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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Inner Child “FLIP” Protocol

with special guest

The discovery I made this week, thanks to a client of mine, is that when we are healing ourselves and ask what can heal, we’re not necessarily asking what can heal for our inner child. It’s almost like there is another “child us” suspended in time waiting to receive attention and healing. The FLIP protocol that we revealed two weeks ago, as profound as it is, can be even more transformative when we do it specifically for our inner child!

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video to receive the TOLPAKAN Healing Activation!

Here is the video for the original FLIP Protocol

“I love the FLIP protocol so, so much!! I did it every night this whole week for me and my daughters as we were at their US Figure Skating National Qualifying Series event. It absolutely transformed their perceptions and beliefs, their self-esteem and confidence got stronger, and they performed at their best in this competition! They both won 4th place in their groups. It was an amazing experience! Thank you, Dr. Karen!!! 💗 ✨” – Rosie


Light Warrior Radio

  • Are you a sensitive soul who has noticed significant weight gain in the last few years, seemingly out of the blue? Have you been ‘swelling’ uncontrollably? If you answered yes to that question (or just want to lose that stubborn weight!), you’ll want to join me during my next Light Warrior Radio episode on Monday, November 8, 2021, at 12 noon Eastern. I will be airing an interview with Wendy Myers, detox expert, and functional diagnostic nutritionist, as we discuss the various ways in which we can support empaths and sensitive people slim down through physical and energetic detoxification. Listen here!
  • To listen to all of my past radio shows:


New Stuff

  • Do you know anyone still suffering from Khovid long haul or post-jab symptoms? Let them know about the new 3R Balance Formula: an energy-infused formulation to help support the body’s energy and detoxification systems. It’s available & on sale this week at!

There’s only a few days remaining before we close for a holiday break. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, it’s a nice support system for the winter cold & flu season. Just 12 drops a day in any fluid is all most people need to feel a positive shift.


“I am so happy to report that I definitely have improved since taking the drops every day! When I’m tired I am not lethargic-tired. I don’t have that burnt-out feeling that I had prior to taking the drops! My mental fog has lifted and my eyes are not burning anymore in the morning or in the evening when I’m tired!

I feel more clear in my head and I can finish my workouts without the “down and out” sensations in my body afterward! Great product! Love and Blessings!”

Mary, Test Group Participant


Cool Stuff

  • What is Your Sensitive Soul Type? If you are a Sensitive Soul and you don’t yet know your Soul Type, check out this quick quiz to at least get an idea of what your pre-dominant soul energy type is. It’s fun! Feel free to share the link!

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