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[Ask The Doctors Radio] Phototherapy Patch Q & A November 1, 2021

with special guest

Dr. Dennis Lobstein and I broadcast LIVE on my Light Warrior Radio Podcast Monday, November 1st at 12 noon Eastern in order to help customers, distributors, and users from around the world get the most out of their phototherapy patches.

During this episode, Dr. Dennis and I will be fielding questions from you about almost everything and anything phototherapy-related. Due to time constraints, I am unable to take patching protocols questions from outside of my downline, so if you have been wanting to ask me for protocol recommendations, this is your chance to ask your question!

Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I’ll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page, under the discussion tab.

Over the last several years, we’ve spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.


Q & A


87-year-old woman gives herself the glutathione injections. Is it okay to do both patches and injections simultaneously?

  • Dr. Dennis – yes, absolutely. He didn’t feel injections were necessary when using glutathione patches, but it isn’t going to hurt anything.

Eye – someone she knows is losing sight (back of the eye issue) – is there anything else besides the eye protocol? The person is using IceWave on a sleep mask over the eyes, carnosine in the center, and then rotate in Alavida, Aeon, X39. It’s been about 6-7 months.

  • Dr. Dennis – Both water and wood elements may be involved. Gallbladder 37 on the side of the leg above the ankle. 5 cun proximal to the superior border of the outside ankle bone. You can use Energy Enhancer or IceWave Tan on the left Liver 3 and White on the right Gallbladder 37. That will help Qi be distributed to the eyes. Liver Qi stagnation is very common when it comes to eye issues.  You can also alternate with Kidney 6 or Spleen 6 (where all three of the yin channels of the leg cross) on the left with the tan patch.


62-year-old man bulging in the aorta. Is there anything that can support this area?

  • Dr. Dennis – Spleen energy keeps the energy in the vessels and Qi in the muscles. Spleen 6 is a great point for supporting the integrity of the blood vessels. You can use Energy Enhancer or IceWave on both points, tan on left, white on right. You can also do IceWave white patch on Conception Vessel 17 middle of the chest and tan on the Great Luo on the left Spleen 21 and you increase the bio-coherence of the qi around the heart area. It will help decrease the irritability of the heart and support the nervous system. This will increase the integrity of the heart structures. Alternate points: Lung 9 is helpful as it is an influential point for the vessels – the qi integrity of the vessels. Dr. Dennis prefers Aeon or X39 on the right and SP6C on the left, or Energy Enhancer/IceWave combination.
  • For lymphatic support, you can do the Sweep Protocol with another person. The helper will put the white patch in the center of their right palm and the tan patch in the center of their left palm and just sweep the patches up the legs and arms several times. If you include Gallbladder 41 in your sweep (outside foot), that will help open up the Dai Ma (belt meridian) channel too.


One of her members has a lot of medical problems. She can’t develop any hormones, so her levels are super-low. That may contribute to adrenal insufficiency. Her thyroid function has improved with patches so that’s exciting, but she was hoping that there might be a way to support the adrenals more without relying on just medication.

  • Dr. Dennis – a great way to support hormones is to use kidney 6 to regulate these, as well as the third eye point GV 24.5. Use Alavida patch on the third eye which supports pineal which in turn regulates the hormonal system. Kidney 6 regulates ACTH so he recommends an Aeon patch on the right Kidney 6 and an SP6C patch on the left kidney 6. You can use them day or night. Use a different set of points periodically in the week to give the body a break from the signal. X39 can be put on the right Bladder 62 which balances the yin/yang energy in water. It is also the master point of the Yang Chao Ma which increases arousal and alertness.
  • Alternatively, you can use Bladder 23 (white on right or tan on left using Energy Enhancer patches or IceWave patches or Aeon(R)/SP6C(L) combo) and/or X39 between the kidneys at Governing Vessel 4.

For over-anxiety and over-activated nervous system:

  • Dr. Dennis – use pericardium on the left and triple burner on the right with Energy Enhancer, IceWave, or Aeon/SP6C combo
  • 3 Sisters: Governing Vessel 24, ½ cun behind the hairline, Gallbladder 13, which are 3 cun on either side of GV24. Stick a Y-Age patch or X39 on the midline and either Energy Enhancer, IceWave, or Aeon(R)/SP6C(L). This can be very calming.
  • Dr. Karen – add double Aeon – one behind the right ear on the An Mian point, and one covering the belly button. For severe anxiety – add Silent nights to the Aeon behind the right ear.

What’s the difference between Energy Enhancer and IceWave patches?

  • Dr. Dennis (previous conversation with Dr. Haltiwanger) – The energy enhancers clear blockages to the flow of Qi but the IceWave does that better. The energy enhancers help with relaxation (shift towards parasympathetic shift), and improved fat burning, decreased lactic acid metabolism which supports alkalinity (healthy pH of the body), better oxygen utilization for producing energy (ATP). You can increase the bio-coherence and movement of Qi.
  • The IceWave patches have the same set of frequencies as the Energy Enhancer but are more powerful for the movement of Qi. It is designed to break through blockages that cause pain. There is an additional frequency set in the IceWave patches to work through these blockages much faster than the energy enhancer patches.

What does Nirvana do? Where is the research?

  • It supports endorphins and thus dopamine. The supplement that comes with the Nirvana patch will increase endorphin levels. The patches make this much faster. People who are shaking because of low dopamine production may wish to try this patch. The quality of sleep is better for many people. Governing 18 about 3 inches posterior on the midline to GV20 which is at the top of the head, calms wind, clears blockages to alleviate pain, and calms the Shen, thus helping with sleep. This acupuncture point is indicated for nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and for mania-depression. This acupuncture point is used to treat convulsions in Chinese Medicine.
  • The research hasn’t been available on the website yet, but Dr. Karen will ask customer service about it.


Are there any protocols for extreme fatigue after eye cataract surgery? She can’t get enough sleep. She’s been taking lots of naps. The surgery was last Thursday. She’s been exhausted all summer long maybe due to the visual disparity. She walks and exercises but is very tired. She injured the top of her head this morning. She has nausea that comes and goes. She has IceWave, X39.

  • Dr. Dennis – For nausea: Nirvana patch on Governing Vessel 18 and add Carnosine/glutathione on Conception Vessel 12 for nausea and the head injury.
  • For Fatigue: Double Merkaba (triangle) protocol using Energy Enhancer white patches on both Kidney 27, X39 on belly button Conception Vessel 8, and both Energy Enhancer tan patches on Kidney 1 (bottom of the feet), so the flow of energy goes down. If that makes you more tired, then swap the colors (White on the feet, and Tan on the KI27). Another fatigue point is Governing vessel 4 between the kidneys – you can do this alone or in addition to the above.
  • Option: For another Merkaba, you can use Energy Enhancer patches white on right and tan on left on both kidney 27 points and then reverse the polarity on KI 6 and BL 62 to tonify KI 6 to regulate ACTH and help with insomnia, and those patches would be Aeon on left KI 6 with SP6 patch on right BL 62.
  • In case she wants to use the 5 Elements detoxification she can add glutathione stacked on top of the white patch to improve detoxification.
  • Dr. Karen mentioned that older people have difficulty detoxifying the anesthetic, so the glutathione may be helpful.

For itchy eyes after surgery?

  • Dr. Dennis – IceWave tan on Liver 3 or Spleen 6 on the left, and white on Gallbladder 37 on the right.

If she hasn’t used the patches for a full 12 hours and puts them in her shoe to get the rest of the use out of them (to get the rest of the 12 hours used up). Is that okay?

  • Yes, that’s fine. You can even put it in the pillow to get the crick out of your neck when you sleep at night!


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