tremendous toll on our physical, mental and emotional health. Most natural health authorities aren’t comfortably trained on how to address spiritual imbalances so they steer clear of even mentioning them. But in this class, you’ll gain powerful knowledge on how to remove negative energies from your energy body using muscle testing and connecting to your Higher Power. In this interactive class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Energetically test for negative entities, curses, weapons, post-hypnotic suggestions, cords, and implants stuck in your energy field, whether in this lifetime or a past-life and remove them.
  • Check for imbalances such as trapped emotions, heart walls and addictions causing self-sabotage
  • Call for Angelic support to heal past traumas and fill in the void after negative energy removal
  • Connect with your Higher Power through prayer and intention to send healing energy to yourself and to others

Module 3: Self- Nurturance

  • The Art of True Balance – Sabine Weber, Integrative and Functional Nutritionist

    What is balance? And is it really attainable in our lives? Some people’s idea of balance is experiencing a perfect life where nothing goes wrong. That isn’t realistic and can lead us to disappointment and self-sabotage. In this powerful class you’ll learn:

  • How to evaluate your own life and what areas are in need of balance
  • What true balance means for you, and how to become more compassionate with yourself
  • Powerful tools to support you in living a happier, healthier, more balanced life
  • Optimal Nutrition for Healing

    There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition. Although nutrition experts argue over the merits of vegetarian versus vegan versus paleo versus low carb versus ketogenic diets, there is one thing they all agree on. So how do you figure out what your body wants and needs for optimal health and healing? That is what this class is all about. In this class that includes muscle testing, you’ll learn:

  • How to decide if a particular diet you’re interested in is right for your body
  • Assess how well you are hydrating, digesting proteins, fats, carbohydrates
  • Release toxicity from past unhealthy food choices such as alcohol, MSG, aspartame, sugar and caffeine
  • Determine how much protein, fats and carbohydrates you need each day in simple terms without counting calories
  • Determine whether you would benefit from the addition of any nutritional or energetic supplements
  • Heal Your Gut Part A: Getting Creative with Bone Broth – Cathy Hohmeyer, Chef

    If you think you need calcium and glucosamine supplements for healthy bones and youthful joints and fancy creams for fabulous skin think again. Bone broth has been used in Traditional cultures for centuries to heal the body including the gut which is often weakened by stress, poor food choices and medications such as birth control pills, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory pain killers. In this class you’ll learn:

  • Why bone broth is the #1 “supplement” you need and how it is powerful nutrition for our gut, joints, bones, skin and tendons
  • How to make nutritious bone broth and how to create a variety of tasty food with it
  • What vegetarians can do to get the benefits of "gelatin" if they don't eat meat
  • Heal Your Gut Part B: Primer on Culturing Foods – Nature's Probiotics – Cathy Hohmeyer, Chef

    You’ve probably heard about the benefits of probiotics, the “good microbes” that are supposed to be in your gut, acting as the immune’s system first line of defense. Culturing foods the traditional way is a cost-effective and tasty way to promote gut healing. In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to make cultured foods such as homemade yoghurt, sauerkraut and other vegetables
  • Where to find the best ingredients and equipment to start your own culturing project
  • How to avoid the pitfalls with culturing so you don’t get discouraged. Make it right the first time – here are the “secrets” that make it easy and healthy
  • BONUS Class: Remote Energy Healing with the TOLPAKAN Method

    In this class, you'll learn about the four Healing types and why some people are “fast” and some seem to be “slow” healers.  Dr. Karen will be taking real-life problems from students in the class and showing them how the TolpaKan Method, co-created by Dr. Karen and the Archangels, can be used to assess and energetically heal your body-mind-spirit.  She'll also be demonstrating the Body Code system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, that can systematically uncover the underlying imbalance causing or contributing to any symptoms when the subconscious mind needs you to understand more in depth information about what is blocking optimal health.


Dr. Karen's Holistic Transformation Program consists of:

  • 3 Modules – 12 video recordings of live classes
  • Downloadable PDF handouts of the slides
  • Lifetime access to video recordings of all the classes
  • A Private Facebook Group where you can post questions
  • PDF of Dr. Karen’s Guide to Healing Chronic Pain book ($9.99 value)

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  • Emotion Code workshop and demonstration
  • Body Code workshop and demonstration
  • Natural Pain relief workshop
  • Qigong 8 Pieces of Brocade workshop
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Muscle Testing Workshops
  • TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing Attunement and Introductory Workshop
  • ...and more!

Don't Wait to Invest in your Health.

If you are willing to commit to only a FEW of the many resources I provide in this program, I am 100% confident you will see some MAJOR transformations in your health!

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