What is your Light Score?

What is the Difference between Light Scores and Ascension Scores?

A lot of folks have been asking about what the differences are between Light Scores and Ascension Scores. These are a lot of different ways to quantify a process that is difficult to quantify, so Source and I came up with this “scoring” system to help support us in our journey.

Keep in mind that life is not a number. It isn’t “good”or “bad” per se. Life is just life! But we humans sometimes like to know how we’re doing and if we’re moving in the right direction. These scores are a way for us to check-in more objectively.

However, it is really important that you don’t let your scores dictate how you feel about yourself. They also shouldn’t be used to judge others (although sometimes I make jokes). If you find that using these scores depress you or causes you to feel anxious, then you probably aren’t benefiting from them and you should just let them go.

They are meant just as guides. I repeat, they are meant just as guides -not a score of the VALUE. YOU are priceless, no matter what your score is. I like this saying from one of my prosperity teachers:

“If it works for you, keep using it. If it doesn’t just throw it out!”

So with that out of the way, let me give you the essence of what these scores mean….


Light Score

Your Light Score is the estimate of the balance of Dark/Light energies in someone. The highest score is 100. If someone has a low light score of say, 30, that means that there exists a significant amount of dark energies that have not been healed or resolved in that person in the current lifetime. Oftentimes there is a correlation between a person’s commitment to work through their “stuff” in this lifetime and their light score. Dark energies such as Curses, energy weapons, entities, energy cords, consciousness invasions, unresolved negative emotions, and trauma can lower one’s Light Score.

The light score can increase significantly even with one healing session. It can also decrease with the consciousness choices that one makes. For example, if a person commits to meditating and reading books that evolve themselves, that will increase the Light Score. If that same person then stops or gets off track and starts indulging in their addictions, watches violent or mind-controlling videos, the Light Score may start to drop.


Ascension Score

Your ascension score does not have a ceiling. The best way to describe it is a score of how expanded one’s consciousness is.

Generally speaking the higher the Ascension score the more expanded is your consciousness…most people would say that is a good thing.

People with low Light Scores can still have a high Ascension Scores but that’s probably less than 10% of people. My sense is that those that have Higher Selves in this lifetime who are Archangels or Ascended Masters as well as those that are Starseeds (Light Beings incarnated into a human body) may have low Light Scores if they have not remembered or woken up to their Soul’s Mission in this lifetime.

Archangels, for example, have extremely high Ascension Scores – in the millions. In contrast, the average human Ascension Score is between 250-300 as of this writing. However, as the Ascension energies continue to rise, everyone’s Ascension score also rises too. Less than a year ago the Ascension Score for the average human was a little over 100. I can count on one hand the number of professional healers I know with an Ascension Score of over 1 million. Of course that will change in the near future.

The Hawkins Scale of the Level of Consciousness is another useful scale, but surprisingly Source says it differs in essence from both the Light and Ascension scores. However, all three are interconnected. To check out Hawkins’ Scale here is a great summary http://happyvibes.net/the-hawkins-scale.html.

Feel free to measure yourself using muscle testing/dowsing and check your progress over time with my Ascension 1 and 2 healing products! http://karenkan.com/special-offer/



Dr. Karen


  • Jennifer Wu

    Reply Reply August 5, 2017

    Dear Karen,
    I am so happy to be able to connect to you and reaffirmed my searching as a healer in my life mission. Was brought to this healing journey by our beloved Lord Jesus Christ…. I came to know about muscle testing in Jan 2017 & brought myself out of my own depression stage in less than 3 months by clearing the blocked qi taught by Master CK Tan. Thereafter, I was guided by the holy spirit in searching journey. Your sharing of Toplakan healing as well Dr David Hawkins consciousness teaching really guided me along the way. Thank you.

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