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Wow! Thank you SO much for your your incredible support this week as I successfully launched my brand new program “Unlock Your SuperPowers: The 7 R’s of Masterful Manifesting

I was so touched by all of your loving energy, support, and enthusiasm. It makes me even MORE excited to start manifesting some major miracles with you!

If you missed the LIVE Healing Call, the replay is now up. You can check it out HERE FREE until Sunday.


In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video I share some other exciting news including..

  • Clearing vortices of light has now been upgraded to include the OMNIverse!

  • How to grab my very popular Top 20 TOLPAKAN Healing Commands

  • This week’s new tips to turn down your reactivities and sensitivities

  • And more!


Enjoy this week’s video!


I would LOVE to hear your feedback my new program by commenting on the video below.


Thank you!

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